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Lee Hyori for May issue of Elle, “Even though I don’t have a perfect face and body…”

Recently back with a new album ‘H-Logic’, singer Lee Hyori is featured for a photoshoot for fashion magazine ‘Elle’.

Even though Lee Hyori was working until early hours for her album MV filming on the day the photoshoot filming, she did not fail to show off her charisma as a diva in front of the camera in her boyish short haircut and smokey makeup.

And during the interview for the photoshoot, Lee Hyori talk about the reason to why she has many female fans, “To say the truth, I’m not born a beauty. Even though I don’t have a perfect body and face, I am able to carry myself confidently with the compliment of styling. And I guess that is why I received such great support from everyone.”

About her new album, Lee Hyori said “The whole album follows the genre of hip hop music. Since young I liked hip hop music, and I am back with music that feels like my hometown. This album is the most ‘Lee Hyori’-ish album since I had to listen to 1000 over songs a few times and then selected the few for the album. It took a long time, but I am personally very attached to this album.”

The May issue of Elle will be released on 20th April

S: MyDaily

14 Responses

  1. Everyone’s definition of ‘perfect’ is different. I don’t think she’s perfect but she is very beautiful.

  2. wow so honest……i lik her new song

  3. She looks… ummm… old in those pic
    Still hot, though. Can’t deny that.

  4. i love her

  5. Hyori are you in denial!?
    You have the hottest body ever!!!

  6. hyori is perfect
    she is not only pretty but she has the heart too

  7. what lies.. SHE’S PERFECT.

  8. this girl is just gorgeous. love the shots. and LOVE LOVE LOVE h-logic. the queen is back. =)

  9. W-O-W


  10. she is so hot and i would usually be jealous, but hyori is such a down to earth girl. She’s only of my idols.

  11. Did she actually cut her hair or that’s just a wig ?

  12. interestingly odd enough i got reminded of son dam bi .. their both hott

  13. (you wrote ceci in title sookyeong ;D)

    girl definitely carries herself well, love her confidence, she knows she’s the hbic.
    those shots are beautiful!! she rocks the short hair.

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