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Showdown between the idols? Jo Kwon to YoonA, “Don’t try to act honest”

Jo Kwon does not hold back anything when it comes to So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA.

On SBS Family Outing aired on 11th April, the family members decided to have a ‘waist line wrestling’ in the stream. And before the match, the members have to say one strength and flaw of one another.

When it came to a match between Jo Kwon and YoonA, Jo Kwon talked about YoonA’s flaw first, “You don’t try to act kind!” With that, YoonA refuted, “When did I act kind.. Totally speechless” as a joke.

Jo Kwon did not stop at it, “Ya! You don’t try to act honest.” YoonA who was a little hurt by the words said, “Oppa if you keep scolding me, stop singing So Nyeo Shi Dae’s song.”

Jo Kwon then said, “Ya! You know how much I’ve saved ‘Gee’..” which had the other members laughing.

Jo Kwon, “You please wash up like what WonHee noona said. Looking from last time, I think there is sewage coming out from your hand.” trying to make YoonA embarrassed.

S: Newsen

In the end, guess who won.

42 Responses

  1. Yo people shut up.
    I came here to read news and have a good laugh about Family Outing,but nooo. . .There’s people arguing about pointless things.
    The ratings when down for FO2,big deal. . .I still enjoy watching it even though I like FO1 better. ๐Ÿ™‚
    So,please stop fighting. If you must continue. . .Do it at ALLKPOP.
    Thank you

  2. Jo kwon is soo funny..

  3. Jokwon’s moves at the end was hilarious!

  4. stop all these hate. if you don’t like it, you don’t have to comment. sookyeong’s just translating the show yet you guys commented some shit stuff. just gtfo.

  5. haha you are great kwon!!!!!hwaiting hwaiting SNSD SUCKS!!!!SEO NYO SHIT DAE……

  6. plain boring..

    I got bored with Jo Kwon now…. Not funny anymore..
    I am not blaming the JK, YA, or Taec… but…

    Even the main MCs doesn’t help at all.. Not funny even just making so much noise..

    • OMG I agree with you. for me Jo Kwon is not funny anymore. honestly I find him really really annoying.. he always do the same things and there are sj or 2pm guys who are funnier and versatile.

      • ok if u find him really annoying,again, y watch him?haters doesn’t make sense!bashing idols!if u don’t like watching FO2 y watch it?seriously u guys are not making sense at all!comments doesn’t add up with this article…u don’t like FO2 but u watch it..u don’t like kwon but u watch him=doesn’t make sense y write comments….and if u don’t watch FO2 y comment if u don’t even know wat they did on the show..and if u don’t know korean of course u would be blank out cuz u don’t know wt they’re talking..seriously haterz need to chill…comparing FO1 and FO2!get over it!i love FO1 but it’s over!get over urselves!stop whining about FO2!if u don’t like it don’t watch it!

      • @Jonder:
        People watch FO2 even not liking it because they have hopes and are wishing that the show will get better later. But that’s not happening and that’s why many people are disapointed.

  7. i just watched ep 3 of FO1 the other day. the males in the family were talking about how they wished there were more females, lol. (again). daesung mentioned son ye jin which ticked off park ye jin haha. lee chun hee said kim yu na and sooro, wished for snsd (: he got his wish. but you know what really caught me?

    yoo jaesuk, after a moments dileberation, said he’d like wonder girls to come. then brian joo, who earlier said “we dont need anymore girls, we have all we need”, shouted “OH YEA, i like wonder girls!”. funnyyy but wonder girls never showed )))):

    • ehhehehe I remember that!
      It would be nice if the Wonder Girls were guests on FO1, but they were very busy with Nobody promotions and preparations for the USA tour with the Jonas Brothers. But I would love to see YeEun reunite with Daesung.

  8. the rating fall again to 5.6%

  9. some FO1 fans need to sit down or go watch some re-runs. yeah i don’t watch FO2 either but its getting really old how they feel the need to compare and insult new FO members. its not their fault the show changed. no one forced the old members to leave. seriously -_-

  10. HAHAHAHAH lols! kwon and yoona = perfect rivals XD
    I totally cracked up when he did that “hand-wheels” movement to splash water on yoona (I don’t know how to describe kwon’s action). TOTALLY CRACKTASTIC.

    Kwon look soooo cute in t-shirt! ๐Ÿ˜€ isn’t it cold anymore?

  11. ughhh Family Outing SUCKS !!! Jo Kwon is such a gay dude, yoona is boring and Taecyeon is a loser.
    FO 1 was Awesome!!

    • sorry but Taeckeon is not a loser, in fact he is the most talented guy in 2pm. but I agree that Jo Kwon is Gay LOL

      • Taeck the most talented yeah right he only have his abs his rapping is a joke. Wooyoung maybe Junho are the most talented guys in 2PM yeah Gay Kwon is so Gay.

      • Taec is the most talented in 2PM. Oh my god …

        How bias are u?

