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[Open Thread] Top No-no hairstyles for Kpop male idols?

What are some of the top no-no hairstyles spotted on Kpop male idols?

Go under the cut for some of the top no-no hairstyles by Kpop male idols pointed out by some Korean netizens. And it’s an open thread, tell us which hairstyle by Kpop male idols, in your opinion, is the most unbearable?

Some as pointed out by Korean netizens

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120 Responses

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  5. Chansung is actually not even that bad..i thought he looked so sexy with his hair pulled back in a ponytail or bun
    but everyone else is a LOL..horrible hair styles..& most of it is SM boys..lmao Never again do i hope to see those styles back

  6. Leeteuks comb over is hilarious! And his facial expression is priceless. AJ’s second one doesnt bad at all.
    HAHAHA @ Bae.

  7. I laughed so hard when I saw Leeteuk because I remembered EHB!!!!!!
    Some haircuts like GD’s bowl cut, I kind of don’t think it looks so bad. (:

  8. wow dbsk’s hair-do’s are just like wow LOL man looks very…creative,thanks god they look mad hot now! lolol
    omg youngbae’s hair!! lololol i totally bursted out laughing when i saw that lololol
    and kikwang……..pls dont do that ever again.
    and i think sungmin’s dont don hair was really cool! lolol
    and GD,i think its much better when he do the mohawk with that hair!

  9. Like omg TOP twisties its common for black guys who are trying to grow hair out and get Dreads

    GD like that green guy from naruto

    That B2st guy weird his hair is all sliced up

  10. What was wrong with the first pic of Taec? He looks really cute like that.

  11. i loved GD’s bowl cut!^^ it looked cute on him. i admit i was a little turned off at first, but heck when his hair grew a bit, he looked HOT!! like in those BSX pics? damn. but GD’s a hottie anyways, so….. haha^^

    TOP’s popcorn hair was a nightmare. but TOP rarely gets crazy with hairstyles. after the popcorn, the only next weirdest thing TOP did was that afro-perm in japan. lol.

    emm, as for the other guys, dunno much but SO-1’s hair looks weird up close (love the color tho) and that web thingy on taec’s hair has got. to. go! chan’s sumo bun was kinda cute but i still cringe at it cuz it looked kinda sleazy on him. haha.

    chullie and junhyung shouldn’t be in this list. they looked great with those styles. (ok maybe chullie and chopsticks look too girly) and although i agree that kikwang’s afro wig needs to go, i don’t think his second hair in this list looked bad. in fact he looked hot.

    as for HOT, it was a fad so you can’t really blame them. their current hairstyles look ok for sure.

    as for the dbsk boys, hmmm~~ they sure went through some phases. lol. i liked changmin with long wavy hair. very j-rock. their triangle days were unbearable definitely. jaejoong didn’t have it as bad though. his pretty face made him look like an anime character. junsu in that pic though…. OMG! TT^TT

    lol. this was fun. thanks sookyeong.

  12. I actually loved Yoochun’s mirotic hair and his exposed forehead hairstyle he sported in the summer last year and also the dbsk triangle hair it was cool in a weird way and the same goes for suju’s don don hair it is really cool.
    Chansung’s hair in10/10 was nice but I do have a bias for guys with tied long hair. Heechul looks good in anything. SO1’s hair suits him. TOP’s popcorn hair and taecyeon’s spiderweb hair are really a big no-no the rest suited the look.
    H.O.T are an exception coz it was the style in those days

  13. LMAO! PUAHAHAHAHHA. this is hilarious!

    thanks for posting this! it was really needed! hahaha.

    agree with almost all of them. junhyung is ok though. not the best but it’s normal.

  14. well i agree with all of them. hahah

  15. im totally speechless!
    shall is say: “bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…….”

  16. the 5th picture of Junhyun’s hair wasn’t bad at all .


