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Hwayobi latest selca photos revealed, “Much weight loss?”

Singer Hwayobi’s recent selca photos have garnered much interests from netizens.

The photos posted up on the singer’s minihompy have been posted up on various internet discussion boards. And many netizens are alarmed at how much weight the singer has lost just by looking at her face.

Go under the cut for more photos.

Her recent photos

Hwayobi previously with her boyfriend Sleepy


13 Responses

  1. She looks like a FOB! Used to love her, but now, seems like there isn’t much room for her.

  2. shes wants to look good for Hwanhee!

  3. Glad to at least hear about her… thanks Kbites

  4. Aliens are Here!!!


  5. She looks dead in these pictures. What is this obsession with being emaciated? She looked good with some weight on her! Are Korean guys turned on by skeletons? I guess dogs are not the only ones who like bones!
    Eat a sandwich, Hwayobi!

  6. Lost lots of weight but still have pretty big boobs? hmm…

  7. she looks pretty though. i think the weight loss was good for her and her self-confidence. ever since sleepy she’s gotten prettier.

    • Indeed the weight loss was good for her…and she is looking lovely.

      Actually she has been loosing weight steadily… for fans who has been following her we have seen a steady change..Not that alarming though 🙂 but yeah at least this news garners some interest on her…as she is making a comeback soon this May.

    • i agree, she sooks prettier than ever

  8. this is a bad example of selca photos…lol

    • I agree loll. She looks weird on those photos….. she looked better with more weight

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