        All he does is Ripping his shirt, and those fangirls go crazy

      • correction!!
        Taec is the most beast guy in 2PM ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • What??!! Taeckeon talented??? r u kidding me? WTF!
        he could be hot for some girls but that guy is not talented.
        Junsu and Jay ARE talented.
        (btw, I agree about Jo Kwon, he IS G.A.Y. hehehe)

      • If Jo Kwon is gay or not, that’s none of your business and why would it matter? Kwon is hilarious and also super talented singer and great dancer too (just watch his dancing videos! If you watch him dancing seriously, you’ll see he’s really good!).
        Taec has improved his rapping and his dancing skills A LOT, but calling him the most talented guy in 2PM is a bit non-sense. The most talented members of 2PM (the 7 members formation) is:
        – Jay (sing really well, dance amazingly well, rap well and knows how to write lyrics and play a bit of piano)
        – Junsu (sing amazingly well, rap well, write lyrics & compose music and play instruments)
        – Junho (sing & dance very well and he’s great and very stable on live performances)…
        Junsu & Jay are way better rappers than Taec & Chansung, but because they already sing well, JYPE gave the rap parts to Taec & Chansung instead.

    • I couldn’t agree more… FO 1 was hella awesome!!!!!
      now FO2 is so boring….the three idols there are not funny. and jokwon is so annoying…

      • ur annoying shut up!if u don’t like FO2 y watch it?u guys doesn’t make sense at all!writing comments dat doesn’t relate to the article!people say FO2 is boring but they write tons of comments about it hahahaha!y pay attention to FO2 if u don’t like it?!seriously da whole i dnt like FO2 and bashing comments doesnt make sense if ur also watching it!hahaha!and if u r…y would u watch it if u don’t like it?!

    • Sorry and you’re where? Behind your computer reading about them. Good job.

    • Sorry and youโ€™re where? Behind your computer reading about them. Good job.

  12. Its funny to me sometimes I think some ppl need to stop bringing FO1 up its getting annoying

  13. hahaha totally got pawned lolz!kwonah!i think at first he doesn’t want to say anything then the members like teased him and taec poured water on him because he doesn’t want to say anything then he said like fine and said those!idk it was kind a like that!it was totally hilarious!probably some might misunderstand this but if u watch the whole thing it was totally funny!well if u understand korean, well don’t judge….the two of them look so cute together!loving the siblings love!

  14. i don’t get it is it funny maybe my sense of humor is different

  15. im sorry but FO is so now Idol Family
    even news to do with FO2 are now always consist of what the these 3 idols do and say to each other

    i don’t watch FO2
    but i do want to know about what other members are doing as well so hopefully next news about Fo2 will consist of other members and not just of these 3

    • PDs thought that by adding idols they would help make the ratings go up… but that’s not what’s happening because:
      – 2AM’s fans (including fans of only Kwon’) would rather watch Jo Kwon on We Got Married (that is by far way more entertaining than FO2)
      – Most 2PM’s fans are still mad at TaecYeon so they are ignoring this show and Taecyeon’s fans don’t want to watch FO2 because they hate Yoona and their scripted love-lines
      – SNSD’s fans know Yoona is boring on variety shows specially if she’s not around the other SNSD’s members. So SNSD’s fans would rather watch other tv show with SNSD.
      In the end not even the fans of these idols are watching this show.

      I still don’t understand the point of adding 3 idols that are already so promoted by their own ent companies. It’s not like they’ll bring something new to the cast. Everyone already knows how they act and they’re already in so many ent shows, cfs, etc.

      Kwon is hilarious and he’s the one bringing most of the laughter on FO2 but it’s better watching him on We Got Married with GaIn because he is able to act more natural there and WGM is way more entertaining than FO2.

      As for Yoona I still don’t understand why they added her in a tv show like this. Everyone knows she’s not entertaining to watch and she isn’t able to break away from her idol imagine like Lee Hyori, YeJin and other female idols. They only added her to create love-lines with Taecyeon (which made both SNSD’s fans and 2PM’s fans mad).

      And Taecyeon, the PDs knew fans at that time were against 2PM joining variety shows and they were boycotting, but they still added him in the cast. And if that wasn’t enough to make Hottest mad, they even added Yoona on the cast too making Hottest even more angry about knowing Taec would be in FO2.

      PDs are really at fault.
      The cast of FO2 doesn’t feel like family at all and the script of the show is so predictable besides that the show is soooooooo boring and the ratings are so low. I think it won’t last long till it get cancelled.

      • Question to EllieS2.

        Have you even watched all the episodes of FO22? You act like if all 2AM/SNSD/2PM fans watched the show, it would have made a huge difference in the ratings when it wouldn’t. Kwon, Yoona, and Taecyeon are doing the best they can in the circumstances and I expected a lot worse. It doesn’t matter if someone “funnier” than Yoona or some other male idol other than Taecyeon, the ratings still would have sucked with the current format they have.

