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K-netizen,” Son YeJin is pretty like a Goddess!”

Actress Son YeJin recently does her drama comeback via “Personal taste” drama where she acted along with flower boy Lee Minho.

When I watched the very 1st episode, I see few negative comments from international fans as follow :

  • she’s ugly
  • she looks like a grandma
  • she’s too old for Lee Minho
  • etc.

More photos under the cut.

Imuyachan : I think her wardrobe in the early episodes of Personal Taste is a matter of visualizing her character in the drama ^^

39 Responses

  1. I salute the make-up artistes in KBS, ok fine, in Korea throughout.
    In dramas, they could practically transform an ugly-ducking to a heavenly-swan and vice versa.
    And it’s so realistic that I betcha’ if you show someone who knows nuts about Son Ye Jin the photos of her above modeling, and perhaps, a snapshot of her in the early episodes of ‘Personal Preference’, they would NEVER think it’s the same person.
    Koreans are just so professional so start with. In every aspect.
    Even make-up artistes are that experience.
    That’s also why we can vividly see the success of Korea this very day, be it their dramas or the very well-known K-pop which have taken the world by storm.
    Korea Hwaiting!

  2. yah shes like a sister of leeminho in personal taste not a partner……who cho se her to be in that drama?……………shes old not a goddess……………

    • ya………i agree with u raine…..she’s old
      she’s ugly but not really………….
      i dont like her nose……………
      she’s like a sister of LMH ……..old sister
      she’s try to cute in this drama but not cute………..
      y…………..everyone have a different opinion…..

      but her acting good maybe……………
      of course,……………she’s senior……i know
      but succesed for u ye jin…………..

  3. beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!

  4. She’s so beautiful !!!
    Gae In in the film is an untidy girl, but she gradually becomes more beatiful thanks to Jin Ho
    But I think Ye Jin is still pretty whenever she wears untidy clothes or not. She’s the prettiest

  5. HUH?!?!? she is pretty lor. I would have to have plastic surgery to look even half as pretty as her. And I am not saying she did..cause I seriously dont know.. but hello if she is not pretty than what is pretty.. People dont understand HOW hard it is to be an older woman and keep lOOKING PRETTY!

  6. she’s really pretty..but yep[…she become more mature compared to her previous dramas…oh well..aging..but i don’t think it is just about aging..i think she had problems in her personal life…but yah..she’s really pretty…and PURE BEAUTY^_^

  7. okayy i dont understand why u would wanna publish the negative comment from netizens ?????

  8. I don’t think people understand the whole concept behind the show. If they would they would have understood why they had her dressed in a certain way and where the character will be going. She is transforming from a niave girl into a smart woman.

    How could anyone say she was ugly?? Did they not see the publicity put out by the show? The woman is GORGEOUS and standing next to LMH they look so cute as a couple. The cast – in general – is beautiful.

  9. Usually I think she’s good looking, but isn’t it amazing what (professional)
    hair, makeup, and good lighting can do for someone’s look?

  10. hm… clothing is so so… not bad or good.
    I don’t like the shoots, they look unatural and her make up is done wuite bad, especially the eyes.
    They should gone for white/pure style rather than this… it doesn’t cover up her age in the eyes.

  11. She is so pretty!
    But how come she looks caucasian? Is she mixed?

  12. wheni first saw her i thought she was ugly, in the first episodes of the drama she didn’t act very well so i was disappointed! i had to wait till episode 4 to start “not disliking her” but i’ll wait and see for my final judgement

  13. Wew, I’m older than SYJ,but I’m LMH’s fans. Where should I stand? LOL. I won’t make any comparisons about them,because they are totally different. I have my own opinion and i choose to keep it for my self than try to judge and value their talents. .

  14. she is pretty, and i like her. but i still think she is kind of old for lee min ho.

  15. wow, she’s ugly?! i know she’s older than lee minho, but not ugly. she’s pretty. and to think those are statements of international fans.. LOL much. they’re blind. but i guess son yejin can’t please everybody.. 🙂

    but she’s beautiful. 😀

  16. She is so prettey. I want to marry her lol

  17. She’s beautiful. I like her 🙂

  18. I knew her 6 years ago.all her dramas are really really good and she is 10x famous and talented than lee min ho
    teenage fans are really ridiculous sometime and don’t have respect for sunbae

  19. It’s just show us that LMH and SYJ have a different fanbase in term of age. LMH fans are dominated by teenager while SYJ has a more mature fanbase. So I think that’s part of the reason why most of LMH fans don’t know much about SYJ (her achievement so far) and bashed her appearance instead. Still I don’t get it, why most of female lead character in Korean romcom always described as having a bad fashion taste (like KSY character in Prosecutor Princess). Her character might be annoying, naive and not the least bit feminine, but at least give her a good fashion choice.