  18. LOL. Am i the only one who actually liked GD’s hairstyle?

    TOP’s popcorn is a BIG NO. SJ’s Don Don hairstyles are NO WAY!

    And Yoochun’s hair in the 7th picture.. i’m actually okay with it. Haha.

    • no actually. haha^^ you’re not the only one. i found the spock look pretty cute. GD looked like a china doll with that hairstyle. especially when it grew a bit longer like in the BSX pics.

      TOP doesn’t really have a history of crazy hairstyles. so far i can remember only two ridiculous hairstyles on TOP. one was the popcorn hair (although it kinda worked on GD) and another was his recent afro-perm while he was promoting in japan. thank god that hair lasted only a few days and soon after, he cut it short for his movie “Into The Gun Fire”. relief right there cuz he looks hot right now.


    • SJ dont don hair was cool

  19. I can’t say anything about Big Bang, especially GD because he chooses those hairstyles, but DBSK most certainly didn’t xD
    Funny thing is, SM hair stylists have a pretty good track record with their girl groups, but they show the guys absolutely no mercy.
    dark times~

    • pretty good. except they gave snsd the OH hairstyles. i think those were no-nos. especially hyoyeon’s curled bangs? ugh. and then in RDR, sica’s streaked hair isn’t exactly the best either. lol. but all in all, i’d say the SM boys had it bad.


  20. I think U-Kiss should be on the list, especially in their ‘I Like You’ music video.

  21. Kikwang’s hair is actually a wig.

  22. urh…what?!
    I don’t agree with like quite a few of them. as for the rest, some of them are okay too, but others were bad, yea. (like the 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,etc. :X)

    For example, I don’t see why Junhyung(5th) is in here because he looks good to me..
    and yoochun(7th and 8th)’s one was okay too..
    As for H.O.T(11th), I don’t think it’s fair to put them there. because if I’m not wrong, it was the trend last time, and so it’s suppose to be “good” for that time. Now it is out of fashion and really looks bad(i agree. =.=) but I just don’t think it’s right to put them there; they should be given credit for pulling off those hairstyles at that time…
    I am utterly surprised as to sungmin(15th)’s don’t don being in this place.. :X it’s like making a assumption that it’s bad just by looking at the side view. if you actually look from the front view, it’s actually quite good. (has a sungmin-bias though. :X)
    Also, kikwang’s hairstyle(20th) looks normal to me as well..

    On the other hand, I L0L-ed at chul(16th) and jae(25th) being in there. I think it’s because they look too feminine in those… hahah~
    Teuk(18th)’s one… was HILARIOUS! hahaha, I totally remember that in EHB. XDD

  23. who’s the 4th to the last pic? i thought it was jerry yan lol

    • that’s dbsk’s changmin. lol. he does look a lot like jerry yan there. haha^^ but changmin’s got a twin in china and japan. lol. he looks like junnosuke taguchi too. especially their smiles.

  24. who was the guy with that,,

    **uh, how can i say this**

    ..out of this world FRIZZ? that 3rd guy next to GD’s bowl cut?

    He’s gotten my vote. πŸ™‚

    • you’re either talkin about taeyang or moon heejun and the HOT dudes. and since moon heejun/HOT was lower than third from GD, and the closest guy after GD with an out of the world frizz is taeyang, then the answer to your question would be……. taeyang. lols.

      but the frizz was only cuz they unbraided his cornrows. it wasn’t even a haircut or style. it was the hair before it actually got styled. lol.

  25. i think micky yoochun’s uneven bowl hairstyle is HOT.. LOL. he pulled it off quite well. i just hated chunnie’s hair when..hmm, i think, it’s also the haistyle of his mom? the shoulder-length one?! LOL.
    and the one micky yoochun wearing a white shirt, which is i think is on their “The Secret Code” concert, he’s HOT there. i think he just tied his hair. πŸ˜€ lovely chunnie. πŸ˜€

    and to BEAST’s junhyung..it fits him, i love it on him.

