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Mnet Superstar K winner Seo InKook, “I looked like a dog?”

Singer Seo InKook reveals a photo of his lookalike.

He posted up a photo shared by netizens recently online on his minihompy on 20th April, in a post titled “This is… kekeke”. He wrote, “It looks like me?? Kekeke. Isn’t it a little too much to say that I look like a dog?”

He also posted up another photo of a lookalike to Jo MoonGeun from Mnet SuperStar K.

Meanwhile, netizens who visited his minihompy left comments like “I really don’t know that he will upload this photo”, “It’s cute so don’t feel bad” etc.


Lol I’ve seen this photo posted up on various online discussion sites a lot, and I laughed at it all the time ><

6 Responses

  1. 5555 +++

  2. hahahahahahahahahahaha…….

  3. LOL. DENG. The dogs really capture the guys’ looks well. XDDD

    This is funny/cute though. Hope InKook doesn’t take it badly. ^^”

  4. lol..i don’t want to be mean but the dogs totally look like them^^

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA =) it’s very funny and lovely…he’s a funny boy !

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