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2AM Jo Kwon, “Whenever I sing ballads, I will think of Park JinYoung”

2AM Jo Kwon reveals that he would think of Park JinYoung whenever he sings ballad.

Jo Kwon revealed that during the filming of ‘Happy Together 3’ on 22nd April relating to an incident when he was recording ‘This Song’.

He said, “Producer Park JinYoung went through word by word for the recording and it took 11 hours to record. When the recording was done I was waiting for a comment like ‘You worked hard’ but instead what came out from Park JinYoung’s mouth was ‘Now you know why you debuted late?’.”

Jo Kwon’s situation was confirmed by OneTwo Song HoBum who used to train under JYP. MC Yoo Jaeseok had suggested for Song HoBum to try recording just one verse of ‘This Song’ and Song HoBum’s reply was “Then it will take me 5 days to do so”. Jo Kwon also personally demostrated how the recording went that took him 11 hours to complete the recording.


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  1. Jo Kwon’s singing is overrated. No wonder they waited for a guy like Changmin to come along and anchor the group before they debuted

  2. Lol looking at some of the comments I think I’ve been seeing the wrong jyp artists because from where I’m standing jyp can crticize his artist all he want but I have yet to see a great live from 2pm or the wondergirls so what is the point of him being an ass.

  3. I like JYP perfectionist style.
    I believe if you want to be great, this’s what you should been through.
    It’s good that JYP train them so hard, that’s why we get all those awesome artists. ^^

    • I agree and I don’t think that any of JYP’s artists would have it any other way. He trains them hard and expects a lot out of them – and why shouldn’t he? He’s seriously like a father who expects nothing but A’s on their child’s report card knowing and seeing that child’s potential.

      I don’t think any other company in Korea is going to take the slackers. Who wants that? They ALL expect them to work hard; work through the pain and put in the hours. JYP is just more vocal and more close to his artist than other companies.

      Can you imagine where Rain would be if JYP was not so hard on him? Rain even admits himself he did not understand why JYP was so hard on him. JYP said he saw the potential, he knew what he had. JYP never wanted Rain to get a big head and to continue to work hard for what he wanted.

      I think the same can be said of Jo Kwon.

      Never sit on your talent, harvest it the best of your ability. If you get too big headed you will end up like others who fell – look at Whitney Houston. All that talent WASTED.

  4. woah, he really pushes them. Its good but bad at the same time. He should at least say that and thn say but you worked hard or something

  5. sometimes Jyp can be an ass. How could he say that to Jo Kwon? Once i saw on TV with this same program where Taecyeon is the guest. Taecyeon revealed that once, 2AM and 2PM were supposed to record a song together. BUt they didn’t memorize the lines. So Jyp said to them that if they’re going to be like that then they should leave and quit being a singer. And to add to that Jyp said to them that he wants to throw them in the trash. Jyp can really be so mean. He should learn how to be patient and more appreciative to his trainees:P

  6. perfectionist or not, im glad its like that.

    example: coaches are never satisfied with their teams performance and i mean, NEVER. at the very best, the coaches will say their team did “okay”.

    its a good thing and i think jokwon sees it. jyp sees potential and what is possible, not how they are presently. “Now you know why you debuted late?” i think are obstacles set by jyp for jokwon to prove jyp wrong. good motivation


    • Yeah, it’s actually good. People have different ways of training (singing, sports, etc), and if he’s the harsh type it can push the trainees further on.

      Coaches and teachers are there for a reason… even people with talent need pushing in the right direction 😀

  7. wowwwww. jyp’s words are harsh! “now you know why you debuted late?”?? that’s like telling him he’s not good enough.. and jo kwon is awesome and super talented!!

  8. Ouch that’s a low blow to Kwonnie! Like others have commented, JYP is a perfectionist and it is both a good & bad trait.

  9. JYP is a mofo ~

  10. but this shows that jyp expects the best. right? 🙂

  11. Nothing wrong with JYP. In this life nothing’s easy ! You must work hard to get the success

  12. JYP is a perfectionist I guess.
    but I honestly don’t like the way he makes his idols sing.
    He makes them sing like mosquito…
    Luckily Kwon n Changmin don’t sing like JYP.

  13. What is wrong with JYP? -____-;;

  14. Awww. Poor Kwon! He must be really hurt from that incident. =\

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