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Great interests for Park JinYoung-Bae YongJoon collaboration drama ‘Dream High’

It has been known that JYP Park JinYoung will be working with Hallyu star Bae YongJoon for a new drama. This piece of news was revealed a year back. Especially since Hallyu star Bae YongJoon will be involved in his project, there has been much interests as to how it will be received overbroad.

And on 13th April, Bae’s agency Key East revealed that they will be working with JYP Entertainment and CJ Media for the new drama ‘Dream High’. It is known that ‘Holym’ set up by JYP Entertainment and Key East has signed a MOU cooperation agreement with CJ Media on 2nd April for ‘Dream High’.

The drama is set to be released the later half of this year and will talk about the stories of students studying at entertainment arts school. It will be a production which will showcase some insights to the local entertainment industry.

Currently, it is of great interests as to who will be casted for the drama. There have been interests as to how Bae YongJoon and Park JinYoung’s appearances in the drama will be like. Other than drama appearances, the 2 will also be involved in the production of the drama.

A rep said, “Bae YongJoon will be working on the idea and producing of the drama, while Park JinYoung will work on music and dance producing part.”

S: Newsen

13 Responses

  1. Bae Yong Joon + Rain has been my eyecandies since AGES. & NOW BOTH ARE BACK/ COMING BACK ๐Ÿ˜€
    2010 is a great year ALREADY {:

  2. I remember hearing about this ages ago and then no news came up about about since then. Glad to see the idea is still in the works. Not only does the drama seem very interesting, it’s also a collab between the 2 biggest Hallyu stars! I can’t wait to watch it ^^

  3. did popseoul post an article saying JYPE is in trouble and lost a lot of money because of this drama production is broken?
    perhap it’s popseoul posted some bullshit again?
    for anyone is interested,here’s the link to that article

    • since this is more reliable fansite and
      this news coming from newsen
      you should believe this one

  4. Ahhh…i hope it will be change cz i want YG do it…
    It’s so Cool if we can see other side of YG Family…!!! >o<
    or i hope not only Jyp,but YG will joint to this drama…!!!
    I want BB in drama…esp G Dragon cz i think he is a good actor beside a singer…^o^

  5. That is a huge insult to JYP, putting his picture next to Bae Yong Joon’s. xDD

  6. I heard their collaboration drama since 2008.
    hope WG can make a little bit cameo scene for this drama

  7. i’m confused. wasn’t daesung doing a similar-themed drama?

  8. I hope Chung Lim gets casted because he was under Bae Yong Joon’s company before or something like that I think…

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