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SNSD Tiffany’s interview with Cubed3 is fake?

Following the great amount of interests from Korean and international fans and netizens regarding some of the responses that So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany made during her interview with English gaming site Cubed3, the host site has taken down the interview content and announced that the interview came from an unknown and unauthentic source.

The site wrote, “It has come to the attention of Cubed3 that an unknown source has willingly attempted to portray themselves as Tiffany from Girls’ Generation in order to gain attention. ”

Go under the cut for more information.

Cubed3 replaced the interview content put up previously and replaced with:

It has come to the attention of Cubed3 that an unknown source has willingly attempted to portray themselves as Tiffany from Girls’ Generation in order to gain attention.

The C3 team is currently working with SMTown/SM Entertainment to get to the bottom of this matter and hopefully an update will be forthcoming in the near future.

In the meantime, Cubed3 would like to extend its apologies to any fans that have been inconvenienced or misled by this article.

Thank you for your patience regarding this matter and please continue to enjoy the regular Nintendo-related news updates on the site.

– The Team at Cubed3

A case of anti-fan?

Thanks to SNSDLover for the headsup

79 Responses

  1. Did any of you have proof that it was an anti that did this? Like actual serious proof. If not dont blame anyone. Sorry but i dont like it when people blame on others when you really have no proof. I know that SNSD got lot of antis but say antis did this and antis did that is really unreasonable.

  2. […] Thanks to SNSDLover for the headsup source: kbites […]

  3. Okay. Tho yes it still doesn’t change my opinion on SNSD going to the US market.

  4. Ha Ha… Take that haters!!

  5. Yeah Fany has matured a lot, if you compare how she speaks in the beg and now, its different. She showed a lot of respect these days to everyone around her.

    Of course antis or non fans who dont follow her wouldnt know about this and keep holding on the fact of her past mistakes being rude, too outspoken etc etc….when really…she has changed…

    this interview was fishy from the beginning…Fany dont call seohyun seobaby… i think only us fans call seobaby :p but i got tricked T_T

  6. I didn’t know about the fanwar.
    Sorry antis. If anything WG is the girl group that SNSD respect a lot. They admire each other.
    Fans in soompi could even tell that this interview was fake before the official clarification came out.
    Guess, we know our girls…XD

    • Antis can eat their own words n yeah i look forward to seeing WG with SNSD again. lol
      Antis never show up when there were news about SNSD praising WG, taeyeon mentioned Yoobin in chinchin, etc.
      U just love to pit SNSD against WG. So pathetic….
      Rivalry is unavoidable but it can always be the fair one.

  7. knew it! fany wont say these words!

  8. I’m disappointed. It happens AGAIN. SMent is REALLY fast defending their talents if they are put to hot seat in a way that covers the whole truth if their answers are rude and can be misleading. Take for example during the champagne game of fany and corrected the grammars of the actor in front the cam that gained much disrespect from the viewers point of view, sment released it was the script that Fany made her say that, and her mocking to one of that legendary band member and said it was scripted and all. I heard SM hold many news websites, portals, and even allkpop as I’ve heard. If you’ll try to dig on this research you’ll find out the underground business of it. Poor for those artist who also said misleading words but their company has not enough power to control the chaos they began and leading to downhill of a group, and LUCKY for those who have a management who can JUST erase what rude things they said to the crowd as if it didn’t happen. this makes me vomit. Oh fany, whether it is the truth or lies, you should be careful, as i’ve said DREAM CONCERT 2010 is fast approaching, 2008 concert, you wouldn’t want that to happen again, right?

    • Guess you didn’t know that cube3 interview this Tiffany imposter through twitter. Tiffany doesn’t have a twitter, so pretty much it’s obviously fake, doesn’t really need SM to come out and defend. SM is just siding with cube3 to find out who the imposter is.

      Besides, what is with the last line of your paragraph? You made it sound like Tiffany was actually there being interviewed. Read the article please.

      One last thing, it’s been years that Tiffany has caused problems, when will some of you guys just learn how to let it go?

    • c’mon, u rather believe a twitter by a fake fany?

