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V.O.S Park JiHeon reveals photo of 2nd son GangChan

VOS member Park JiHeon reveals a photo taken with his 2nd son on his minihompy.

In the photo revealed recently, Park JiHeon was posing for a photo carrying his 2nd son while shopping at a mart. His 2nd son was born last August, and is named GangChan.

Netizens’ responses are, “GangChan is really pretty, and the oppa is very cool”, “He has grown so much, and his father looks cool”, “It is good to see that you are looking happy” etc. It is known that there were over 100 replies to this new photo posted up by Park JiHeon.

Meanwhile, Park JiHeon also revealed his 4-year-old eldest son last July.


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  1. its interesting how he never got caught being married…
    it wasnt until his ‘confession’ that people knew about his wife and child
    the babys mad cute though ❤
    i love his solo song that came out like 2-3 years ago (:

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