    • her way of dressing in the drama partly reflects her ‘character’ in that drama. so, her ‘bad’ fashion sense is deliberate. even when she’s wearing those ‘bad’ clothes, she still looks gorgeous.

  20. Those 12 year olds Lee Min Ho fans need to grow up..
    SYJ is an A-list actress, she way more famous, experience than LMH, she already won from Blue Dragon to Ppaeksang..
    LMH fans should thanks her for willing to act on small screen with LMH,
    Like seriously, get a straight fact before bashing on someone.

    • I agree with you!!! those crazy obsessed fans should shut their mouths about Son Ye Jin! she is really pretty (naturally pretty with no surgeries) and very talented! those fans are just really jealous because they could not even have what they want and what they want to do with Lee Min Ho lol….

    • Finally someone with a good head on her shoulders. I wish Lee Minho’s fans could see out of their own sphere sometimes. The kind of comments I’ve read really saddens me. Shows just how little they know about Son Yejin.

    • some of these young fans are really ignorant sometimes. if they don’t know anything about any of these artists, they shouldn’t open their mouths. i’ve seen such instances so many times in articles featuring some of the celebrated actors/actress together with younger actors/actresses where they bash on the former (for their looks or age most of the time) without knowing that these actors/actresses have been making their names way longer and greatly talented, more than what some of their young favourites could ever be.

      Son Ye Jin is IMO is one of he prettiest and talented Korean actresses. i just adore her in Alone in Love.

      • Lee Min Ho ‘s fan like SNSD’s fan in music lol. Many of them didnt respect other artist although their skill, their experience and their popular is greater than Min Ho or SNSD

        Nearly 10 years since the 2st time i saw Son Ye Jin’s drama, Sunny and Jinny, then i saw her another drama about cooking and i become her fan since then

        Son Ye Jin is one of the most hard working and gorgeous actress. Many A-actress nowaday just rely on CF, 2 or 3 year they just act in 1 movie or drama but a lot of CF in 1 year. However every year Ye Jin bring us at least 2 movie or drama.
        And do you guys know, Son Ye Jin is the only actress that every her movie, about more than 10 movie, have at least 1 million viewers each movie, that mean she is 10 million actress

      • @ted,

        way to drag in snsd to your stupid analogy. Take a look of SYJ’s looks in personal taste and you’ll know what viewers meant. Gosh, that’s like the whole point of the drama, SYJ is supposed to look like a nobody. Who cares if she’s beautiful caked w/ makeup, she IS ugly in the drama.

    • sooo agree,
      those international fans should shut up, & take a look at the world outside of LMH before bashing her,
      i dont think its just the age problem of the diff audiences but also because they’re probably some international” fans who only started watching dramas bcoz of BOF,
      anyone from korea would probably not say such things of SYJ, shes a freaken top star in comparison to LMH

  21. @bee : You are absolutely right
    She is more senior than Lee Min Hoo

  22. i absolutely love her! she’s my most favorite korean actress.. indeed, she’s a goddess.. 😀

  23. she’s prettyyyyyyyy.. love her in a moment to remember

  24. lol i think those people does not know she is more famous than lee minho before bof…

  25. her role in the drama is ugly .. well at least in my opinion the hair and clothes don’t do her justice at all. outside of the drama she’s a goddess

  26. although i don’t think i can say she’s among the top tier of prettiest korean actresses, there’s just something about her that i find very attractive. but these pics are wow.

  27. She is ugly????
    Are they nut?
    I think she is one of a few korean actress who has NATURAL beauty
    She never had plastic surgery & that makes her even more beautiful & gorgeous

  28. She’s gorgeous ^_^
    Her character in Personal Taste is annoying, naive and not the least bit feminine and her wadrobe choices reflect her character.
    Under all that mess though, she’s really pretty. I’m thinking she’ll turn a bit more glamorous as the show goes on judging by the most recent episode 🙂
    I’m liking the drama, glad I stuck through till episode 3 where it really picks up.

  29. in the very 1st pic she looks like a hillbilly…lol..that’s the 1st thought that came to in my mind.

  30. shes gorgeous! the styles fit her well!
    love her hair!

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