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2PM releases teaser photo for comeback single!

Ahead of their comeback, a teaser photo to 2PM’s new album is released on 14th April on their teaser site and on Naver music site.

Known for their experimental concepts and acrobatic performances through their previous hits like ’10 points out of 10′, ‘Again & Again’ and ‘Heartbeat’, the group has received much love from music fans all this while.

In the teaser photo revealed, the 2PM members were seen in a modern and chic image. A JYP rep revealed, “Through this single, 2PM will show a more matured side of them.”

The group is set for comeback on 22nd April.


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  1. OMg, junsu looks really hot. So does junho :D. LOL, Wooyoung and khun are facing each other.

  2. I dont like they look like Beast

  3. JYP, you’d better give them a decent song. Heartbeat literally hurt my ears.

  4. 2pm>>>>dbsk, big bang and super junior

  5. […] revealed, “Through this single, 2PM will show a more matured side of them.” —Credits to Kbites  April 14, 2010  ohgelie Categories: OH! KPOP […]

  6. Jaebum T.T

  7. i still love 2PM. Can’t wait their new song
    Hwaiting ma boys. Be patient

  8. Love Nickhun and Wooyoung new hairstyle..haha…
    i love when Wooyoung do his hair spiky..it suite his image…hoho

  9. what i thought with the pic is that they look mature! i’m waiting for 2PM

  10. I LOVE 2PM!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  11. urghhhh Apr 19, health worldwide checkup day! 😀 i wanna stay healthy!

  12. Hottest Time of the Day? Sorry, but I’m pretty sure it’ll Rain.

  13. They are Looooking FIIIINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait till the 19th they will be back stronger then EVER !!!!!!!!!

    2PM Fighting !!!!!!!!!!

  14. khun confirmed his hair is grey
    and his tweet new photo

  15. khnunnie looks so fine! 🙂

  16. What’s up with the black concept?! It’s getting so old now…it really reminds me of BEAST concept…LOL…

  17. first reaction seeing the photo “WOW”…they look great in suit and looking MEN in BEAST.

  18. I’m thinking Backstreet Boys?? I remember there was one BSB album which look like this too. Lol.

  19. Lol…. what makes them NOT allowed to wear black? I don’t think they’re going for a ‘sexy emo’ concept… more like professional and sophisticated. Imagine if they came back all bright and colorful. They would probably get bashed on for being so cheerful and obnoxious in light of what happened in the past year.

    Anyway – I’m not a fan nor a hater, I just see them as six hardworking guys that deserve better than to be misunderstood. Jay is moving forward and the rest of the world should as well. I wish them luck and hope they can push through and bring us a good song. Oh, and I find the title very befitting.

  20. to me 2pm is a gimmick band they rely on good looks and ab flashes than true talent. most of them are mediocre singers. what they sound like on the album they cant convey in live performances guess they really need autotune for real. id say junsu and junho are decent singers but the rest need to seriously work on their vocals they are atrocious

  21. black ???? again??? WTF!
    can’t wait for Big Bang 😀

  22. I like khun with brown hair too..They look different..

  23. aww.. so hot
    cant wait <3333

  24. They have so much bad press on them. The sad part is most of their anti are their old fans. I wonder if they’ll be like SNSD turn their antis to become their fans.

    • i hope so

    • Err, their situtation is totally different with SNSD. SNSD’s antis are antis or boybands’ fans not originally their own fans.
      This is the 1st time I witness such thing like 2pm…the fans turned their backs against the idol coz the leader was thrown away….

      I look forward to their song the most coz I think JYP usually compose cool hook song except heartbeat….

  25. u guys’d better come back wit a good song. Heartbeat … is so bad. it became popular , just because of the situation that time.

  26. This look is so hot hot hot! I really like this look. Can’t wait for 19th April.

  27. I am sure that I will support them XD
    It’s so great that they are continueing to stand up and try again..
    Fighting 2PM XDDDDD
    Can not wait XD

  28. the boys look good. im excited to see and here what they have to offer those who still wait for them. no matter what.. fighting!

  29. black has always been a hot color.

    black makes the person look slimmer, lol, not that i wear black to look that way (: really. but im totally fine with this so called concept. its just suits you know? you dont call business worker attires a concept – its just professionalism.

    but i dont know, didnt they say their promoted song would be a dance song? i find it difficult to really pull off dance-dance moves in suits and shoes like that. heartbeat (i got it right this time) was dark and so was again and again. it was only 10 out of 10 that was… really different. in a bad way too. lol, those denim clothing with their funky hair did not work. just comes to show the maturity of these boys. good luck(:

    • oh btw, isnt “don’t stop can’t stop” a word pun of “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”?

  30. I don’t get the concept – is it called “dark and normal with a touch of depressing” ….. kinda feels like they’ve been doing this concept forever…

  31. can’t wait for there comeback i think JYP is running out of idea is just copy of what 2AM is doing maybe just me.

  32. ….if only he was still there, he would be the one right in the middle of all of them as the leader … if….

  33. Remind me of other male idol groups xD

    Well, I guess they can’t really “change”. Even though black is the ‘hot’ color in Kpop right now doesn’t mean everyone has to go black -_-

    They look so hot. Hope the song is too ! Nickhun looks nicer with brown hair =/

  35. 2Pm so hottttttttttttt
    Nichkhun i love you baby

  36. THIS is like the male version of the sexy dark concepts the female groups are putting out…

    and why must they torture khun’s hair like that!

    junsu and chansung both looked like they need some rice! have they been eating?.. awww.. poor babies…

  37. Black…again??can’t they choose colours other than black???

  38. junsu looks helllllla skinny

  39. wah they look HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait! I’m still supporting them!

  40. junho looks good!

  41. ow traitor idol comeback…(exc.Khunie)

  42. I seen this before mmmm
    it remind me 4 DBSK purple line

  43. wow. and i used to be able to tell these boys apart just from their backs alone.

  44. NO!! is khun’s hair gray now?! dont like >.>
    wooyoung hmmm<3

    • This is a very different 2pm. Its very “normal” looking.
      Like I mean, before they had unique concepts/costumes.
      But now they look like every other boy band with the chic suits.
      But they do look good. Very modern.

      • @ crazyxcami
        Sorry not replying to you. Just making a comment in general. Press the wrong button.

    • i think its the photo editing and lighting. i doubt anyone would allow their stylists to dye their hair gray… the color of old-ness

    • the colours like, try hard blonde that turned out a green/grey colour.. could be due to lighting and what not though.
      my friends have tried to go like this certain blonde/ash blonde and yeah turns out to this grey/greeen colour
      its not a very nice colour but they still (he still) looks awesome (:

  45. still can’t forget those fun brotherhood moments,
    but i just miss those days.
    miss those boys.

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