    YEAH, where is SHINee’s KEY there?! his hairstyle in RDD?! LOL, i think that was one of the worse.. πŸ˜›

    sungmin’s hair in don’t don and u-kiss’s dongho’s are actually good to them too.

    TVXQ’s tri-angle days well..yeah, i think they’re concept back then is “anime”..hehe. i was just surprised when i saw that mv.

    to add on, GD’s got so many bad hair days.. i can’t name some..because it’s a lot. XD

    and..LOL at kikwang’s afro hair and taeyang’s! XD

  26. Ki Kwang’s hair wasn’t bad at all!
    Only the afro which is not even his real hair xD ^^
    Ki Kwang is smoking hawt in that picture!

  27. Wth is wrong with Taec’s hair? Looks like somebody just came all over it….

  28. looks like GD had tried almost all of the hairstyles!^__^
    he just can pull off any type of style and no one can do it like he did!!XD

  29. We seriously need to burn these pictures! Destroy the evidence! THE HORROR! THE HORROR!

  30. man, those pics were. ahmm, some were old, somewhere very interesting especially KiKwang. i did’nt recognize him first though. haha.. I’m liking micky Yoochun’s hair. ad for HOT? not bad.?

  31. HAHAHAH omg is that JUNSU above the dbsk tri-angle picture?! i don’t even remember seeing his hair like that before!
    i think THIS picture should be on here, i absolutely hated changmin’s long hair, he’s so much better looking with shorter hair ❀

  32. i think chansung’s hair is okay~ i love him with his long hair.
    and heechul is pretty..
    yoochun isn’t that bad. πŸ™‚

  33. Agree with this post 100% haha.

  34. i can’t stop laughing at these pictures!!! ROFL changmin was the funniest for me. But all in all they are still good-looking

  35. i love yoochun’s haircut in Mirotic time, so damn hot~~!

    I couldn’t resist myself from laughing while scrolling down.
    Hands down, all of them needs to be outta the idol world.

  37. omg i concur +_+;; those are almost UNbearableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  38. i love TOP and GD but i soooo agree with those hairstyles..haha
    please no more of that

  39. Poor Micky of DBSK always had pretty terrible haircuts, except for one or two that I actually liked.

    And of course, the “ramen bomb” hairstyle of the old days are also pretty unbearable XD

    I’d just like to add that ALL of 2pm’s haircut from Heartbeat were also terrible. It was only saved by their terrific performances.

  40. dong bang’s hair wasn’t that bad…esp yoochun’s mirotic hairstyle, it’s cool.

  41. Mmm. Junhyung’s hair is not bad yaknow. But Taecyeon’s web-hair is the weidest among them. Even popcorn-haired TOP is more bearable πŸ˜€

  42. 55++ Chan still look good for me n__~.

  43. the last 2 pics, whoaa bishounen

  44. ALL ARE NO-NOS!!!! But I think junhyung& kikwang’s are fine!

  45. Top’s hair just a No no..and Taeyang does look like a caveman with that hair..

  46. TOP’s popcorn hair for sure!

  47. I agree that most of these hairstyles above aren’t very good, but I don’t see any problem with Chansung’s ‘general’ hairstyle. I loved Chansung with long hair, he looked like a handsome young samurai! πŸ˜€ I was sad when he cutted his hair… I still think he look the best wiht his 10 points out of 10 hairstyle than with his current short-hair.

    The award for worst stylist goes to: SM ent stylish!
    They should all get fired. Since HOT days till now, they’ve come up with so many terrible hairstyles and stage clothes for their artists. -_-‘

  48. junhyung shud not be included in this post πŸ˜€

  49. Chansung se ve lindo igual =D!!

  50. very true
    i dont pay much attention to beast but that pic of kikwang doesnt seem so bad

  51. I love GD, but not with that hairstyle. Lol. I love his gold hair.

  52. LOL!! i can’t pick.. haha because of the undying laugh i’m having right now!!pwaahaha.

    I LIKE HYUNSEUNG/SO-1’s hair.. though..
    why isn’t KEY here? pwahahaah!!!

