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Selcas and photos to TaecYeon for ‘Cinderella Sister’ revealed!

Selcas and photos taken off-screen to 2PM TaecYeon’s appearance on KBS drama ‘Cinderella Sister’ have been revealed.

Also with TaecYeon’s first appearance in the drama recently, the drama viewership has also said to have increased by 1.4%. This was said to be the ‘TaecYeon Effect’. Go under the cut for more photos.

Taecyeon effect? Cinderella Sister reaches 19.1% rating

Is this the Taecyeon effect? Cinderella Sister reaches highest viewer ratings, 19.1%

KBS 2TV’s ‘Cinderella Sister’ has recorded its highest viewer ratings yet.

In a viewer rating survey done by AGB Nielson Media Research, the ‘Cinderella Sister’ episode aired on the 14th recorded a record 19.1%, a 1.4% increase from their last episode which recorded at 17.7%.

The episode on the 14th attracted much attention due to 2PM Taecyeon (Jung Woo)’s appearance. In the drama, he revealed himself wearing a marine bag and reunited with Moon Geunyoung while showing off his Kyungsangdo dialect.

Now that Ok Taecyeon’s first appearance is out of the way, many are wondering when ‘Cinderella Sister’ will be able to reach 20%. The drama has been continually showing improvements since its pilot episode on the 31st.

People that have seen the episode have stated, “I’m proud of his Kyungsangdo dialect. I’m interested in seeing his future acting.”

MBC’s ‘Personal Taste’ recorded 11.8% while SBS’s ‘Prosecutor Princess’ recorded 10.4%.


23 Responses

  1. i haven’t watch this series yet. but whats wrong with taec? he is so handsome. accept the fact that he makes the show to got a high rating. u know the more u r talking about him the more he’ll get famous. so haters goodluck πŸ˜€

  2. LOL Taecyeon effect?? it’s Moon Geunyoung effect

  3. I dont like his hair either..

  4. I guess korea dont need to empahazise saying Cinderella Sister is gaining popularity becasue of “TaecYeon”…I Totally Disagree with that. I do watch the show but not because of him but the real veterans actress Moon Geun Yoong and the rest of the cast and story plot which is really have ‘sense’ to watch for.
    NAhhhhh ‘TaecYeon’ he doenst even have more lines to say…well maybe eventually . Sick of HIM!!!!

  5. Moon Geun Yong effectnot Taecyon effect. err.his hair is awful!

  6. Taec again?? suck!!

  7. I think Taec really has an effect for that episode’s rating, even for just a few percent (maybe not the whole 1.4%, but a portion of it).. Lots of people must have wanted to see how he acts. Not only fans, but haters too must have wanted to watch him just in case he fails so they can bash him more!
    Lol.. oh thank God he didn’t fail..=p
    Taec fighting!!

    • I’m sorry, so sorry to all the fans for saying this but..I’m a hater (as you have said) and I don’t look forward to his appearance, not a bit. I feel like he’s ruining the drama instead =.=” Just see the MV It Has To Be You, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. TT.TT

  8. I hate his hair so much why he cut it ??O_o
    but the drama has the best storyline

  9. I know Taec has good acting skill.

  10. it’s the taec effect just for that episode when he appeared, not overall for the drama.

    nothing really big BIG hhappened tin episode 5 except the fact that Taec showed up for the first time.

    • By “nothing really big happened”? It provides drastic changes for all of the characters. Seriously, did you even watch the drama?

  11. haha the drama had a good start off, can’t really say that it was Taec’s effect!

    the storyline is interesting enough to captivate more viewers in each episode!

  12. nah the drama is actually really good & interesting, cant wait for the next ep,
    even though seo woo’s face was a pain to look at, her acting is superb

  13. even as a taecyeon fan, i’ve got to say that the increase in the rating isn’t really because of him. its because of the awesome storyline and stellar cast.

    he had more screen time on the latest episode though. good for him. i hope the drama does well till the end. πŸ™‚

  14. haha overrate much
    the drama is good even without taecyeon.
    you can’t even feel his presence in the drama

    MGY is the key factor why the ratings increase every episode
    she’s the best

  15. Taec is so cute!

  16. I don’t think its him that made it effective! Because the drama was gooD since beginning without him or not!!

    Taecyeon Fighting!

  17. The rating increased every episode, how is it the taecyeon effect?

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