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IU’s company, “IU to take over TaeYeon’s place on ChinChin only for the time being”

Singer IU will only take over as temporary DJ MBC FM4U ‘ChinChin’ show after TaeYeon leaving the show.

According to IU’s company on 20th April, “We were shocked to see the news during the live broadcast. She is not doing fixed DJ appearance, she will be taking over after 26th April until they get a fixed DJ on the show. We hope that there will be no misunderstanding.”

The representative added, “We are thankful for the good opportunity. But as she is still young and is a student, doing fixed DJ jobs is still not the thing for her yet. To add on, she is working on her new single album to be released in May. She will gain more experience and show better features next time.”

Meanwhile, we will have to wait to see who will take over TaeYeon’s position on the show permanently.

S: Newsen

10 Responses

  1. the company was shocked to hear the news on broadcast? lol did MBC not tell them before hand? heh?

    I hope IU do well. She looks fun 🙂 chinchin ftw!

  2. I really like IU’s voice.
    It’s so beautiful.
    But somehow, just not so long after her debute performance, she doesn’t look as innocent as she was.
    I hope it’s just cuz of make-up. Hope it wasn’t plastic surgery as what the company gave to many of her sunbaes.
    I really like her image and wonderful voice when I saw her debut performance.
    Go IU!!!

    And @omonOona: She was born on 1994. So young, isn’t she?

    • whoaaa..jinchayo?? o,O
      if she is now 17 y.o then i am her eonnie??
      am i too much look like a baby face,or does her make up makes her look more matture than me??whahaha.. XD

      i bet,she will become a diva someday!
      go IU!go IU!go IU!jJang.. \^O^/

  3. how old is she??she is pretty!
    first time i know her is when she duet with Key SHINee on Mubank,and i thought her voice is so great,clear,and bright!ah~ idk how to describe it..hha ^^”

    she will fastly known if she join one of an idol group(or she does have a group?sorry idk),since she have great voice and pretty!hehe

    IU..i’m your first fangirl!haha..

  4. omg she’s so pretty!

  5. Yeeeeeeahh!
    I love IU, she have a beautiful voice and Tae have too. Welcome IU!

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