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SISTAR leader HyoRin’s Christina Aguilera cover garners interests

Upcoming girlgroup SISTAR (consisting of HyoRin, DaSom, SoYoo and Bora) leader HyoRin’s audition clip garners overwhelming interests from netizens.

Recently a clip featuring HyoRin singing a cover of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Hurt’ was uploaded on various video sites. And many netizens are amazed at how HyoRin covered the song in her own style despite having no mic.

Meanwhile, SISTAR is set to release their debut single in May.


24 Responses

  1. thanks for information , keep writing thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  2. am I the only one who thinks her face is flat and pushed inwards? Shes pretty if you are facing in front of her face, but when she turns it looks pretty weird

  3. dang that’s pretty good.

  4. woow .. she has such a great vooiice .. and she has this kinda rough voice .. liikeee that ..

  5. screaming and singing loudly are completely differently…i cringed whenever she hit those high notes..though i think she does have a really nice voice and it’s quite strong…

  6. WOW, well i’m sold. I can’t wait for this group to debut now. Her voice was really good, better than 90% of idols. Plus Christina Aguillera songs are notoriously hard to sing but i think she managed quite well.

    Anticipating her debut now! plus she’s cute ^^

  7. She reminds me the girl in Boys over flowers (at the very end – hospital- she got involve in a car accident..and act in front of minho)

  8. i doubt its her real audition clip.

    but she has a good voice and no big accent.

  9. eeekkk….publicity just like any other rookies who debuted.
    singing voice is just Amateur to me its like a “force” voice or sounds to imitate. .

  10. Not bad at all. Though I kind of agree with those that said her high notes sound a bit strained. Just curious do they have a rapper or are all the members vocalists?

  11. she does have potential. but i dunno why people’s first instincts are to compare her to other artists when she hasn’t even debuted yet. i bet she has trained a lot for her voice. the only thing we should be worrying about is their actual debut SONG. It’d be such a waste if they go with autotune because I believe the kpop scene desperately needs legit lyrics in the mainstream right now. though i think it’s expecting too much, i hope they do release a GOOD song.

  12. During the high notes, it makes me cringe….she needs to work more on contraining them, cuz she definitely got that thing! Keep on working girl!

  13. I like! she’s trying too hard to belt it out, but I really like her voice. this is the first time I’m actually interested in a girl group member besides my favorite group.

  14. Pleasantly suprised at her voice. I think she’s straining too much to hit the loud notes and doesn’t quite hit the high notes, but with more training, she could be someone to look at for. I also like her tone – it’s not extremely special, but pleasant. I hope her other members are at the same level… That would be interesting… πŸ™‚

  15. she has potential, thats for sure. she’s got a nice voice, but her singing does need work. it did waver here and there and got slightly scratchy, but otherwise props for taking on a christina song. she’s pretty too so we’ll see how she turns out when she debuts.

  16. Her profile is flat, her front shot is normal.

    Singing wise, she’s no IU or Dia lol

  17. the screaming and engrish is killing the song. i just happen to love this song but not with her singing it

  18. Really brave to take on a Christina Aguilera song, but she sounds pretty good.

  19. her voice is pretty impressive and she definitely can hold a tune…there are times when, at the higher places in the songs, her voice thins out and becomes scratchy (usually an indication of less training/breathing control/power) however that’s being technical. My understanding of kpop is if you can sing a tiny bit, you’re just as likely to become a star as the next korean whitney houston. So this chick will have no problem πŸ˜€

  20. wow. she’s good. her voice range is just wow. and to think this is just an audition clip, she’s probably tons better now. i hope starship gets to showcase her singing voice.

  21. *claps claps claps* she got the voice~! anticipating!

  22. im curious about this group i hope they live up to the hype… but lol at netizens
    “many netizens are amazed at how HyoRin covered the song in her own style despite having no mic.”
    what does not having a mic have to do with how she sings??

    • i guess its kinda easier to sing with a mic cus you can control how loud you want to be by placing the mic closer or father away from your mouth…

      but she has a nice voice.. cant wait till they debut..

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