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After School Nana transforms as a ballerina for May issue of Elle Girl

After School member Nana, who was a super model before her singer career, transforms into a ballerina for her new photoshoot.

Nana will be featured for a photoshoot for the May issue of Elle Girl. Nana has been doing the sexy image all this time, and even though she is doing the ballerina concept for the first time, she was able to carry out the pure and innocent image of a ballerina in the photos.

Go under the cut for more photos.

8 Responses

  1. i tot was eun jung ^^

  2. Oh wow she’s so pretty!! Very model-like. No wonder she was suppose to be a model before being a member of AS. She looks different without the long straight blonde hair.. Absolute gorgeous..

  3. hey guys
    before i had a look a look at the title, i looked at the picture for a minute
    and couldn’t tell who it was
    ive only seen nana with her down and with this concept
    its quite nice to see her in a different lighting
    keep up the good work
    do miss her with her gold hair though

  4. its good to see nana being exposed more.

  5. I have a feeling that Mir will get magazine because of Nana.

  6. she looks like han hyo joo!

  7. It looks nice and weird at the same time…

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