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GDragon concert movie tickets priced at 10k KRW – netizens, “YG business tactic gone too far”

Big Bang GDragon’s concert movie ‘2009 GDragon Concert – Shine A Light’ ticket has been priced at 10,000 KRW.

The movie will be screened at CGV YeongDeungPo.Centum City in Incheon from 15th April, and the tickets to the movie is 1000~3000KRW more expensive than the usual movie tickets. The movie is about GDragon’s first independent concert which took place last year on 5th and 6th September. The concert also features the joint stage with group 2NE1.

CGV programmes team leader revealed, “Fans will get a shocking experience watching the movie, as though they were standing at the first row at the concert with the HD video and crisp clear sound.”

However the high ticket price is not very welcomed by netizens. Many voiced that they do not understand how come it is more expensive than the usual movie tickets. Many netizens felt that it is business tactic by YG Entertainment gone too far.

S: TVDaily


95 Responses

  1. I felt that the price was quite reasonable as YG pay huge money for HD effect for the concert stage and sales to GD concert DVD goes to charity, of cuz YG have to earn back some. If were me, i will buy the ticket at this price.

  2. actually here in the philippines movie ticket cost 3,000KRW..already converted..

  3. If you find it to expensive then don’t watch it or buy the live DVD. A lot of factors can add to the price of a movie, since the movie will be in limited release in a limited amount of theaters they have to make sure they make sure they cover all the production, HD conversion and sound mixing cost done. Plus CVG themselves may have a charge for use of their Cinemas or the other way around. The price is far from unreasonable though.

    Truthfully also I would rather be get a kick ass live DVD then be bombarded with repackaged albums for the nth time. Or get a albums with one good song and the rest are fillers.

  4. can this movie be played in singapore? i wouldnt mind paying about $14 for a movie with GD in it. 🙂 although the price is slightly higher than normal movie tickets even in weekends, but i would. 🙂 k-netizens should count themselves lucky having GD almost everywhere in korea. we ivips, dont even have such privilege.


  6. Hey all, I thought of a solution!
    Don’t f-ing go! Simple as that, if you can afford the nicer things in life then you do it/get it, and if you can’t then tough luck. Yeah, yeah, life is so unfair.

    And why blame YG only? I didn’t read one word in the article that said YG made the price. What if YG set a minimum and CGV jumped the gun and added its own profits? Sheshhhh.

    And man its just a damn movie!!!!! I swear fans go wild when its anything GD. And I bet its the haters or they like to call themselves ‘fans’ that are complaining. As a GD fan, I would glady pay that, shoot even more! Save some leg room for his real fans!

  7. OMG!!OMG!!OMG!!




    LOVE G-DRAGON!!^___^

  8. YG is just pathetic.

  9. Wow, some people ask to have luxury service but complain about it price? Wow. If you want some $1-$5 service, it won’t be call luxury.

  10. I tried converting it to USD and it’s even cheaper than watching a movie in IMAX….

  11. how much is that in canadian moneyy >!?!?!

  12. seems to me like YG is heading on the same boat as the jonas brothers Movie concerts… GD is too overrated for me.

    • none of the YG artist really show up anywhere besides music stuff. The real overrated idols are SM artists… they get whored to variety shows. How many albums have SNSD released in past 6 months… like 4? With only a few new songs lol…

  13. “if you can’t afford it, don’t go”

    well, they couldnt afford to go to GD’s live concert. Now that its coming out in theatres, a supposedly cheaper medium, its still more expensive than usual.

    take into account that young children want to see the movie. they go with their parents and with the steeper price for the movie, their parents will be obligated to pay more to watch a movie they perhaps have no interest in for their children.

    you cant always look at a situation so blindly and from your own perspective -_-

    • it’s 2 dollars more….
      why can’t netizens complain about something else lik maybe SM’s repackaged albums….add one or two new songs and sell it again. That’s a huge rip-off right here.
      and again the netizens that are complaining arent even YG fans just like GD’s concert controversy…

      • i guess in korea Repackaged albums is ok because other artists also doing it at well but SME clearly ripped of Sones money when they make the fans buy a story video of RunDevilRun when there is nothing different much from the original version. or when they do different versions of the CD. now that’s a totally ripped off but how come noone is complaining?
        seriously i guess YG artists are HOT ISSUE that is why Netizen always make small matters into bigger deals than they should be really.

