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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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G-Dragon “Big Bang’s album release is aimed for August/September”

Big Bang has given a hint on their comeback plans.

On a recent talk with reporters G-Dragon stated “Currently I’m working on Big Bang’s album” and hinted about the releasement date “We’re aiming to have it ready by September or October” he said.

G-Dragon also mentioned “A lot of songs have already been made. The songs that will be picked for the album will be beautiful!” making fans even more excited. “The solo activities of the other members might cause the comeback album to be delayed a bit but Big Bang might be able to release the new album by August or September since that’s when we usually come back.”

Big Bang’s comeback is what matters the most to me right now, I can have more patient for the solos. Hopefully their aim to release this album by August or September can be done, hwaiting!

Everyone please go re-read this article as there were some mistranslations. Taeyang’s solo album will come out before Big Bang’s album! And Big Bang will release 2 new mini albums!

  • Korean article: nate
  • Translated: alee @ ibigbang

meanwhile the preview to the group’s new Japanese single and also the concept to the single (pic above) have been released recently


35 Responses

  1. I just want to see TOP solo MV!!!! when will it be his turn?

  2. I think that the solos (‘specialy Bebe’s) should come first. We’ve been waiting for so long and had so many different things be said from YG I think it’s time we got it.

  3. TOP! What happened? Who threw that chalk dust at you? O.O

  4. omo TOP’s hair is fugly …

  5. omg I miss IRIS… I’m going to watch it again ❤

    I miss Big Bang too D:
    August/september, omg so far… can't wait ^^

    And I really TOP's hair. I'm really surprised that it suits it (in my opinion). but maybe it's just for the photoshoot.

  6. What the heck happen to Top’s hair? It’s bad enough he cut it now he had to dye it gray. Argh!

  7. just to let you know, Seungri will NOT have a solo album, only Tae, Dae and TOP are goin to.

  8. This Big Bang song,’Tell Me Goodbye’ sounds great! Much better than the song Big Bang sung for the korean soundtrack of IRIS.

  9. I can’t freaking Wait OMG I Miss BB

  10. i actually like TOP’s hair…not many idols can pull that off

  11. now he is officially Grandpa TOP 🙂

  12. big BB fan here but lol, no way there’ll be time for 2 mini albums! im excited nonetheless, any YG artist will be satisfying.

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  14. oh noo..thats too far ahead…i want them real soon, like now…hehe..but i guess good things worth the wait…
    ahhhh… cant wait for BB!!

  15. WOOOOO , BB !!

  16. Dae sung ahhhhhhhhhhhhh 😀 Love his voice!

    Can’t wait for their new album anymore.

  17. oh my GOD!!! 2 mini albums! but i’m skeptical whether all those plans can be met this year…all those solos, 2 mini albums, 2ne1, gummy, se7en…it’s gonna be a busy year for YG… 😀

  18. aaaaahhhhhhh
    super excited + super bias =ME^_^

  19. ahh i cant wait!
    YB ur so hot! ❤

    DNW TOP's hair …

  20. I’m a SUPER bias. I love the TOP’s hair!!!

    • I’m a SUPER Bias too, BUT to TOP, not just the hair but him.
      Out of all the guys in K-pop, his my no.1. ONE AND ONLY<3

    • Yea what the hell TOP hair and he never dyes it too wish he made caramel or something maybe its just for picture

    • I’m surprised… He looks great with grey hair! Super stylish and fierce!

  21. I hear my daesung’s beautiful voice!!

  22. lol a couple of these responses have typos as well.^_^
    SOOO excited for this BIG BANG activity!!

  23. WOW! It’ll take a long time till they release a new album. But I think it’s for a good thing! Taeyang’s solo album, TOP’s solo album and promotions of his new movie, Daesung’s drama and solo album, Seungri and his solo activities and GD will probably be working on BB’s new album and also rest. By the way, what will Seungri be doing? I havent heard about the solo activities of all members except Seungri.

    • EDIT:
      I HAVE heard about the solo activities of all members except Seungri

      • YG did say that Seungri will have his solo too after TOP, so now it just depends on how YG makes it all work…LOL

      • I hope YG keeps his plans on date.
        YG loves to postpone release dates and previous plans. LOL.

  24. Yongbae has the same post for almost every photo.
    I wish he will change the post even if he don’t wish to change his hair, style and all

  25. I wish they can make a comeback on August.
    I love their new style. Everyone is so flesh and stylist.
    TOP hair is cool..me like <333


  27. yessssss~~!!

  28. OMG! TOP’s hair!! o____o

  29. love it!

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