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Rain, “I have no regrets leaving Park JinYoung”

Rain talks about his producer-singer seonbae Park JinYoung.

Rain appeared on KBS ‘WinWin’ aired on 13th April when he said, “I want to surpass Park JinYoung as an entertainer.” and added “I already did. When Park JinYoung go overseas, does he have a personal plane? Had he done drama? Had he won many music daesang? I surpassed him. I already did.”

And when asked for the real reason for leaving Park JinYoung, Rain said “I wanted to build my own nest. Luckily I had the support of JinYoungie hyung. Since we have no more interests with each other, we are on very comfortable terms. When we go out for a drink, we even scold our own companies. I have no regrets leaving Park JinYoung.”

Rain added, “I thought of winning this person and worked hard, looking back now I’ve gained competitiveness and the power to protect my own family. I am very thankful for it.”

Meanwhile becoming neighbour to MC Kim SeungWoo, Rain speaks up about being called the ‘real estate tychoon’ “It was really tough when I was young. I remember the christmas in 1999. My mother was very ill and I didn’t even have 100KRW. And I picked up a coin found near what looked like a pawn shop and bought milk to drink. I also experienced having skin illness for wearing the same training costumes for 6 months. Back then, my dream was to be able to buy a good house and eat whatever I want to eat, and be a good elder brother to be able to give allowance to my sibling.”

S: Mydaily

Rain is such an inspiration.

I remember not long ago I was at this Korean online discussion thread, and in a recent photo of Rain’s calender, he marked a date saying “The day to give allowance to sibling”. And many netizens thought that he was such a caring brother.

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  1. wow, such humbleness, rain! πŸ™‚
    it’s what i like about you…
    continue your hardwork and perseverance, and it’ll even take you far!

    rain, fighting!

  2. If anyone wants to see it, its up.
    Just I haven’t been able to find one with subs, sorry

    There is the link for the first one, all credit goes to the person that uploaded it, lol
    I adore it.

  3. hahah~
    so proud of u Bi-shi!!^___^
    i’m glad you are back!
    keep on doing great work!

  4. can’t anyone read?? Rain said he surpassed JYP as an ENTERTAINER. not a producer. and i’m not even Rain’s fan

  5. well that ….It’s okay JYP. Your company might be in trouble right now, but you will also get your private plane. You will get all those daesangs, maybe even a Grammys and of course you will continue to be humble, as always.

    I’m a big Rain fan, but this interview left a sour taste in my mouth. Oppa, remember who took you in when everybody else rejected you because they said you were ugly? please, remember how much of a good hyung he has been to you & don’t let the industry change you.

  6. That was kind of rude to say, about the airplane etc. No need to show off, but I guess since those two have a very close relationship, JYP will see the humor in it.

  7. maybe, just like in “law of comparative advantage” (economics), rain is superlative as an artist, and jyp is superlative in finding and grooming talents. both persons can do both (manager and artist) but one can usually excel in one department and really do it really well. the thing is, i’m happy that after rain left jyp, they remain friendly with each other and that is a bit rare. if rain can say such things (of course, rain knows that those things will reach jyp) maybe it’s because rain and jyp are in such a comfortable situation now. who knows what jyp kids rain with too in private such that rain can also say something like that?

  8. I think in terms if producing and such, JYP is sorta better than Rain. It’s not like rain is so much better than JYP. If the issue about jay didn’t happened then everyone here ( well most) wouldn’t be saying rain Is better than JYP. Maybe rain is just a much better caring and kind person ^^

  9. Rain is so humble:)

  10. doesnt matter. they are bros.

    bros can bad mouth each other in a way and still know whether its in a light hearted manner or forreal. i guess its like dropping honorifics for example

  11. man, so much thing is lost in translation here, people watch the god damn show before you judge. you ignorant ones.

  12. He sounds a bit like Sandara when it comes to family matters

  13. Wow Rain has changed a lot… he is so arrogant now. It does not matter if he thinks he surpassed JYP because he shouldn’t be saying that on tv. Yes it is better for him to be humble because he is in Asia…JYP made him who he is and he can at least thank him by being more humble. I remember back when he won his Daesang how he thanked JYP and now he’s using it to compare himself to JYP? Rain really let fame go to his head :\

  14. What’s funny bout Asian entertaiment, they expect the star to stay humble, blah… Rain said the truth, personally he already surpass JYP, in fact…JYP become this big because of Rain, n Rain never forget JYP, remember when Rain out from JYP ent, and how JYP give a bad comment bout the issue but Rain still said many great things bout him, Rain has paid all his debt to JYP, now all JYP’s talents can easily show their album around Asia n world, that’s a fact!

    • that’s true..JYP is big like now coz Rain, rain came in the rite time when G.O.D break up, so JYP can get some money again..rain never said anything bad of JYP, i’m proud of that..

  15. i didn’t know kpop way back then but i knew him.. he’s been so famous from before i love kpop untill now..