    • But compared to the 77,000 Won price tag for the concert tickets, 10,000 Won is reasonably cheaper. That’s 87% less than the concert ticket… I think the pricing is fair. YGE produces amazing concerts (as I’ve seen in their DVD’s) and I saw the preview of SAL, so for true fans who missed the concert live, this would be amazing.

    • Girl (or guy), why are you hatin’?
      Going to the movies is a want, not a need.
      Parents can say no, can’t they? Mine does.
      And lets not forget it’s the CONCERT-movie style, so it may be longer than 1.5 hours!
      YG/GD isn’t forcing the fans to go!
      You are trying to explain in your perspective and we are all doing the same.

      • “Going to the movies is a want, not a need.”
        you mean desire / necessity for want / need.

        “Parents can say no, can’t they? Mine does.” they can, like yours does. that just means another missed customer for yg and its distributor.

        “And lets not forget it’s the CONCERT-movie style, so it may be longer than 1.5 hours!”
        … harry potter, lord of the rings are not priced higher. i rest my case.

        but youre right, i guess in my perspective since its coming from my mouth, if you put it that way. but as for MY true perspective, YG can do whatever they want. i mean, if they want to milk more money out of diehard fans, theyre attempting to do so. they truly believe that fans are willing to do w.e for it – playing them like puppets. you know, i’d honestly do the same. after all the news about gd’s concert, you know the image of the movie is of high status. it was everywhere and so they probably figured its a service of high demand, equaling higher prices.

        but then again, it should’ve been for fan service. there was already a concert and it was successful. cost of production for the movie cannot be much considering everything was already completed and so they could’ve released the movie for a regular fee to profit and feed the hunger of fans.

        but oh well (: whatever they want

      • “but youre right, i guess IT IS ** my perspective…”

        typo -_-

  14. seriously man would you rather pay $10 to see the whole concert in thearters or $20 to $30 to buy the concert dvd…which one sounds better huh?

    gosh man! people ain’t satisfy with anything at all!

    but then again these people complaining might be the same people that accuse GD of his whole concert underage thing, who are not even his fans or didn’t even go to the concert!

    stupid stupid stupid people gets on my nerves…

  15. The people who are complaining might not necessary be the ones who wants to go, but merely peeps who are just wanting to criticize one more thing GD-related.

    The theater release of the concert is targeted to fans who were unable to see the concert live. The ticket price is 87% less than the concert tickets (77,000 Won), I think that’s pretty reasonable.

    Also, South Korea is a developed country with one of the strongest purchasing powers in the world. I’m not saying that every single Korean is wealthy but shelling out 10,000 Won is not a “if-I-go-I-can’t-afford-to-eat-for-a-week”- type of decision they have to make, esp. for city-dwellers where the theater release will take place.

    We all know the whiners aren’t the ones wanting to go anyway, they’re just the ones who like starting controversies.

  16. for me it is really worth it, a must see production. YG brings quality especially with its artists’ albums as well as collectibles, so nothing to complain…..at least YG is not fond of repackaging albums.

  17. “if you can’t afford it, don’t go” LOL, that’s EXACTLY the problem. The poor fans can’t watch their favorite idol because the tickets are too expensive. -.-

    • But do you really think that they can’t go because of $2-3? It’s not like it’s twice the price or anything like that. And it’s not like they can play it for free either. It’s sad, but that’s reality. If you don’t have the money, you won’t be able to enjoy certain things. And yeah, as someone said up there, watching movies and going to see concerts is a luxury. It’s not a necessity.

  18. $10 !?! that is cheap for the states. i agree with everyone, if you can’t afford it don’t go, its that simple. its such a good opportunity for the fans who couldn’t go to the actual concert and can finally see it in HD w/ good surrond sound. thats awesome, i wouldnt even think twice about the price and go. if you were willing to spend so much on the actual tickets that you couldnt get your hands on why not spend 10,000 w on movie tickets and might get the same outcome like the real deal it just wouldnt be live. sometimes i just don’t understand netizens, so picky!! i watched the wonderful concert on youtube and in aw i wish i was there so badly, so to me they are so lucky to have such an opportunity. but i have to wait for his dvd to come out so i can watch it in some kind of HD on my little 32″ tv. i agree with medirin going to the movies is a luxury, not a right.