    • yea yea yea..and during DC10, if you’re lucky enough to go, you’ll be the only one switching off your glowsticks and yelling foul words at snsd members while the huge snsd fanbase will be eyeing u from behind.

      • lol yeah. It’s a trend now to threaten SNSD with Dream Concert. I’m not saying the chance of the same thing to happen is 0 but it’s really slim, considering how big SNSD fanclub is now. SONE is really big compared to 2008. 2008 is 2 years ago. SONE is now the 3rd biggest fanclub in Korea, behind DBSK & Big Bang. You can tell how big it is just looking at the top 3 list. – BIG names… and they’re the only girl group along with WG in the top 10 – WG barely made to the list.

        Just a piece of advice to the antis, think twice before doing anything to SNSD at DC2010. SONE now is the largest official fanclub for a female artist in South Korea. 230,000+ is not a small number 🙂

      • ^ It’s actually 400,000+ SONE.

      • Don’t forget to mention that Taeyeon has the 6th largest fanbase in Korea after the 5 DBSK members. =D

    • wow antis will be antis…
      so whether they do right or wrong, they’ll be hated

  9. Where’s all the haters? Where did they all go? Damn antis!

    Soshi Hwaiting~!

  10. where did all the haters go? lol
    now all those who said bad things about fany should take it back ^^

    • LOL yeah, I’ve noticed that most of them disappeared.

    • They feel embarrassed lol and hiding behind the closet until the next issue came up, then they’ll pop up.

      but seriously, do they learn some lesson? It can be fake, it can be mistranslated, it can be misunderstood.. until you experience it yourself, until you meet her in person, don’t judge. Our brain is not as smart as it’s supposed to be. If not I would meet 10000 Einsteins.

      • I am not embarrassed and I have not gone anywhere, I stand behind what ever I said in the first post and believe this is just damage control by sm ent. sm ent is probably behind the entire thing anyway to get publicity and attention and sympathy for the his failing plastics!
        If tiffany wasn’t rude and disrespectful in the first place none of this would have gotten any play anyway.
        So all you bright bulbs are saying is that in order to successfully impersonate tiffany, you just have to say something ignorant and bash the Wonder Girls, and everyone, including sones will believe it! Then I guess Tiffany must be known for being ignorant, huh!
        A duck can’t impersonate an ape, but another ape certainly can!
        So, whatever, 1000 Einsteins!

  11. Will you look at that, where did all the haters go? Now that it’s fake, the comments from the last post look so stupid. I was surprised at the title of the fake interview post though. For a site that doesn’t like stan wars, you sure do promote it in your titles. I thought I was in Allkpop.

    • Naw, kbites isn’t like allkpop. When the other article was posted, sookyeong warned people to be respectful in their comments or else she’ll remove them. Plus, she has given out a warning for people to knock it off.

      Too bad the occasional trolls just ruin it all.

    • well, you gotta understand that sookyeong translates articles. even the titles. and even if the article didn’t need any translating, she pretty much takes the titles directly from the source. i mean, there are a lot of kpop articles coming out in a day. i doubt sookyeong would have the time nor bother changing the titles to start fanwars. neither would she change the title to avoid wars. i mean, she’s got a life outside of kbites y’know? why would she do all that? it’s pointless.

  12. And I thought some sites were smart enough not to trust twitter. The first thing I would do would be to call SME to confirm if it’s the real deal.
    2. Wouldn’t it be better for a face-to-face interview?

  13. Stop hurting my Tiffany,please

    She’s been through so many bad things

    and it’s more than enough

  14. I feel bad for Tiffany.. she has changed a lot now, but this happen and her image ruined all over again 😦 Be strong, Tiffany!

    • Don’t worry, the people who said negative things about Tiffany were people who already thought negative of SNSD for whatever reason. Most people will see past the fake interview and still love the bubbly, cute Tiffany.

      • can someone please explain to me why people were hating on Tiffany before?

      • I still love Tiffany regardless of what had happened in the past and even now. Every human makes mistakes and for one person to bash on another for a mistake they made is hypocritical.

