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SNSD TaeYeon-HyoYeon, “Since debut, we were very uncomfortable with each other”

So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon and HyoYeon reveal their  uncomfortable relationship since debut.

So Nyeo Shi Dae recently participated in the filming of KBS variety show ‘WinWin’. During filming when asked the question “Is there any member who are uncomfortable with out of the 9 members?” and HyoYeon answered, “When we first debuted, I was a little uncomfortable with TaeYeon who is of same age as me”.

HyoYeon added, “When we had meals together it is so uncomfortable that I don’t know if the rice went in from the nose or from the mouth” much to the surprise of the other star appearances. TaeYeon then replied, “It’s the same for me too.”

TaeYeon added, “Even on radio shows, I’ve revealed my awkwardness with HyoYeon before. But now, we are the closest.”

Another uncomfortable pair in the group revealed on the show is SeoHyun and Tiffany. Tiffany commented, “There is a burdersome side to SeoHyun.”

She continued, “When we first debuted, I had to share a room with SeoHyun. SeoHyun is known to be disciplined and as an elder sister, it was stressful to show a more disciplined side than her. Sometimes I will deliberately come in late so that I can avoid SeoHyun.”

The show will air on 20th April.


19 Responses

  1. i love how SNSD members share their feelings on public…
    still TaeNy<3

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  3. It’s perfectly normal to be awkward with people you’ve just met. Heck, the closest friends start out as complete strangers right? They’re a family now, so that’s what’s important 😀

  4. intimate note…..

  5. of course initally it would be awkward, but they eventually get closer and form a close bond. i can see how seohyun’s discipline can be quite burdensome, but as tiffany matured, she was able to really act as an older sister for seohyun

  6. hahahaha double yeon is so funny……….
    taeyeon-hyoyeon fighting.

  7. lol, not as the same with my roommate. no communication whatsoever. the worst!

  8. Is it just me or does hyoyeon still look manly after all the work she\’s got done on her face.

    • lol…laughing reading ur comment
      but kinda agree,,,

    • Pictures of her in surgery or it didn’t happen.

    • How do you know whether or not she got surgery?
      I’m not being defensive. It just pisses me off in general that people assume shit when there’s no proof.
      And she doesn’t look manly..take a look at other videos/clips of her and she’s actually pretty. There’s an appeal to her that many don’t see. Don’t base it off on a few pictures and one or two videos. Everyone has their bad days. There have been many fan accounts that she’s actually stunning in person.
      But whatever..beauty’s in the eye of the beholder.

  9. It’s understandable that some people might find discomfort with each other 1st esp since they just moved in together.

    I honestly love their bond n how their relationships grow throughout the years together.
    If i look back n watch GGTS, it’s apparent that they had some groupies n not everyone is as close as now.
    Their sisterhood makes me love them.
    If their sisterhood would ever be broken on a bad note, i would never believe in anything in ent industry anymore.
    Their sisterhood is the real thing for me!
    A big group with no awkwardness = SOSHI

  10. hyoyeon is so freaking funny!
    rice went in the nose…
    its soshi bonds afterall~

  11. its nice to see how things have changed

  12. Awww, even sisterhoods can have complications.
    But at the end of the day they still love each other<3

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