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2NE1 and 2PM to come together for ‘Anycall Corby Family Festival’ on the 24th!

Talent idols 2PM and 2NE1 will come together in one place.

Coming 24th April, the models for Anycall will come together for an event called ‘Anycall Corby Family Festival’ organised by Samsung Electronics. Other stars who have modelled for Anycall Corby like Son Dambi, Kim TaeWoo will also be present at the event.

It is known that 2NE1 and 2PM will be performing the dance to the CM songs for their endorsement namely ‘Try To Be Like Me’ and ‘My Color’ respectively.

Meanwhile, the event has received overwhelming response and in just 1 week about 3,000 over tickets are given to fans to take part in the festival on Samsung Mobile.com.


35 Responses

  1. […] reported earlier, idol groups 2PM and 2NE1 will be the star appearances amongst the others for the Anycall Corby […]

  2. Omg! I’m hoping for some WooDara interaction! *crosses fingers*

  3. again 2ne1… I’m annoyed of them already. Just sit and your YG and be still.
    2pm, wish you good luck, fighting !

    • wth? they’re not even around on shows or whatever. you barely get to see them anywhere. lol. so much negative energy.

  4. 2:21PM!!!!!!<3 I CAN'T WAIT~~!!! they really need to collab soon. this is sexy!

    if a BBMinute collab happens next, i'll be ecstatic!!!

    go KPOP collabs!!!<3

  5. dara ang wooyoung moment, woohoo!!

  6. waaah!!! jjang~ this would be a blast!!!!!

  7. Just want to see 2ne1 perform again.

  8. 2:21PM is ♥. Maybe they’ll both perform each other’s dances and songs. I want to see some interaction.

  9. YAY WOODARA !!!!!

  10. 2ne1 wish them with dbsk it would be fantastic

  11. People who like big bang & 2ne1 together, you will always see that since their in the same company, don’t hate on 2pm. I’m not even a fan of 2ne1 but it’s good to see them with other artists from other companies ^^ go 2pm & 2ne1

  12. yuk…
    2NE1&BB = major love
    not this 😡

    • I would love more BB-2NE1 action too, but they’re from the same company, so it’s so ‘usual’. And teaming with different groups from different companies is like the only time you’ll see ‘rivals’ together.

      2NE1 is hot. 2PM is hot. It’s gonna be one hotass party!

  13. Oh my God.and here 2ne1.Why can’t they just leave alone all the hottest boys ?
    still 2pm fighting !

    • eh!?…these days fans like these are so hella annoying and cocky! as if they were going to “get married”…duhhh!

  14. Yay! I wish they’d perform a song together, though. WooDara!!

  15. […] 2NE1 and 2PM to come together for ‘Anycall Corby Family Festival’ on the 24th! Posted on April 12, 2010 by sookyeong […]

  16. waah! 2:21 is coming! yehey! i cannot wait! joint stage please!

  17. 21PM fighting!!!! totally can’t wait!!

  18. 2PM <333

  19. Okay wait so will 2ne1 and 2pm perfom dances for their songs together . I’m confused will they perform the songs or just dance to them? Whatever Im so excited to see 2ne1 again!!!

  20. Man, it’s times like these that I wish I live in Korea…

  21. 2ne1 ❤
    i missed them perform…

  22. omg. 2NE1 + 2PM = MY DREAM! ❤

  23. omg, this is random but dara has that pretty skirt which i saw on polyvore. 2NE1 has been wearing really expensive but nice clothes these days. anyways, i wanna go to this 😦 Add big bang & after school thn itll be the best 😀

  24. i cant wait, i hope they also do some performance together

  25. i love 2ne1

  26. 2NE1 \m/

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