        Fany Fany Tiffany~~ ❤ 😀

  15. I don’t care..just because you’re a star doesn’t mean you’ll always be smart about what you say, it depends on your maturity…and I would believe she would say such a thing about other groups because she has in the past and there are even videos to prove my point..she’s very bias and always thinks she’s right and makes up excuses.

    • It’s called growing up. She is actually very mature, and you’re disregard for the way she is now just shows that you yourself are very biased,you always think she’s wrong, and make up excuses to think so. Do people make mistakes? Yes, and I don’t care about what she did in the past. It’s what she’s doing NOW that matters. I got in to them way late, and comments like yours made me do research and you guys are just relentless in your hate for that group that it really shows how crazy people will get. Whatever though, please hate more, I’m relieved we don’t stan for the same group because you are just unbelievable.

      • It’s okay, anti fans are still fans. They just take their obsessiveness for that group to a whole new level. Watching all their videos just to pick out a mistake, looking up for their “bad” pictures, making anti videos of them. Idk, sounds like an obsessive fan to me.

        Us fans got nothing to lose really. We’re all obsessed with them right? ;D

    • Do you know the process of maturing and learning things? It’s to make mistakes. Failure is the mother of Success. You know the phrase “get back up after you fall down”? Tiffany had made mistakes but she is mature now. After all the antis bashing, you know what happened? She became more reserved, speaks less and she isn’t the same bubbly Tiffany we’ve all known before. Look at what you antis did to a person. You antis stripped her of her character and personality. Is that what you want? You antis are no different from a bully. Tiffany has been through so much shit for the mistakes she has made. And you antis are giving her shit again for this damn false news. Every person is bias REGARDLESS. It may not be a bias towards a person, it could be a bias against them. You not caring is a bias against her. So stop being a hypocrite. I’m sure you have made up excuses to cover yourself up before.

      PS. This interview is FAKE.

      Tiffany Hwaiting~<3 Don't let those antis bring you down again!

      • I couldn’t have said that better myself. I got so sad watching old snsd videos with brighter than mushrooms fany 😦

        Give the poor girl a chance, she’s changed so much now yet people are still continuously trying to find more excuses to bash her. Tiffany deserves more love <333

  16. I can’t believe all this came from twitter.
    Seriously it not that trustworthy
    my girl yoobin had antis impersonate her too.
    I remember they pretending to be her and starting talking smack.
    Took some time before ppl realized it was a fake account.
    Thank god this cleared up although the damage was done.
    as a wonderful, good thing I didn’t join in the far war.
    IMO, even if she did say it. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.
    Can’t believe one word had so much controversy.
    I really don’t want to see this happen again.
    I just want to clear something. Although some wounderfuls did bash( sorry bout that) But I think it was more of antis who took the situation and exploded it. I’m not justifying anything just want ppl to understand that one fans opinion doesn’t mean all the fans opinion. I really want sones and wonderfuls to get along. Seriously this has been going on since 2007. Aren’t u guys tired. If the group we support are friends. Why can’t we the fans do the same?

  17. or could it be SM covering things up?

    • nope. the interviewer interviewed fake-Tiffany he knew from twitter… and we all know SM doesn’t let any SNSD girls to have public social-networking site.

    • plus, it just doesn’t make sense they would interview Tiffany who is not even a part of the DSi campaign…

  18. hurmm…blame those who published the article…

  19. i will kill that antis…….. im really angry now……… just because fake article they basing my tiffany. uuuuuurrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh

    • Blame the article, not some people who try to defend WG. And some of Sones bash WG too!

      • Two wrongs doesn’t make a right. Plus, I think Kakashi was referring to the person posing as Tiffany.

      • That right there, sounded like you were trying to blame Sones. Each group are to blame. Both group tried to protect their idols. It’s a given, both groups are at wrong. But the worst ones has most definitely got to be the person who impersonated Tiffany and those stupid anti fans.

  20. It’s time for some people to apologize.

    • YEAH…YOU!

      I saw what you said about Wondergirls in the other post, an i hope you take your comments back! the girls have been working extremely hard in the US and America and i would not call their achievements “no big deal”.

    • agree they have to apologize

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  22. It’s so funny how all the antis were attacking Tiffany in the other article, and behold. The article turned out fake. Goes to show, that if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it, because you might end up eating your own words. ;D

    • I totally agree with u.
      be carefull Antis the karma is behind you.

