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Shin MinAh introduces “Calvin Klein 2010 Spring/Summer Denim Collection”!

Besides Yoon EunHye, actress Shin MinAh also does “W” May issue as she posed for the new “Calvin Klein 2010 Spring/Summer  Denim Collection” in the magazine’s fashion spread.

The actress did the photo shoot that carries the Sexy Basic & “Jeans Jeans” Trend Denim Style for the pictorial.

The photoshoot is done by photographer Kim YoungJun for “W” May issue.

18 Responses

  1. definitely one of my fav korean gals

  2. wow! she’s really beautiful! she changed a lot and that’s good! 🙂

  3. she is sooooo gorgeous

  4. ooooh so pretty

  5. I really hope it’s make up but I thought she was the only natural beauty out there. If it’s not make up, I would be very disappointed.

  6. i realise if ppl who want to have bodies like them, u’ve to be 20kg and more difference against ur height. I’m beggin for that. lol!

  7. omg~ for a girl, she is simply sizzling HOT!

  8. I love when they do that to their eyes. I need to know how to do that. Her, Gain, and Dara looks good with those eyeliner.

  9. she has one of the best bodies in kpop~~ *jealous*

  10. her eyes really pop out and seem to call you out she looks great

  11. waah. he’s getting prettier! love those jeans!

  12. I haven’t seen her for a long time!
    But now, she’s still beatiful!
    And she has a good body too!

  13. minah!! my favorite actress
    im watching her movie “one million”
    i also watched the devil and a love to kill
    minah jjang!

  14. TOP would be drooling around with this one! lol..

  15. hot!!!

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