        There is hardly any love line between Taecyeon and Yoona. If anything it’s between Kwon and Yoona, but they have more of a sibling relationship.

        If FO1 started out as the same format as FO2, Hyori and Yejin wouldn’t have shined as much because the format FO2 has right now isn’t consistent in what they do every week. Yoona is funny right now, but there is only so much she can do (as well as the rest of the cast).

        The only “family” I see right now within the cast is the 3 idol siblings.

      • @Anonymous:
        I’m not saying that FO2 is failing just because of the 3 idols, but nobody can deny that the cast is one of the reasons why the show is failiting. If the cast had chemistry or the family feel they would be able to make the show entertaining even with the boring format. The concept of Family Outing is to have a cast act as a family, but on the FO2’s cast, most part of the cast have similar background and concepts and most have been in many variety shows before or have been EVERYWHERE while the FO1’s the cast was so diverse and had different backgrounds and many of the cast were being permanent member of a variety show for the first time. Among the FO2 cast, I think Yoon Sang Hyun was the only one casted well because although he become popular with ‘Queen of housewives’, nobody knew much about his persona on variety shows and on the few shows he was guest in, he was really funny and had a 4d personality. But unfortunelly with a cast like FO2’s cast, not even Yoon Sang Hyun is able to show 100% of himself and even Kwon that is hilarious is being wasted on a show like this (what’s the point of watching him on a boring show like FO2, if you can watch him being hilarious and having amazing chemistry with GaIN on We Got Married?)
        On FO1 the cast clicked well, had chemistry and felt like a family since episode 01, but that’s not what’s happening on FO2.
        I feel sorry for Yoon Sang Hyun, I hope FO2’s fail doesn’t prevent him from being casted on other better variety shows.
        (About Yoona and Taec’s casting, PDs thought that with the fake scandal after of MBC Gayo performance (created by SMe and JYPe as media play) adding these 2 together would help create buzz for the show (and it really helped in the beggining! There were many articles about it and many people were talking about it -mostly complaining though). The love line is still there because FO2’s PDs always try to create little situation to push these 2 together and create a buzz (example: peppero game, making Yoona and Taec go on the car together…). But SONEs and HOTTEST both filled FO2’s board with complaints so I guess now PDs are trying to be more low-profile about it.)

    • honestly

      you have to watch FO2 before you judge. i know, many people decide to dive into something based upon ratings and word of mouth, etcetc. and so far, ratings decide whether or not the show is worthy and it hasnt been very “worthy”. but i’ve finally started to watch FO2 after completing FO1. (yes, im a bit behind but thats because i chose to not finish FO1 right away. i wanted to savor the family. you know what i mean).

      and really, FO2 isnt even that bad. LOL. i think its quite exaggerated. the ratings, bad publicity or whatever has been blown out of proportion.

      keep in mind that family outing season 1 was very, and i mean VERY lackluster in its beginning. i guarantee you that more than 50% of people who praised FO1 and downplayed FO2 have not even watched ep 1-15 of season 1. for as far as i know, if you started watching FO1 from just about the winter of 2008, then eps 1- whatever were very hard to find on the internet. only the latest eps where available and so people continue on from there. luckily, i have an acc the closed invite site of aznv.tv (:! which had the early eps but anyways.

      yeah, FO1 didnt start off with high remarks. they even kept changing the format. remember that semi entertaining truth circle game they played? on contrast, FO2 started off pretty entertaining. i find yoon sang hyun really funny, LOL. like sooro, his first variety, i think hes a hidden gem. he’ll learn to get better. taecyeon isnt that funny either but he’ll adapt as well. yoona, well, i honestly think she does her part really well. people put too much pressure and responsibility on the idols. they are just people like the other cast members. if FO2 falters a little, the blame cant be put onto the idols.

      • i know that FO1 did not start well but FO2 started good they got high rating then it gone downhill i don’t see the rating going up i can see FO2 wll be canceled.

  16. that was fcking hella funny! gotta love Jokwon! hmm I might actually go watch this now…

  17. โ€œYa! You know how much Iโ€™ve saved โ€˜Geeโ€™..โ€

    ROFLMAO. XDDDD That right there cracked me up badly. Haha. So true!

  18. The wrath of Jokwon.. Lol, never fails to make me laugh.

  19. Jo Kwon is si hilarious ROFL. The show seems to be more entertaining and funnier with each episode !

    • ‘AGB Media Research has reported that SBS’s ‘Family Outing 2’ episode aired on the 11th recorded a 5.6% viewer rating, the lowest for the show since their last record, which was a 7.5% on the episode aired on the 29th.

      It is a lower viewer rating compared to ‘Gold Miss Is Going,’ which rated at 7.3%.
      The rumors of the show ending have resurfaced once more, stating that ‘Family Outing 2′ is set to end in late April or early May’

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