  19. dude, thats not even 10 dollars australian money, a normal australian small screen movie ticket is more expensive than that, so i seriously don’t know why they’re complaining.

    i seriously think that netizens are just always, alwaysssssssss looking for fault in GD/YG or anything they can just pick at and make drama or controversy out of..

    seriously netizens drain my life, get over it already. i havent seen/heard of any good from them when it comes to YG/GD recently its all ‘they don’t like this, don’t like that, disapprove this, law suit that, sew this”
    zomg boring, big bang make a come back already 😦

  20. More complaining? Damn. It’s only like $10. If they can’t afford to spend $10, then don’t go. No one is forcing them. Going to the movies is a luxury, not a right. These netizens feel too entitled sometimes.

    • i wish this was like facebook and i can just like your comment.

      like (y)

    • that “only like $10” is derived from your society, your surroundings. what if a 3d movie in america was priced at 20 dollars? lets say for example. and hypothetically speaking, idk, europeans watch 3d movies for 25 dollars (converted). they’ll say to you, its only 25 dollars where in reality, that sh** is expensive.

      think hard about it. the people who couldnt go to the concert would be for example, children. their parents wouldnt spend money for a ticket. now that its going to be out in theatres, those same children would be overjoyed to then only find out a ticket to see gd’s movie is more expensive than the norm. THE NORM is crucial.

      point is, its expensive for them in their society. you cant compare it to others

      • Maybe the high ticket price is part of the strategy to keep children out! Isn’t this the same concert, where they wanted to arrest g-dragon for being too sexy for kids!
        I’m sure his real fans are not complaining and will happily pay the price, those complainers are most likely not fans, as others have stated.
        Since this is a HD movie and probably more expensive to make, shouldn’t they charge more, YG is in business to make money, I’m sure they are not just taking advantage. They are a business after all! Its just like anything else, if you can’t afford it, don’t go, wait for the dvd!

      • “Maybe the high ticket price is part of the strategy to keep children out! ”

        ohh thats good, lol. didnt cross my mind.
        but you know, prices do not affect anything. hence, its absence from the all powerful supply and demand curve.

        since we’re talking about YG’s business tactics, hoping to make a profit with the higher price, they should take into consideration the comments and feedback from the consumers. if that “if you cant afford it, dont watch it” saying was their motto, shoot, their goes their earnings and the person makes the decisions at YGEnt, haha.

        they just presumed the demand for GD’s concert to be of extremes aand so they priced higher, not really knowing literally, the demand for it

    • lol i wish there was a like button too! Like!

  21. it’s only like a $1-$3 USD increase…if you don’t like the price, then don’t go o_O

  22. Shine A Light @ CGV ( The biggest screen on Earth smth ) — 10,000 won

    SHine A Light DVD ( Coming out on 19 Apr ) — 35,000 won

    I would give it a try… to have opportunity to watch the concert in HD though. Still considered cheap.
    And yeh…even in Korea… 10,000 w is not expensive at all !!! You can have only one standard meal with that budget.

  23. 10000 kw ~ $9
    Even in Vietnam, ticket price for Avatar 3D is about $ 10,5.
    With such a great concert as SAL, the price is reasonable.
    YG always takes good care of fans.
    I think the ones going to the cinema will be given a special service.

  24. urgh. if those netizens are bothered about the ticket prices, just don’t watch it. simple as that. i don’t see SM fans complaining about the 93847656 versions of albums and repackaged albums released by them.

    and i actually think the tix is worth it. so many fans wanted to go but could not get tickets. YG is giving these fans the chance to relive the atmosphere, and at a cheaper price. isn’t that good?

    • couldn’t agree more…speaking of tactics ? Go ask SME. XD

      How many times already….that SME kept making mistakes on the SNSD ablums packages…since the GEE one to Run Devil Run. poor SME fans. Gotta ask them for the real business tactics to milk money from fans though.

    • i couldnt agree more!!!

    • ROFL!! And actually, not just SME. But I am opposed to “repackaged albums” in general.

      @what, What was wrong with the RDR album? I know the Oh one had that Hyoyeon face issue. Still, I hope they didn’t make them buy it again! It’s the company’s fault. They should’ve replaced it without charge.

      • Run Devil Run incident?

        Seoyong name & signature disappeared !!!!!

        how many times already SME ???

        Never once offering the fans to exchange the new edition. Poor SNSD fans.

    • LOL. I was about to post a similar comment about the abcdef versions of SM songs. Anyway, its GD. Everything he does makes news and most of the time it ain’t good. People and his anti’s are just too obsessed with him.

