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Park Bom on an all-vegetable diet for weight control? Sandara Park, “Hamtori is eating now”

2NE1 Park Bom is on an all-vegetable diet for weight control?

Member Sandara Park posted a photo of Park Bom on her me2day on 9th April at 1.50pm, and in the photo, Park Bom was showing a tired expression while eating.

Sandara Park wrote, “Hamtori is eating now! Bom who is eating only vegetable… Just by looking at the expression, you know that she dislikes it right? Bom who wishes to eat sweet corn.”

Fans who saw the photo commented, “Looks like she really dislike eating vegetable. But still, she is pretty”, “Hamtori Bom is really cute”, “It feels sad to see her working hard to control her weight”, “I hope she don’t strain herself” etc.

S: TVDaily

Bommie unnie must be feeling very stressed. So much pressure from media and netizens these days regarding her weight

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  1. […] their surprise at Park Bom’s recent and more slender features. Just recently, fellow member Sandara Park posted up that Park Bom is on a all-vegetable diet. Meanwhile, previously Park Bom was criticised by netizens for her swell-up body, many pointed out, […]

  2. […] Many netizens have voiced their surprise at Park Bom’s recent and more slender features. Just recently, fellow member Sandara Park posted up that Park Bom is on a all-vegetable diet (c: K Bites). […]

  3. […] Many netizens have voiced their surprise at Park Bom’s recent and more slender features. Just recently, fellow member Sandara Park posted up that Park Bom is on a all-vegetable diet. […]

  4. Gosh, probably she’s just sleepy…..

  5. Bom is definitely not fat -.-

  6. Poor Bom, I think this has to do with her body type =/
    She’s not fat
    But in comparison to the other girls she does look chubbier.
    Considering that Sandara has a body of a 16 year old and is less than 90 lbs? I forgot how much exactly =/ someone go check family Outing!
    But yea….It’s sad how u get bashed for any kind of defect or imperfection you have or what other people consider as an imperfection.

  7. she looks like a rabbit hehehe

  8. she wasn’t ridiculously fat. we can say that the weight gain she had these past few months was obvious. her tight and short clothes (given by the stylists) didn’t help either. i think bom is trying to be more careful with her food choices — it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s gonna starve herself. Maybe her trainer added more vegetables on her diet plan and tried to lessen some things that might slow down her weight loss.

    i love bom any weight she is, though. on a shallow note, when a think about diet plans and stuff, it only means one thing to me. comeback is near! haha! i miss them terribly.

  9. Bom just do well with weight control its a good thing, gives you more energy for one, which you will need for your comeback

    overall you have an awesome figure, at least your not a stick and you have curves, seems like since your body reacts like a normal human being and your weight goes up and down it’s bad. just do your thing, illl be waiting for 2ne1’s comeback.

  10. Bommie just has chubby cheek, it doesn’t mean that she is having problem with her weight. Unnie,sabar yaa.

  11. haha. its good for her (not in a bad way)
    because she is really gaining weight.
    agree. its the life of an idol.~~
    don’t worry bommie. i’ll eat the corn for you! :]]
    i wish i gain weight too~ kkkk.

  12. I think that Bom have a good body despite wat dad netizens are saying ^^ “I hate corn!” xD Bom must be missing her sweet corn very much

  13. as everyone has been saying.
    Yes, it is unfair, but that’s the life of an idol.
    Unfair standards.
    If she was just going to be normal, she would be chewed up and spit out by media.

    Likewise, if Bom was a size 8 or 10 do you think she’d have as many fans and fan support? Didn’t think so.

    It’s the industry’s fault for making standards so superficial but its just as much our fault as fans for putting them up to such high esteem.

    • How would oyu know? Why wouldn’t she? That’s an average size which many here are. Don’t speak for others. Maybe YOU wouldn’t be a fan if she was an average size but who’s to say others wouldn’t?

      Bom was never fat. People use that word to loosely. Look up an actual fat person and Bom would not even look close to it. In fact, Shindong (SUJU) is a good example of chubby which bom is not even close to.

      • exactly. as far as i can remember, bommie’s had fans for years before 2NE1. and she was pretty chubby back then. how do you explain that? she’s got fans and ppl like her cuz she can sing and has an adorable personality. if you asked BJ’s or any of bommie’s fans, they’d say they love her cuz of her voice and personality. not cuz she’s a size 2. which she IS, by the way.

        ppl these days, geez. =_=”

    • a lot of korean men don’t like fat girls..

  14. Aww. Well, as much as being stick-skinny ain’t good, not controlling one’s weight isn’t too good either. Yes, you can be healthy. But healthy doesn’t always = fat either.

    Bom’s not fat, but weight-control doesn’t always mean losing a lot of weight. It can also be preventing oneself from gaining more weight than they need, to keep fit and healthy.