    TOP is errm. even though BIG BANG is my fave. haha
    his hair is really. kyahaha. LOL

  53. Though i love all Heechul’s style
    GOD he’s the only one that’s always HOT with long hair… to me <3333

  54. OMG I didn’t know that DBSK had bad hair days lol.


  56. It’s kind of funny because while they’re promoting they’re songs with those looks. i really don’t mind. but looking back and thinking about it. i’m like damn those do look a little…weird. lol

  57. I love DBSK style in their TRI-ANGLE era ❀

  58. 90’s hair with the part in the middle and anime hairstyles are not really good today. but it was trendy back then. LOL. There are A LOT of hair style fails in KPOP. Some of the recent more memorable FAIL hairstyles:

    1. GD’s goldilocks curl deserves the top spot for no-no hairstyle. That was really lulzy. He has the weirdest hairstyles.

    2. TOP’s popcorn cut gets the 2nd.

    3.Thunder (MBLAQ) curly hair is also really not good. So in general, ahjumma perms on idols are not good.

    4. Hongki’s mushroom hair in You’re Beautiful was awful.

    Yoochun’s hair’s not really that bad compared to the rest. kinda edgy. LOL.

  59. HAHAHA OMG Ki Kwang.
    I keep spotting Beast’s Junhyung couple times here. I think that hair looks good on him..

  60. I had so much to choose from! i really hated micky yoochun’s uneven bowl haircut! then as I scroll down, I did not like G. Dragon’s hair (the first picture) and the ridiculous 90s boyband hairstyle!


  62. LOL….cant post nega those were all bad. I laugh of all the pics here.

  63. Laughing so much tears coming from eyes. Can’t decide which is the worst. Like asking if eaten by shark or lion is the worst.
    Great stuff! Do the girls next.

  64. some of them aren’t too bad

    but micky’s mirotic hair and dbsg’s tri-angle hair are quite laughable.

    i expected to see a string of pictures of GD, that boy has the most horrendous hair-dos.

  65. I think Yoochun’s hair during mirotic is a no-no xD it look funny to me xP

  66. DBSK’s got a lot of bad hairstyles… but isn’t it great that even though they had terrible hairstyles they still looked gorgeous?? btw I agree that all of them are a HUGE NO

  67. GD’s bowl cut is okay…not HORRENDOUS like TOP’s popcorn hair (which GD had too bahahaha). well, it looks better now that it grew out. his bowl cut still doesn’t top the horrendous golden curls. now THAT was bad. (GD I STILL LOVE YOU =P)
    and junhyung’s hair wasn’t that bad. well i liked it. haha.
    anyhow, i’m noticing a trend where all the SM artists get bad hairstyles. SM should fire their stylists. lmao.
    and ya, cornrows on dongho = just no. NO.
    actually cornrows on ANYONE = no. NO. lmao

  68. agree with all them

  69. chanbun= okay
    taecyeon w/ short bangs= no
    gd w/ bowl cut + pink jacket= do not want

  70. HAHAHAHA yea most are ugly hairstyles!

  71. LOL usually I didnt think half of these were that bad but all of them at once… this post KILLS LOL. I love it. πŸ™‚

  72. LOL!!

    What’s up with these photos. Hella funny!! :))

    I can’t bear lookin’ at GD’s hair. It looks like a coir, haha! HOT and TVXQ’s, they look like a character from an anime. I don’t mind Yoochun’s hair in a white shirt, he looks damn good! πŸ™‚

  73. ROFL i can’t even decide which one i find the funniest. i feel sorry for H.O.T, DBSK and Suju cos SM hairstylists are definately crazy. when it comes to BB esp. GD baby its obv they chose the lolzy styles themselves XD. ngl i love these, so funny =D

  74. I actually liked Micky’s Mirotic hair. He looked so fucking hot.

    • Micky’s Mirotic hair is really bad.. in fact its worse than sungmin dont don hair

      • No, it’s not. Micky’s Mirotic hair actually did something for his face, I think he looked more attractive.