      At least with GD’s repackaged albums, he adds something new. Just heard the remixes and they’re pretty decent and different from the original. So, its like paying for a different CD altogether.

      And SAL in 3D is paying for a different experience from just watching the DVD anyway. It was probably priced higher than normal coz it’ll probably only show in limited number of theatres so that’s the only way the theatres and GD will make a tidy profit. If you’re truly a GD fan, the cost won’t bother you as much.

      • haha me too xD If anyone complain about tickter price probably forgot about SM. I love bith YG & SM. But what SM is doing is more killer. 5 versions of the same album/single, and there is no ibg different.
        Sorry for mention SM. ;]

        About ticket price. Always in such situation, when concert is showing in theatre etc – this place needs to work on itself. I mean YG is “borrowing” one theatre hall, so it`s normal CGV will take money because of that.
        GD concert is not a movie with a movie license.

  25. Damn, they have to be grateful. Now if only that showed here in Singapore, i wouldnt mind going to the cinema three times.

  26. Woaaa i didnt know the concert can be a seen on cinema and can be made into a movie. Is this the first time??? Well i guess its understandable with the increase of price but the line said “Fans will get a shocking experience watching the movie, as though they were standing at the first row at the concert with the HD video and crisp clear sound.” Is it 3D?? That would probably make sense on the inc of price. Anyway regardless the price KVIps will come and watch it anyway, lucky!!! me on the other hand just have to buy the dvd =p

  27. I dunno, I think that’s cool. Not cuz it’s GD but because if I had missed a concert going to see it on a really big screen would be the next best thing.

  28. Lol, I bet you the netizen’s who are commenting aren’t actually fans of BB or GD.
    As a fan, I honestly would not mind spending that much money (although to me the price is pretty reasonable and cheaper than a standard student movie ticket fare in my country)
    Anyway, I hope the concert screening goes well and earns YG lots and lots of money so they can keep on find more ways to engage fan and just because lol
    GD worked hard for his concert and I want all of his hardwork to pay off 🙂

  29. i don’t know.. it’s cheap by overseas standard so i wouldn’t complain, but considering the cost of living there, $1-3 more for a movie is pretty ridiculous (around a 25% increase in price!)

    their movie production wouldn’t have cost nearly as much as most movies, and they probably used a lot of the same footage as the dvd.. so whoever’s idea this was, it’s really kinda mean.
    i know knetizens make a big issue about everything, and this really isn’t a big deal. but if i was a kvip, i’d probably bitch and moan about it while I line up for the ticket xD

  30. In my opinion i think its simply absurd for netziens to feel angry. 10.000 W is merely $10 and £5. When i went to korea a movie ticket was priced at $8. if they’re complaining about $2 more then its ridicuous. The fact that they have the opportunity to see concert in breath-taking quality, allowing them to feel as though they were actually present at the concert, yet complain about such minute matters, is simply ridiculous.

    @babyjiyong. i agree with you, for international fans, such an opportunity would be considered heavenly.

  31. maybe watching the concert in HD is worth the price given..

    complains should take place right after they watched the movie not before…if they don’t like the price then don’t watch..as simple as that..
    nobody forces them to watch it..
    are YG the one who decided the price? or the event host, CGV?

  32. LOL, thats definitely worth it, i would say !! Its even cheaper than those 3D movies . and with HD and clear crisp audio like ure sitting at the front row of the concert. how cheaper can u expect !? to international fans like us its alr like heaven !!

  33. 6/7 euros right?

    Well, that is expensive.

  34. to everyone who is saying oh its cheap or why they are complaining well the tickets price might be cheap in ur countries or in my country but it’s not the same case in their country ..in Korea the price of the tickets is considered to be very expensive so of course they will complain and honestly they are not bashing or saying anything and Im sure some of these netizens are fans who are dying to watch the movie so I hope u guys will understand where they are coming from

    • well understand too that kbites readers aree international and not from korea. so understand that it’ll be suchh a luxury for international fans to see it… nvm for that price. we’re only ‘venting’ like those knetizens are .. no ones gonna take our words and make it news so whatever.

      the discussion that knetizens have and inetizens have will always be different. we could only see through knetizens’ pov so much.

      • LOL, very true. Imagine if there was some Korean reporter who was fluent in English stalking all these English fan sites and making news about us! Then we’ll be represented just like K-netizens!

