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Gummy releases MV for ‘There Is No Love’

Coming back with a new album ‘Loveless’ to be released on 29th April, Gummy reveals the full song and MV to the minialbum title song ‘There is no love’ on 22nd April.

This will be Gummy’s appearance in her own MV after 5 years. Meanwhile, the minialbum contains 2 title song, the other one titled ‘As a man’. And it is known that the producer to the title song is Teddy. Meanwhile, a MV for ‘As A Man’ is also produced since this is Gummy’s comeback after 2 years.


48 Responses

  1. she looksss reallyyyy pretty reminds me a lot of the singer Laura Pausini

  2. i love this song and her voice,amazing~keep it up~

  3. She makes me teary when she sings, its like a ‘proud mama’ type of feeling.

    I appreciate her voice and she never fails to impress me with her vocals.

    And her sleek black hair, and curvy body makes her so darn sexy!

  4. She’s nice
    MV nice
    her voice really nice
    YG family nice

  5. omg it’s so good! well of course it’s from YG

  6. wooooowww, her voice give me Goosebumps![ in a great way.]

  7. […] ‘As A Man’ is also produced since this is Gummy’s comeback after 2 years. — Credits to Kbites  April 22, 2010  ohgelie Categories: OH! KPOP […]

  8. Wow!

    Awesome song. Awesome voice. Awesome lady.

  9. Yeah !!!
    Seriously, I’ve liked this song since the teaser came out.
    Fighting !

  10. I think this is my first time listening to a song from Gummy. I just got one thing to say… ‘This is called REAL music!’

    …even the MV is excellent..! ^_^

  11. Love the song but the chorus kinda sounds like Drakes – Forever song… jsut the beat to it does. but other than that awesome vid!!!

  12. umm love the song but the chorus sounds like Drake’s song cant put my finger on it…oh its Drake – Forever. well too me the chorus does, but the song in general is awesome

    • i luv this song but i was saying the same thing sound kinda like drake cause that one of my fav song forever

    • Yeah that’s what I was just thinking!! Damn… it kinda sucks in a way. Does anyone know who composed/produced There Is No Love?

  13. something new and fresh to the kpop industry, by that i mean just something different.
    this really surprised me, i love it ❤

  14. been waiting so long for her comeback ❤
    love the song, can't wait to hear the other one!

  15. Gummy unni voice is just amazing I love the song
    Gummy unni fighting

  16. I am not an avid listener of Gummy’s music. In fact the only song I paid attention to was “I’m Sorry” ft. TOP. But damn I gotta say that was such an AMAZING song!!! I admire her voice & her talents. I like her long hair compared to the short hair she sported for her previous hit. Definitely looking forward to her other songs!!!

  17. dooode. i friggen love it. her voice just blew me away. one of the most strongest singers in Korea. oh and not to mention, she looks beautiful and elegant. simplicity is the best. can’t wait for her comeback!

    YG Fam is starting naaao~ ;D

  18. WOW Gummy! Way to go! Man, I always knew she had a great voice, but combined with her new concept/style etc, ‘There is no Love’ is just AMAZING. Loves it!

  19. omg not only does she have a heavenly voice, but she is a BEAUTY! she always has been actually
    hmm I think if she did some pop songs and danced a little, she’d be like a competition to Hyori keke

  20. Love it! Gummy’s voice is amazing ❤

  21. me likey. =)
    she has this kickass voice. love it.
    also, her face is that of a model. classy.
    can’t wait for the next MV.
    more impressed with YG.

  22. love her!!! her voice is awesome! she needs to come out more often cause she can really sing!

  23. she looked gorgeous!!!<3 especially with the ponytail, but i didnt like the song, it was okay for me but i didnt 'love' it.
    i cant wait to hear more from her though. ^^

  24. she’s amazing..her voice<3333
    and she's so pretty
    Gummy fighting!

    **haven't commented here for such a long time
    because of so many hateful comment and fanwar..lol***

  25. this song is amazing and her voice is perfect!

  26. goooorgeous omg

  27. Love Gummy, love YG family. She has a beautiful voice…one of the best Korean singer, perfect voice…so heavenly…

  28. I wasn’t a Kpop fan when Gummy was active before.. first time really listening to her music. And OMG, I really like this song! ^^

  29. LOVE IT ❤

  30. I luv the song. Give me different feeling

  31. oh this not the title track and is so good can’t wait for her official release.

    • this is her title song. she has 2 title songs for her coming album

      • It’s not the title track, it’s an early gift for the fans.
        Actually, kpop uses the term “title track” wrongly anyways. A title track is a song that shares the same name of the album. Gummy’s lead single, that she will be promoting, is Because You’re a Guy.

  32. wow need a HQ version to really appreciated the MV.

  33. Gummy has a golden voice and the song is so beautiful.

  34. What can i say..simply amazing..overall impact was good!!

  35. got goosebumps while listening to it, 1st time a kpop song did that to me…

  36. Amazing! One of the best voices in Korea!

  37. Nothing can beat her “I’m Sorry” ^^ but still, it’s a good song. (:

  38. powerful!!!!

  39. YG Empress Gummy is back.

  40. She has one of the most beautiful voice in Korea
    Can’t wait for her MV
    Gummy Fighting

  41. WOW she has a really nice Voice
    Go Gummy

  42. Love it!! Gummy Has Such A Nice Voice AMAZING <333

    GO GO GUMMY !!!

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