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SunMi’s childhood photos garner netizens’ attention

WonderGirls ex-member SunMi’s childhood photos revealed has caught the attention of many netizens of late.

Recently, photos of SunMi posted under a thread titled ‘SunMi’s growing up process’ have been the interests amongst netizens. In the photos posted up, SunMi was featured in her childhood photos looking not much different from her current features.

Netizens’ comments were “Proof that she is a natural beauty”, “She looks exactly the same now as compared to then”, “So cute and pretty” etc.

SunMi was recently spotted at a high school examination in Pohang, and photos and fancams taken of her have garnered much interests from netizens. SunMi left the group in January on reasons that she will continue with her studies.


It seems the Korean netizens miss Sunmi much

34 Responses

  1. she is so beautiful…
    I miss you TT___TT

  2. i miss her too……..TT

  3. Oh…my little cute alien.
    She’s so cute!!!
    I’m sad that she had to leave right after she got better in performing.
    I was amazed by her umbrella perf…

  4. This is why she is and will always be my favourite Wonder Girl.

  5. she’s so pretty

  6. 4D SUNMI uniie.we will miss you!

  7. omg she looks the same so cute. i miss sunmi too 😦

  8. i miss you so much Sun Mi

    i love you muahhh!!

    take care for yourself and be a good students!

  9. oh my god… she’s so cute… i miss her…
    our 4D…
    good luck sun mi jjang!

  10. She is really 100% natural. That’s how beautiful she is.

  11. I miss SunMi T_T

  12. child sunmi looks like sulli

  13. i miss sunmi too!!

  14. why is she an ex-member? She is a member of wondergirls. She will only take a break for awhile:)

  15. I wish i looked like that when i was young than i would grow up to look like georgeous SUNMI~~ 🙂

    Its kind of sad that Knetizen always start really appreciating their stars after they left. It was the case for Jay as well.

    Lets appreciate now and not regret later!

  16. OMG SO cute!
    I miss her so much

  17. Our favorite 4D alien beauty
    Always thought she looked like a younger version of Ha Ji Won.

    • Ye me too
      The first time i saw her in Tell Me MV, i think OMG she look like Ha ji won a lot
      Because i love Ha Ji Won, since then i love Sun Mi much, and when i know her personality, her skill .. i love her more and more

  18. AWWW Sunmi is so cute 😀
    I miss her so much.

  19. She looks pretty even when she was young.
    I hope someday she returns to Wonder Girls.

  20. I miss her <3333
    She's my favorite 4D alien.
    Patiently wait for her return.

  21. natural beauty =) gosh i miss her so much!! my favorite wg member =/ love you sunmi!! ❤

  22. Wow..
    I really miss her with the girls..
    But then im glad that she doing fine..and yeah she indeed natural beauty..thats good about WG..natural beauty..<3

  23. Awwww, so adorable.

    I miss her 😦

  24. She is soo pretty and cute..my fav WG..Miss you little alien..

  25. Mi in Korean mean Beauty
    Her name is so fitting with her face, the most beautiful alien 🙂

  26. sweetest and cutest alien ever 🙂

  27. Our 4D alien i miss chu~~

    • my favorite in WG. now (and this isn’t to be mean), i really don’t care much for that group.

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