  16. he does sound rude and arrogant in here..

    the way he talked reminds me when he did the Family Outing.. he was very rude as well at that time.. is it his true personality?

    oh well.. it’s good that he’s caring and achieve whatever that he dream of, but I hope he will have low personality and not being so arrogant

    • when he rude in FO, can you say the scene, if he rude KJK & Hyori not gonna be a friend with him till now..he respect kim sooro, YJS, Jong Shin, Daesung & PYJ..you are the one that sound so rude..

  17. wah. so much of Rain in the news this dayss ❀

  18. for producing i’m pretty sure he’s going to develop them
    he served for JYP for years and now it’s his turn to develop his own skill without JYP
    if he stayed with JYPE, i guess he has no choice to follow JYP order. you have to sing this song that i wrote for you. you have to sing this way, etc

  19. i love the song…he write this song since rainism era, not only 30 minutes..

  20. i know he did surpass JYP, but not yet in producing skills.
    Rain is still a new producer, but JYP already stands for a long time.

    personally, i think it’s kinda rude when Rain says “When Park JinYoung go overseas, does he have a personal plane? Had he done drama? Had he won many music daesang?”
    but i’m happy they’re still in touch.

    and, i think producing song in just 30 minutes didn’t go very well. i don’y really like love song. i want him to create more powerful song like rainism or i’m coming. i love those songs.

    • this just album for his fans, just wait for his full album in october..btw u don’t like the song, but the majority love the song..

  21. I think he need to talk more humblely, he changed to more arrogant now. Sorry he’s the Rain as before, he’s the big boss now of course no need to be humble anymore, sad.

    • who said he’s arrogant, he still the same rain, that’s why all the cloud loyal to him..

    • the one that arrogant is JYP…

    • as a man Rain is much better than JYP..rain still honest & caring to each other, that’s why he had many friends & love by his fans..

    • Watch the show before you judge, ever heard of the thing called sarcasm? they need a Korean writer on here.

  22. That’s great and all πŸ™‚ But I hope that he still knows without JYP he wouldn’t be anywhere right now. Harsh, but gotta admit it. Just like all other groups, without their founder, they wouldn’t be here at all.

    • he never forgot JYP, he always say thanks to JYP in all the interview..& they still meet each other

  23. That was rude of him.

    JYP made Rain. Tell me when Rain can open up a company as big as JYPE and create as many hit songs and history making artists groups such as G.O.D, Wonder Girls, and more.

    • that’s exactly what I thought. Maybe he said it in a joking manner, so we don’t know by just reading it, but really the first few things he said kinda shocked me. And I also agree with 8987. Rainism I liked, but this new song was just bleh to me. I tried listening to it, but couldn’t last 1 minute (maybe it’s cause he only spent 30 mins. producing it).

      • you said it’s boring, so why this song @ the top spot in all the major chart…can you write, composing, & producing song like him…

      • perhaps @blahblah thought Rain’s song is very boring to him/her ( me too), it isn’t related to the top spot in all the major chart.

      • i love the song & all majority love to, so that doesn’t matter..

    • he’s on the way..his company age still so young, only 3 years, why you must compared with JYPE, that already establish for more than one decade, he already make his own way with MBLAQ & next is his protege “Rain ver 2.0” Dahee..

      • exactly. so no need to get so arrogant by saying that he “surpassed JYP.” You may say that it’s not arrogance, but just the way that I read it, and the tone that I got from him said arrogance. If he’s only had his company for 3 years he really should be a little bit more humble, even if he got to get a private plane or w/e. When he said that I couldn’t help but think of WG’s Golden Fishery where they said that they were last priority for the planes while on tour with the Jonas Brothers.

    • he said as an entertainer and not as a producer. go read and comprehend.

    • he said he surpasses JYP as an ENTERTAINER. not a producer

  24. it’s more better if he can surpass JYP’s producer skill.
    cos I dont get interest with Rain latest song Rainism and Love Song. it’s boring to me,
    I miss his charismatic performance with How to avoid the sun, It’s raining & I’m coming

  25. you did it rain..

  26. WOW. all his achievements now are all through hardwork and suffering. i salute Rain! he really built an image for himself, by himself alone. and he respects him sunbaes who helped him become who he is now. i admire him coz very family-oriented πŸ™‚

  27. I really want to see it now, lol

  28. he was the reason i got into Kpop and even though I’m a strong supporter of underrated Korean artists now, he’ll always remain inside….*sigh*…
    he really is an inspiration ^_^

  29. Both of them achieved an enormous amount of success, and i’m proud of both! ^^ Rain sounds like a very caring brother.

    • you’re proud of jyp?


    • RAIN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>jyp

    • i am proud of jyp too.

      his achievements greatly, greatly, greatly outweigh recent minor controversies.

      im glad rain sets his bar higher and higher. it makes him work that much harder and do so much more than just sing and dance/act

  30. LOL he really did surpass JYP.

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