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SNSD members are jealous of SeoHyun’s marriage

SNSD, who were guests on KBS 2TV ‘Win-Win’ that aired on the 20th talked about how the members got jealous whenever Seohyun talks about her boyfriend Jung Yonghwa.

Seohyun is now in a pretend marriage with CN Blue’s Jung Yonghwa on MBC ‘We Got Married’

During that Win-Win episode, Wooyoung asked “Seohyun is now ‘married’, so what do you think of her husband, Jung Yonghwa?” and
Seohyun replied “It was awkward at first but he was very considerate/thoughtful and tried hard to match my personality, so that’s good”. The members expressed their envy after hearing her reply.

Hyoyeon added “On the day when she’s going to meet Jung Yonghwa, she’ll wake me up even though I’m really tired just to talk about her husband. That’s like rubbing salt in the wound since the rest of us can’t date”

Tiffany seconded Hyoyeon’s statement, saying “Recently, it does seem like Seohyun is really dating” – a statement which attracted a lot of attention.

There was also a guest appearance by Ok Juhyeon (T/N: ex- Fin. K.L member), who came as a first generation girl group idol to give advice to her juniors.


9 Responses

  1. snsd members cant date?

  2. hahahahha XD I think SeoHyun is starting to like him like 10/10 sweet potatoes…I really hope that they will end up together…I want them to have a real date, a date without a cameraman following them..LOL..

  3. love SeoHwa couple.. hope wgm will be aired this week.. XD

  4. at first, i thought the “married” word really means “married.” stupid funny me

  5. “That’s like rubbing salt in the wound since the rest of us can’t date” awwww poor girls.
    snsd fighting!

  6. WOOOOOOT!!! Cutest couple EVER!!!

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