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2PM JunSu, “I want to appear on We Got Married together with Kim MinJung”

2PM JunSu reveals that he wishes to appear on MBC ‘We Got Married’ with actress Kim MinJung.

2PM and KARA had a joint fanmeeting on 10th April in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul jointly organised by Spris and Lesmore. And during the fanmeeting, there was a corner where the idol members get to choose which stars they want to appear together on a make-believe marriage program togehter.

For JunSu, he picked Kim MinJung as his #1 saying, “I really like Kim MinJung when she appeared in ‘KidCop’ when she was young. I want to appear as make-believe couple with her.” For his #2 and #3, he picked KARA Nicole and GyuRi saying, “Because we have to do a fanmeeting together.”

During the fanmeeting, the 2PM boys performed songs ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘Tired Of Waiting’ off their 1st full length album and also ‘Crazy 4 S’ song for Spris.

As for KARA they performed ‘Lupin’ and ‘Mister’ much to the cheers of the fans.

S: TVDaily

View more photos to the fanmeeting at the photo spam post

13 Responses

  1. Junsu’s nose looked different somehow..

  2. We-ell, Junsu’s always been the one who tried his hardest to be cool in the group. Trying a LITTLE too hard, to be honest.

    I think Kim Minjung’s out of your league, Junsu 😛

  3. What happened to Junsu’s face?
    Tsk tsk too much ‘reconstruction’ being done.
    Damn and he was so adorably cute before, now his face is extremely pretty!
    Please stop now Junsu before you turn unrecognisable.

  4. i guess he has given up on seohyun cause she has yonghwa? ^^

  5. Junsu look soo fine..cant wait for their comeback..

  6. Junsu is so rude hahaha
    poor kara gals
    to be honest junsu is a bit over confident. I like that but I the same time it’s a bit too much
    buy I’m still in love with junsu hhhhhh ))))))

  7. Ah, poor Junsu fell.

  8. o well

  9. Pfft.

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