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Rookie idol group Infinite to appear on Mnet reality show “Will they be the 2nd 2PM?”

Rookie idol group Infinite groomed by hip hop group Epik High will be revealing themselves through a Mnet reality program.

7-member group Infinite has garnered much interests even before their debut, and they will be showing themselves for the first time on Mnet idol theatre ‘You are my elder brother’ aired on 12th April. For the purpose of the reality program, from the first episode, a high school female student will be introduced into their dormitory. Confused, the members reportedly asked “What is going on? What is the meaning of this?”.

Tablo then came in to explain, “The one person who succeeds as a elder brother will be the nation’s elder brother.”

Since they never had a female in their dormitory, the members were flustered as well as excited with the joining of the female high school student. “I always wished to have a younger sister. I have confidence to take good care of her.”

Mnet said, “With the numerous number of idol groups in the music industry now, many have taken the course of going on reality show to display their various charms.”

Similar to what 2PM did with ‘Wild Bunny’, Infinite will take on the challenge to be the nation’s top idol group through ‘You Are My Elder Brother’.

The first episode will be aired on 12th April at 7.30pm.


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  1. […] Awhile back, we reported that upcoming boyband Infinite groomed by hiphop group Epik High will be appearing for the first time on reality TV Mnet ‘You Are My Oppa’. […]

  2. […] Awhile back, we reported that upcoming boyband Infinite groomed by hiphop group Epik High will be appearing for the first time on reality TV Mnet ‘You Are My Oppa’. […]

  3. i thought they will be just like Epik High but maybe more to idol group huh? anyway, they will NEVER be 2nd 2PM coz 2PM DOESN’T need a successor, coz they already SUNK in their on way! i will definitely look out for Infinite & hopefully they’ll be a great successor of Epik High though they seems to be more like idol types.

    btw, Tablo sure can pass as 1 of the members there…LOL definitely gonna watch this show, it seems fun & yeah…like someone said above, “wonder which one will be the lame brother that annoys you to death” LOL

    Epik High & Infinite FIGHTING!!!

  4. Ah I can’t wait to see this one. But ppl shud really stop comparing them with 2PM.. They looks totally different o.0

  5. am i the only one who thinks the guy wearing a blue tank, ‘kinda’ looks like Changmin? LOL

  6. So basically they are baby-sitting the girl?

  7. Im sorry but they will never be the 2nd 2PM…In fact I think they’ll be FAR better than 2PM. Just my opinion. Atleast this group look like they can actually sing.

    • how does someone “look” like they can actually sing? don’t you need to “hear” them to know if they can sing? since when does being able to sing relate to how you look?

      i agree with you that they might be even better than 2pm considering that they’re under tablo and mithra’s wings. but heck! with all due respect, that last part in your comment totally fails.

  8. Not that eager to call them the “2nd 2pm” I look forward to the show though, sounds like fun 😀

  9. I think theyre too young (the looks adn body) to be the 2nd 2PM…only 2PM even though not a fan of them.
    anyway…lets watch what theyere going to bring us something.

  10. -wants to be the high school girl *-*
    this reality show sounds like it;ll be awesome. especially since they are letting a girl into an all male dormitory. plus we will be able to see the caring/dorky/annoying older brother side of each member 😀 i wonder which one will be the lame brother that annoys you to death. aha.

  11. I think 2PM is the only group in KPOP history who divides fans in many types saying Boycotters, antis, Supporters, Bashers, confusers and blah blah blah. No one can be like them even in 50 years forward Ha Ha Ha.

  12. lol haha , why would u wanna be 2nd 2pm ?? to be losing ur leader in the middle of no where ?? lol , just be yourself

  13. Yeah..flower idols..2ND 2PM..no way.

  14. Everyone is trying to be the 2nd 2PM but hmmm we’ll see. They all look feminine so flower idols? not beastly idols. lol

    2PM IS ONLY ONE. ^^

  16. oh yeah, he’s the one with his hand on his head right.

  17. i believe one of ’em is tablo ^_^

  18. Is it me or are there 8 guys in the picture, its confusing, me cause i the article says they are a 7 member group.

    I don’t know part of me doesn’t want epic high to dip their hand into the whole boy band/girl band thing. They have always seemed more independent and people that don’t follow trends as much.

    • i’m sure that’s Tablo with the black jacket to the left of the girl

      • I thought Tablo was one of the boys. I was like Wow, that one there is really goodlooking !

  19. I agree..there is no 2nd 2PM..

  20. i wish i was that high school girl =3=”

  21. Sorry but they will never be the 2nd 2pm since 2pm is hotter and handsome plus INFINITE looks all the same.

    Infinite cannot be the 2nd 2pm cuz they are produced by a hip hop artiste so their style will be more hip hop then dance pop or whatever 2pm is doing. Just because they are 7 members doesn’t mean they will be a 2nd 2pm or something.

    • can you sound any more shallow…wow their better cuz their hotter and handsome? how about talent cuz i’m sure most of the 2pm members lack in the singing department. When 2pm first started out they weren’t as successful either…ppl can always change their looks but its the talent that needs to be groomed.

      • It goes for you too: can you sound more shallow?

        “wow their better cuz their hotter and handsome” no such a thing, 2pm members are as hot and handsome as them (in my prospect they are much more).

        “how about talent cuz i’m sure most of the 2pm members lack in the singing department” yeah some of them do not sing as good as other. But some of them sing better then others. Those who are not as good as the other members, they have other talent such as dancing!

        Junsu = Lead Vocalist (if you haven’t heard him sing, please don’t talk bad about them. he has an amazing voice!)
        Nichkhun = Vocalist /Raper (If he isn’t good looking, then who is?)
        Taecyeon = Main Raper, model and Actor ( Is he the mister popular, hell yes!)
        Wooyoung = Main Vocalist (owns star king? hell yeah)
        Junho = Main Vocalist (dance, sing and good looking. Have you seen him smile?)
        Chansung = Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer and actor!

        “When 2pm first started out they weren’t as successful either…” It didn’t not take as much time for them to get popular. And for a note: Infinite is still not popular nor successful and it has already been awhile. lol

        They might have talent in singing but they can’t get that far with only that. What I mean is they can never reach the top where 2PM is standing!

  22. sookyeong, I’m not sure where you got “You Are My Father”
    but all reports are saying, “당신은 나의 오빠” which means “You Are My Older Brother (Oppa)”….. ?

  23. why do i get the feeling that their music will be similar to Big Bang haha. since they are made by Epik High

  24. wow~! so they’re the group whose made by Epik High? omo~ i’ll be watching out for them! i’ve got high hopes that this group wont disappoint., coz epik high is awesome like that :))

  25. Lol, for a second there i thought the name of the documentary was going to be called “will they be the 2nd 2PM”. Anyways, many idols make documentaries before they debut so it’s not really a “2pm only” kinda thing. I usually like watching idol docs because it can give you a chance to get to know them well. Oh, and whats up with the female high school student XD, thats kinda random.

  26. nice, ill be watching it 😀

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