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News of Ivy to work with Kim KwangSoo for next album released on the same day as Lee Hyori’s 4th album release?

Singer Ivy will collaborate and work with representative Kim KwangSoo.

Representative Kim KwangSoo, who had been recently stopped working with Lee Hyori, will be working with Ivy. It has been known that Ivy’s company Dechocolate Entf had asked for the help of representative Kim KwangSoo to help with the plans, marketing and producing of Ivy’s new album, and he had accepted it.

The report came in at 10.38am by Dechocolate Entf on 12th April. This is coincidentally the same day of Lee Hyori’s 4th album release.

Kim KwangSoo accepted the proposal by Ivy’s company saying, “Ivy is a singer with 3 beats.”

The 3 beats are – Ivy’s unique concepts and performances as a sexy icon, Ivy’s great vocal capabilities allowing her to take on almost any genre of music and high potentials for her to development in other fields in the future.

That said, it has caught the attention of some reporters the coincidence of the report released on the same day as Lee Hyori’s 4th album release.

Here’s the history between Lee Hyori and representative Kim KwangSoo. After Lee Hyori left DSP Entertainment 2006 November, she started working with Mnet Media and the representative at that time was Kim KwangSoo. With that, even though Lee Hyori had tried out various music dramas, she was under fire again for her acting skills. But representative Kim would always be her shield from the criticisms.

But last July, representative Kim stopped working with Lee Hyori after he moved to Core Contents Media. Back then, singers like SG Wannabe and SeeYa moved together with representative Kim to Core Contents but Lee Hyori decided to stay in Mnet Media and worked on the last album as stated in her contracts with them.

Because of that, Lee Hyori was awarded ‘Hot Body’, ‘Hot Multitainer’ and ‘Hot Style Icon’ during Mnet’s 20’s Choice last August even though she was not promoting. Back then, there were criticisms on how Mnet has repaid Lee Hyori with the awards for not leaving Mnet and following representative Kim.

With that, it seems that there might have been complications with the announcement that representative Kim will be working with Ivy released on the same day to Lee Hyori’s 4th album release.

S: Newsen, Segye Daily News

7 Responses

  1. and when Hyori just can’t fuking sing. Makes ashitload of sense.

  2. I know Hyori is older than Ivy, but to me it seems like Ivy is older. Just cause.

    I loved Ivy when she debuted, but now she’s just another K-pop singer, to me, somewhat C-list, to me.
    When she made her comeback she looked so awkward and all her talent, before, went missing or something.

    Anywho, we’ll see who will reign in!

    • Hyori will reign briefly then BoA will be back and take over. Ivy won’t have a chance to sit on the throne and thats the sad truth…

  3. ^ don’t be so mean

    I like them both.
    Lee HYori is more marketable now.. if ivy’s scandal didn’t happen she would be close to hyori’s popularity. they helped push each other to be better artsts.. everyone needs competition and right now Hyori has none.

  4. Too bad no one really gives a shit about Ivy 😡

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