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MC Mong draws the portraits of the 2D1N members on his iPhone

MC Mong draws the portraits of the other 2Days1Night members on his iPhone.

He posted on his Twitter page some portrait photos he drew of the 2D1N members – Kim C, Lee SeungGi, Kang HoDong etc on his iPhone. He also left comments like “Kim C. Published. This one really looks like him”, “PS: That’s a 19-year-old version of Kang Ho Dong” etc.

S: StarNews

8 Responses

  1. LOL!
    Kim C really look like Kim C!

  2. pretty + nice!
    MC Mong,that’s great!!

  3. loool what an artist!

    his drawings look like those of street artists who do speed-cartoon drawings of people who pass by.

    did he use a stylus or something? its incredibly hard to draw on a touch screen, let alone use your finger

  4. LSG isnt so great but it is very cute the backgrounds are great it makes them cuter the Kang hodong one is great he is good

  5. omg…he’s so good.i love the drawing esp hodong…lol

  6. really impressive. the drawings are so cute! lol 8D

  7. wow. did he really draw these? they’re so nice! haha@19 yo KHD! mc mong is so lovable.

  8. omg he’s really good at drawing =OO

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