        Anyway, yeah, I understand that relative to Korean wage and all, the increase might feel too much. Besides, does YG even set the prices? And if so, so what? it’s not just a regular movie. It is a concert in HD, and it is the first time in Korea doing such a thing, playing a concert in a movie theater.

        Obviously, the people who were complaining were probably not G-Dragon fans, and just want to create bad publicity. Because if you were a fan who wasn’t able to attend the concert, I think you’d splurge the three extra bucks to watch the concert. I know I would.

  35. lol people take kpop too seriously…one side will bash like no other and the other will defend their idol like no other. Now and days when I think of Kpop I think of feuds and arguments. Its not even just korean netizens, international fans does it as well

  36. netizens=haters that cause the scandal=/=not Korean VIPs
    nuff said!

  37. It’s seeing a concert in HD, I’d make it more expensive than a regular ticket.

  38. they’re honestly going to bitch about a max increase of $2??? srsly….??

  39. omg that is like half of what it costs to go to the movies in sweden… the netizens need to take a chillpill..

  40. seems pretty cheap to me. i’d say they’re pretty lucky >___> that’s around the normal ticketing price in my country.

  41. honestly I cant disagree with netizens

  42. …. less than $9 usd, wow. korean fans are lucky … i wouldnt complain T.T

    • oh i hope these netizens are ones that were and are actually considering to go see it. dont tell me these are the same netizens who complained about GD’s concert being too explicit when they were not even in attendance.

    • well…if yoo think about it, it’s actually considered as expensive to korean fans b/c everything over there in asia are mostly cheap…
      however, it’s considered a pretty kickass deal for us, here it costs $10 just to see a regular movie…=/

      • well ya, thats why theyre complaining… over a max $2 hike. but ya, i’ll still say… korean fans are lucky … i wouldnt complain T.T

  43. Now I really agree with netizens. Fans already have done so much for GD like promoting his album, bday donations, buying him present, advertisement, etc etc…
    First, YG release the SAL CD, so die-hard fans cant help but buy the album to support GD.
    Why cant they just combine CD&DVD together?
    Now again movie ticket price.
    I think YG really making use of GD’s popularity..
    It sux in a way…Feel pity for fans.
    Although I like GD, I will only buy his DVD.. 😦

    • are you new to BB or are just a pretending as GD fan?
      because, for every concert that BB has held,YG will always releases the live album CD before DVD.So, I don’t see why you said YG is milking fans’ money

      I believe that the fans are willing to do all the things that you said above,and keep in mind no one force to do them
      and fans bought the live CD because it’s good

      and for the price tickets,that’s so cheap,lucky KVIPs

      p/s:don’t complain too much, if you’re not going,

      • I just hope nobody will go to the movie so that YG/CGV will reduce the price or lose money lol 😀

      • PS..I am not a hater. I luv GD but I just don’t want him to revolve around controversies when it is not his faults.
        If I am not a fan, how would I know those stuffs that fans did to GD ? Peace out..

      • “I am not a hater. I luv GD but I just don’t want him to revolve around controversies when it is not his faults”

        gotcha!..unfortunately you sounded like a hater and that line of yours is the infamous line of most haters…lmao..

        booo yah! :p

    • if you must know the profit from the CD is going to charity so YGE doesn’t make any profit from it at all really
      also in a way i think YGE is just trying to get the money back from spending soo much money on the quality stuff that they spent for the concert like HD camera.

      YGE is all about Quality instead of Quantity unlike some other companies

      • “if you must know the profit from the CD is going to charity so YGE doesn’t make any profit from it at all really”

        I forgot about this,now I really believe that YGboo is just newbie but more to haters,LOL

        boo to you YGboo,failed,LOL

  44. It is kinda stupid how YG made the tickets more expensive than usual tickets but compared to the prices of movie tickets in Australia 10k KRW is still pretty cheap ^^;;

    • well Australia is NOT anywhere near the topic.

      • chill out, that person was only making a statement about the pricing. yes its cheaper than most movies in australia.
        so hot headed

      • Why so defensive? That person was talking about ticket pricing so in fairness he/she was on topic.

        @Fee: I agree. Compared to other countries 10k KRW is pretty cheap. But I don’t understand why netizens are complaining, like honestly are they going to watch it after all the protesting/complaining about the explicitly of his concert?

      • hope you feel like a dumbass dsdada. ha

    • agreed ==
      i just watched a movie for $20

    • agreed ==
      i just watched alice in wonderland for $20

  45. BTW…who decide the price for the ticket?
    YG itself or CGV?

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