        I hated his “Balloons” hair. The hairstyle was more “normal” but it didn’t look good on him.

    • I know, right? I thought it was cool, but no one agreed with me. ;_____;

    Oh the fond old days where hairstyles stood up the most {:
    Anyw i think with a pretty face, most people can make an ugly hairstyle look nice. However, GD really needs to give me some time to get used to his hairstyle before he keeps changing it AGAIN.

    • and by the way, Heechul & JJ are SO PRETTY OMG.
      I’d hate to stand anywhere near them, i’ll feel so inferior!

  76. Lolz.

    Out of all the members in DBSK, YooChun is always (almost always) stuck with a bad hairstyle.

    As for JunHyung, I actually liked his hair that way. But maybe that’s just me.


  77. haha..hey
    don’t put our H.O.T there XD that was the cool thing back then
    but honestly the rest have nooo excuse for those hairstyles..XD

  78. D:
    but, H.O.T worked those hairstyles!<3333
    Plus, I actually loved Suju's hair during their Don't Don days<333

  79. sme stylist in the early years really dont have any sense.thank god they are much better now…


  81. hahahaha
    ok first I liked Yoochun’d hair
    Leetuek that is not his stage hair he was trying to be funny
    Heechul ‘s hair pretty in that pic they should put his hair when he oppened his radio show
    Sungmin so true also his pink hair kkkkk
    TOP agreed 100%

  82. Dbsk had the worst hair styles xD
    But I thing Dongho looks very cute with braids!

    • Totally agree.. DBSK O hair is ewwww. totally sucks.
      Gdragon hair looks cool >.<

      • 2004,2005/06 used to be like this. so blame it on that lol.

        and I LOVE Yochun’s curtain cut. finito.

  83. haha i could name a few more up there
    and this is why i like nice clean cut hair XD

  84. Lol those are horrible! XD especially GD n that guy who got eliminated from BB.

  85. hahaha thank goodness SS501 is not there πŸ˜€

  86. i lol’d.. there’s a lot more.. and as much as i love him, i feel like GD deserves a few more places up there

    • lol i was thinking the same thing… actually some of his hair styles from the lollipop mv came to mind when i saw the title of the article lol

      GD ❀ though ^^

  87. hahaha i feel bad for DBSK and Super Junior when they first started SM stylist is crazy back then i blame the stylist for doing this stupid hair stlye except for Big Bang members they done that to them self they just do what ever they want with there hair.

    • lol.. i totally agree with u.. but i love them nevertheless.. BB i mean.. kekekke..

  88. OMG youngbae’s hair!! HAHAHAHAHA ❀

  89. i think yesung is missing… from the days when he dyed his hair blonde and black xD

  90. i really hated micky’s haircut. i just couldn’t understand the bowl with the cover one eye look.

    lol taeyang looks like a caveman.

  91. imo TOP’s popcorn hair and Taec’s ‘bird sh!t’ hair were the worst kekek

  92. Who’s the second one? Junhyung’s hair wasn’t too bad. Gi Kwang is the same.

    As for HOT, wasn’t that the style back then? I mean now, would be a definite no-no.

    • that’s kikwang!!!!
      haha i only recognize him from his trademark sexy lips =D

      • Ahhh so it was him. I wasn’t too sure at first. Lol, I wonder what that pic was for… a punishment?!

  93. hahaha oh goodness
    though i dont think yoochun’s mirotic hairdo was that bad
    at least when he swept it to the side it was really cool
    plus hongki had that similar hair in You’re Beautiful

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