    • Pur-lees,

      what was more funny was seeing Sones show their true colors defending fake Tiffanys action and bringing Wonder girls down. Totally disgusting behaviour!!

      • Anybody who was bashing all got punched in the face, since antis were attacking Tiffany for the sake of attacking her,only to find out that she did nothing wrong and sones who bashed WG to bring up snsd, only to find out that it wasn’t needed to begin with. Lots of losers in this situation.

        Again, this just proves that if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it, or else you’re gonna have to stick your foot in your mouth.

      • Like the Wonderfuls didn’t get all anal and try to bring SNSD down? Don’t be a hypocrite. Alot of people were showing their true colors. People like you, hypocrites, disgusts me with your behavior!

  23. ¨…attempted to portray themselves as Tiffany from Girls’ Generation in order to gain attention. “
    Antis have no life. Go to hell, losers!!

  24. still doesnt change the many opinions about any possible future attempts for snsd to go into the american market.

  25. oops typo “seriously”

  26. seriousl twitter???

    gosh you can NEVER trust TWITTER!!!

    I get so annoy when people go “is this really so and so twitter cuz you know they say it’s them and blah blah blah” dude man if their company don’t come out saying they have a twitter than they don’t…some people can be so gullible…that’s why I don’t trust twitter!

    not a SNSD fan but antis are just so stupid…seriously…makes me feel sorry for these artists…

  27. is it wrong to feel that certain ppl should apologize to fany. stupid anti-fan, stop hurting our fany, she has been through enough crap

  28. FYI, the interviewer followed (obviously fake) Tiffany twitter… SNSD girls have no twitter nor cyworlds. So I guess that’s pretty self-explanatory.. the interviewer contacted “Tiffany” through twitter, too bad it isn’t the real one LOL

    • by twitter??? WTH !!!
      Tiffany doesnt has a twitter account.

    • the Cubed3 therefore is a bleh news site…
      so unprofessional of them not to search first and get their interview from a not sooo reliable source (twitter)…

      of all forms of interview, why in TWITTER?!
      knowing korea entertainment company, they would not allow their artist to be interviewed just like that..

    • lol so that’s the source? Twitter? Tiffany has no twitter to begin with and SME released official statement, SNSD has no social networking site account, including facebook, twitter.

      .. and lol I wonder what happen to the people who just jumped to the anti’s side. Don’t they realize now how easy the fall for this? and what happened to the people bashing her like crazy? Don’t they feel they’re some sort sorry if they’ve a good heart?

  29. […] SNSD Tiffany’s interview with Cubed3 is fake? « K Bites, on April 20, 2010 at 12:44 am Said: […]

  30. of course its anti fan work and thank god it was fake poor Tiffany

  31. Basket. These people are just too free

  32. makes sense. why would Tiffany say ANYTHING to disrespect WG or the Wonderfuls, I’m pretty sure, as an idol, she knows better than that.

    • Even though this may be untrue, I am suspicious as to whether it is or not. Tiffany has never known what to say out of her stupid mouth, so don’t try to make it seem like she is professional and well behaved because of this!

      • @queenbqty: Who was trying to make her seem behaved? This article is clearing an issue.

        I can see that you’re desperate, to hold on to anything that makes Tiffany look bad. Let it go.

      • WTF are you kidding me? Never know what to say? Please! Tiffany have learned from her mistakes. That’s how you mature, you make mistakes and you learn from it! Because of you damn antis, she’s no longer herself. She must act like how you guys want her. You damn bullies. You guys act like the type of people you hate. Damn hypocrites.

        SM already confirmed that SNSD do not have any social networking sites. So blame Cubed3 for this false news and Tiffany impersonator on “TWITTER”.

    • when I first read the article i said to myself is she crazy but I didnt bash or called her names but I gave my honest opinion about SNSD debuting in US I think someone want to start the whole wonder generation fan war again since WG will make there comeback by next month and both of the groups will perform together in dream concert

  33. I’ll just say… LOL at the fanwar happened because of the fake article XD

    Glad I’m staying out of that one…

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