    Since 2NE1 are going to be active alot in promos, exercising before promotions is a good way as a warm up to prepare for the long, busy days coming ahead 🙂

  15. and we all thought she has no facial expression XD
    she looks cute here

  16. Her weight isn’t the problem. Her stylists need to stop dressing her in clothes that are too short and tight for her.

    • amen. they need to stop accentuating bommie’s legs with short micro dresses. i mean, she looks good in that style, but personally i prefer bommie with skinnies or leggings. those are really flattering on her instead of the miniminis. i don’t necessarily feel that she looks bad with her legs showing all the time, if anything she looks most comfortable in it, but i can’t help but think her body type just doesn’t suit it.

      if they wanna continue styling bommie in mini dresses, then they should make the dresses an inch longer and a bit looser. either that or make bommie wear leggings and skinnies.

    • her dresses are way too tight and short but hey, it got her recognition for having best thighs

      • UEE have better thighs and bom look like a sl..t showing her legs all the time…esp when she is wearing short micro dresses ..ewww

      • wow hyomin47. never thought you gave a damn abt 2NE1. looks like there’s a fan in you yet with the amount of attention you pay to our lovely bommie. step away from 2NE1 articles and pls channel your hateful energy towards supporting t-ara instead. thanks.

        dunno how hard it is to hold myself back from cussing at you right now. srsly. just gtfo.

        p/s: bommie got the best thighs cuz they’re healthy juicy thighs. not skinny and bone-y thighs which are supremely unflattering. ew~! =_=”

  17. owh…look at her shirt .. No Corn! ahahahhahaha

  18. I hope she’s not on an all vegetable diet, and if she is I hope she’s eating a variety of fruits and veggies and taking supplements because she needs other vitamins that veggies may not provide her.
    I hope she doesn’t strain herself too much and loses the weight in a way in which she can manage it in the long run (which it looks like she is, especially with the trainer the girls have lol)
    Oh the stress idols have to go through to look perfect *sigh* Oh well, Bomtaro is a strong woman, she can do it! fighting fighting ya ya ya~ (gosh I miss 2ne1tv)

  19. Bommie unnie..She still look fine to me..i think her situation is similar to WG yoobin..

  20. wth? she’s on a vegetable diet yet can’t eat sweetcorn? last time i checked sweetcorn was in the vegetable family.lol so weird.

    anyway…. bom is slightly bigger then the rest of the girls. their really petite which in turn makes bom look over weight in comparison, even tho she not.

    • im guessing you havent seen the pictures where her fat is rolling over. that may be considered normal. but considering her status as an idol. that kind of imperfection will turn people off immediately.

      • what pic are you looking at? fat rolling over? wow, exaggeration much.

        what kind of mentality are you rolling on.

      • and you’d call that imperfection too.

        you must have a hard life.

      • thnx for thinking about me. indeed life is hard. but i can only imagine how much harder it is for her. but it is her life choice. and since she chooses to win the favor of others, she must diet.

      • wtf fat rolling over? give me the pics cause I never saw them and they probably dont even exist.

        btw your comments here are diffrent then the tiffany articles on her weight,just saying~

      • Wtf is wrong with you? People really have skewed ideas of weight.

  21. WTF! she still looks cute! Bommie unnnie hwaiting!

  22. poor girl. she probably weighs less than 100 lbs anyway. i think her issue is that any weight gained shows in her face immediately, which really sucks.

    i think she’s beautiful and am anticipating 2ne1’s comeback. wishing 2ne1tv would come back too -_-

  23. Umm i beg to differ. Its not about being overweight. Its about LOOKING like you’re overweight. Shes an idol after all. The image is very important. The last article about her was her weight gain and she definitely looked like she was fatter. Glad shes doing something about her weight. No girls would look like when they are fat anyway

    • yea i agree. she’s an idol, and image is everything. her weight is normal, but for an idol, you just can’t be “normal”. as long as she has a sensible diet to lose weight, it will do her good in the long run. i rather have an all-vegetable diet than have netizens attacking me

    • it says something about a society that can’t celebrate a charming, and talented girl because she doesn’t LOOK like a stick.
      articles about her weight is never ‘is bom overweight?’.. it’s always ‘she looks like she gained weight’ .. or as i interpret them ‘omg park bom is human?!’

      she IS an idol, and image is important. problem is that this ‘ideal’ image is unrealistic and unhealthy, and because she’s an idol, it’s a model to others that just being healthy is not enough to be beautiful.

    • i hope youre deadly thin yourself. god -.-

  24. she must be so sad, she love food so much. bommie please stay healthy, and happy! you are pretty!

  25. I really feel for her, I personally don’t think she was overweight at all. I guess she has to do what she has to do in order to shut up the media & what people have to say considering her weight. I just hope she doesn’t turn into a stick. She’s so adorable, but doesn’t look happy at all; poor girl is missing her corn already. Bommie < 3333

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