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SBS Inkigayo 11.04.2010 – SNSD wins Mutizen with ‘Run Devil Run’

Today on SBS Inkigayo, SNSD won Mutizen on the show with their hit song ‘Run Devil Run’. It has also been known that the girls have won Mutizen on the show on 4th April which was not aired due to the CheonAhn naval ship sinking incident.

Congratulations for T-ara as well for winning their 2nd Mutizen for the last week of March.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

Comeback Specials

  • Rain “Love Song + Hip song”
  • After School “Let’s do it + Bang”

Take 7

  • Girls Generation “Run Devil Run”
  • BEAST “Shock”
  • KARA “Lupin”
  • 2AM “I Did Wrong”
  • Epik High “Run”

Hot Music

  • T-ara “I’m Really Hurt”
  • JJ “More and More”
  • Defcon feat. Goo JiSung “How To Leave the Rapper”
  • Deevine “Learned to love ”

Fresh Music

  • Secret “Magic”
  • JoPD feat. Jung SeulGi “Given Advice”
  • Tae JinAh (Eru’s Dad) feat. Maya “Like Love more than Money”
  • M to M “I’m Sorry”
  • Miji “Don’t Cry”


SNSD Green Sport Song


15 Responses

  1. i like this perfomance this far from rain. he looked like he had more fun with hip song

  2. Why ZE:A didn’t perform???? I want to see them!!!!! @@

    • Me too! I can’t find them, I don’t want to wait another week, cuz their perf this week wasn’t enough!

  3. yey! congrats! I’m hoping for triple mutizen but I wan’t other arttist to win also. like T-ara, BEAST and Rain. tehee. congrats SoShi. ♥♥♥

  4. Wow congratz girls….
    Love snsd so much ❤

  5. rain’s and BEAST’s fanchants were AWESOME, AWESOME i tell yah!! loving it!! it gets louder and louder every week! 🙂

    and secret is really really something! why can’t people cheer for them?!

    love the perfs! 😀 thanks for uploading. 🙂

  6. Heh, not bad =) To rulide nersole positio!

  7. I’m really enjoying After School performances of Bang, they have such great energy on stage!

    Also Secret did great again, these girls do great lives. I hope they gain more recognition.

  8. does anyone know if ze:a performed?? o.O

  9. congrats t-ara for winning in the last week of March and congrats SNSD for winning today and in last week

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