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GDragon ‘She’s Gone’ MV from ‘Shine A Light’ concert DVD

Fans can rejoice with a new MV released from GDragon.

The MV is included as part of the concert DVD to GDragon’s solo concert ‘Shine A Light’ and features the song ‘She’s Gone’ off the singer’s solo album released last year.

Love it or not?


63 Responses

  1. Love it, he used a different type of feel for the lyrics. Its dark, deep, and damn good.

  2. lay, how can wishing that others have their fantasies fulfilled be wishing them ill?
    if it is what they are drawn to, what they love, then it seems they should have it, yes?

    those kinds of guys are soooo hot and its all just pretend anyway

    • well, that’s because i relate your ‘wish’ for them to the MV and i understood it to be that you wished them to be stalked and ‘killed’ by some hot guys as envisaged by the MV. i’m sorry if that is not what you meant and that i have misunderstood you but if i haven’t, i stand by what i’ve said earlier.

  3. YG Family is the BEST ! I love this MV. Children, antis go away !

  4. BEST woah I like

  5. no word to say
    just….. GREAT WORK. G-DRAGON
    you are you as always, surprise pl very well
    love the song and the concept . they so fit each others

  6. Love the concept. Goes extremely well with the song. And damn, can he get any hotter?

  7. Great post
    Want to Link Exchange
    Thank you

  8. i thought they banned this ?
    guess not ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I really hope that everyone who loves this has their fantasy fulfilled in real life. It will be good for the gene pool.

    • What a hater comment!
      But I don’t mind it if it is GD lol

    • we got that you don’t like the MV and whatever that it represents since you’ve made that known already. you’re entitled to that opinion of yours. but then, what’s it to you that others like it that you have to go and wish them ill? and you want to talk about moral? don’t judge people by your own ‘standard’.

  10. I think this is a very artistic type of video. I like rappers that are like this. who aren’t afraid to express themselves through their music. Such as epik high etc. I mean I understand many people have different tastes and many people rather listen to groups who follow trends and always stay in the safe zone performing whatever music that their company provides them. Gd actually has his own style and artistry and i respect that a lot about him. I don’t care what people say about him, I hope he never changes. Finally when there’s someone thats unique or different they get pointed at, laughed at and hated on. He surely stands out from the idol saturated kpop world. Not that there aren’t other talented singers out there.. it’s just that he stands out.. in his own way and you have to respect that about him. It’s not bad to make music the way you want to make it.

  11. i smell another controversy but who cares.. GD looks great in it and i’m sure his fans will love him no matter what haters say.. i know i do!

  12. I’ve always liked the song…and I must say that I like this MV.

    The suspense is incredible…you hope that the girl makes it but yet the MV plays out to its inevitable end…

    GD had really good acting here. Like in the last scene, you can almost feel that he’s satisfied with what he’s done and yet at the same time he’s a bit regretful…

    Definitely something different from the standard fare of KPop.

  13. LOVE IT

  14. He has that Joker Smile.
    Pretty cool ! Though it’s gonna get slap with a 18+?

    DAMN GD U R HOT <3333333333333

  16. TOP’s MV please show it next ^______^ Im loving this MV and song!

  17. lol my mom watch the MV with me and i thought she was going to say something negative about the MV but all she said was that he was cute for an obsess boyfriend/ex-boyfriend and that the girl must of done something stupid to make him do that ahahha….. mothers……

  18. wow….i never thought him as ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’ in anyway,
    until i saw this…
    is that weird? haha.

    i love me some k-horror and GeeDee โค

  19. nice acting..

  20. That’s what, like 4 MV’s for GD’s solo album?
    I hope the rest of the members get THAT much promotion hype and care like GD’s did *cough*Taeyang*cough*

    • haha you know GD is YG’s bias.

      • not true i really wish people would stop being so butthurt about their favorite members promotions . gd album was his first and this was his first concert his album basically promoted itself with all the yg did nothing extra for it.

      • True GD has always been YG’s fave.

    • GD is YG’s favourite for a reason

    • Youngbae has two mvs (wedding dress and where u at) for his upcoming album and definitely would have more the time it would be officially released, and dont forget this is going to be his second album, meanwhile GD’s Heartbreaker is his very first. he gets this attention and hype mainly because he deserves it and everybody is anticipating for it. anyway, i like the MV, it is well made and GD has a potential to be a fine actor…i would love to see him in drama in the future.

