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Lee Hyori has a 2nd title song for her 4th album installed for fans!

Lee Hyori prepares for the 2nd part to her comeback!

Coming back with a new album after 1 year and 9 months with 4th album ‘H-Logic’, it is known that Lee Hyori has a 2nd part to her comeback installed for fans. It is known that Lee Hyori will be promoting her album for 4 months from now till July. This is the longest promotion period for her after she came out as a solo singer. And her album promotion will be separated in part 1 and 2. As there will be a repackaged album coming up.

Coming June, she will be releasing a repackaged 4th album with 6 news songs in additional to the 14 songs in her 4th album. And she is currently also preparing for the title song to the repackaged album.

A representative revealed, “The 2nd title song will have different atmosphere and feel to ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’. The truth is the 2nd title song was initially set to be the title song to the full length album.”

S: DongA

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  2. amazing! if CCBB werent the title track…that means the newer track would be better. I cant wait. I hope its tight and fast as well

  3. Thanks for the news. Now I know not to buy the 1st normal version album.

    I think its ridiculous that music labels actually plan out these repackaged albums. Usually, only 2 new songs, but at the price of a full album. Great for people who didn’t buy the normal version, crap for those who did. Like in the case of BEG – 3rd album, T-ara, SNSD. I do not need 2 albums, where 90% of the songs are the same.

    At least Hyori is releasing SIX new songs (which in Korea, usually means 2 news songs, intro, outro and instrumentals ;p ), but why not release it as a mini album, at a cut price? Oh right yeh… its about the money.

    Rant over… really impressed with H-Logic, my kinda music.

  4. ohh wow! this is exciting! ill just sit back and watch everything that happens ^____^

  5. she really is going all out….

  6. just saying but why would she announce this now?
    aren’t less people going to buy her album to wait to buy the repackaged album?
    weird marketing strategy…

    haha this is going to scare the shit out of the companies that were trying to avoid being in competition with her xD

    • But this 4th album partially failed due to the stupid leaking incident.

      • no actually ur wrong her album is doing more than well in all of the charts she topped all of the charts from the second date of the album release but not only that but the other songs in her album are also doing very very well in the charts and her and she is also toping Hanoteo album sales chart

        in Mnet chart
        1)Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
        2)How Did We Get
        3)I`m Back
        8)love Sign
        9)bring it back

        in dosirka chart:
        1)Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
        6)bring it back
        13)love sign
        14)How Did We Get

        and its all most the same thing in other charts so i dont think the whole leak thing incident really affected her i think anyone who is planning to release their album in the same date or month as hyori is crazy

      • It cant be. If fans really wanted to buy it in the first place, a leak wont matter to them

  7. wah..can’t wait…too bad the king will make a tour in june, i want them doing performance together…

  8. Wow~ yay 4 months of promos! I’m glad she has so many tracks, whoo.

    Argh, I was planning on getting her first H-Logic album til I learned bout the repackaged now. >__> -money draining-

  9. 6 more songs?! dam! I’m looking forward to hearing them.

  10. Bring it on HyoRi!!!

    I must confess i never tought H-Logic would be as good and addictive and fierce as it is… and yet she’s gonna add 6 new songs to the album? Wow, she’s not a queen anymore, she’s a GODDESS!!

  11. I knew there would be a repackaged album to rip more money off fans! Glad I decided to wait to order.

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