      • to add to your comment
        YB has 2 MVs from his first album
        so YB has 4MVs already same for GD’s official MVs
        no bias between YB and GD
        and I believe more MVs will be released for his 2nd album this year

    • Taeyang got two mvs for a MINI album while GD got four for a FULL album, how is that bias? Taeyang had another 2 and 2 more for his next album, equals 4. butthurt much?

  21. Acting idols give their fans a story to think about. Singing idols give their fans a fantasy to think about. It is very basic psychology.

  22. I love it. always did love the concept of it anyways
    it fits very well with the song..
    GD is super HOT as a psychopath.. xD

  23. Oh GD, you’re so scary!

  24. ohh damm that was so hot

  25. shiit.. he mades a really sexy psychopath ..

  26. For those wondering or praying for this MV to be banned. Heck no. Cuz it’s included in the DVD version 15+ so it’s not meant to be promoted anywhere in public though. It’s for private home entertainment I guess. Chillax and enjoy the scene for free while you can.

  27. i like it but I’m pretty sure this mv will be banned. Oh g-dragon

  28. i like the concept, GD has always been a good actor, even in the Haru Haru MV he expresses the pain so well. He should do a movie like TOP

  29. There is nothing cool, hot, or manly about a stalker killing an unarmed woman with a stiletto.
    Keep this crap up and YG is going to be affected in a bad way, as in parents will start banning this kind of stuff from their homes.
    Let it end here with this MV.

    • you’ve never watched a thriller/horror moie before have you? yeah you don’t think its cool but others do. live with it. its just an act. besides this is from the +19 version

    • …I don’t think anyone here actually thinks the whole idea of a man killing a woman is cool…. They’re just complimenting his acting, and the concept of the video…. The video does go with the song, and I really love the song. Yeah, it’s a dark song, but I think banning teenagers from this stuff is not always the right answer. I suppose the knife could be left out just cuz of the violence, but it’s not like this is an official MV that will be played in public. Though I see what you mean. If popular idols make smoking and violence look cool, then young people are easily influenced. But to call it crap, I don’t agree. Change comes from pushing the boundaries, and I think Korea could use some change in their censorship. Don’t you think some of their bans are ridiculous? Like DBSK’s Mirotic (under my skin) and Seungri’s Strong Baby (crack crack)?

    • maybe you should just mature and realize that not everything should be rainbows and cute bears -_-
      it’s a drama style music video everything is Fictional it’s not like YG/GD is encouraging people to go chase a woman in a cellar and kill her.
      Have you even seen any PG 13 movies and heck some PG movies? quite a few can be deemed far more inappropriate that this little mv. If you’ve seen the movie Taken with Liam Neeson, which is rated PG 13, She’s Gone should be rated G in comparison. i’ll even argue that the Twilight movies are more violent.
      Actually I’ll be glad when parents start banning stuff from kids because then we know that parental control still exists…YG wont be affected because he allowed for this stuff to come out of his company. teeny boppers who went to the concert and were so “frightened and scared” shouldn’t have even been there when GD album had already deemed 19+

    • wow….you live under a rock?
      go back to watching sesame street.
      THis MV was in the 15/19+ version. YG could release porno and it would be alright if it was 19 and up.

    • do you not watch any movies or tv at all…

  30. i love his acting skills. ๐Ÿ™‚ he can act as some serial killer. the concert DVD is OUT?!?! im going to get itttt! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. omg !!! it’s totally discover his new side kkk cool acting ToT… he looks so manly and also can be freaking dangerously in same time … love it!!!

  32. Actually i quite like this mv… It’s a litte freaky but G-dragon can act man xD. But it will probably get a lot of neg comments because there is “too” much blood/ violation i dunno…

    • he already got into “trouble” for it cuz this was during the concert. He can’t get into trouble again….

  33. i totally DOOO love it!! great skills. he should play in a drama LOL

  34. I LOVE IT!!!! and did you guys know that he was hecka sick while filming this? He had a high fever but with his hectic schedule he stubbornly insisted on finishing the filming. I have mad respect for GD man. he should really consider acting…

  35. freaking..GD will make a good actor.
    His eyes, smiles potray the acts very well

  36. WTF! i don’t like the concept of the MV…dislike! T_T

    i just hope antis won’t be too harsh on him with this one..

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