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Lee MinHo, “I was offered to star in a movie by Goo HyeSun, but I rejected it”

Actor Lee MinHo reveals that he has been given a proposal from actress Goo HyeSun from drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ to star in a movie.

Lee MinHo was featured for an interview on MBC ‘Section TV Entertainment’ aired on 23rd April when he was asked if he was offered to appear in the movie directed by Goo HyeSun in her upcoming director-debut movie. His answer was, “Even though I was offered to appear in the movie, it will be inconvenient/uncomfortable for me to meet Goo HyeSun as actor-director since we were once partners in a drama.”

Meanwhile, he was also asked about his complexion during the interview and his answer was, “I lost weight on my face.”

S: Asiae

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  1. Hey! I just would like to congratulate all that had made the BOF a very successful tv series. And thanks for I really enjoyed it. Love all the actors/actresses they’ve done their best. With regards to sunbae Min Ho’s reaction I respect whatever decision you have made. You’ll know if you made the right decision or not. Keep up the good work.

  2. lee min ho is so cute!!1

  3. Annyeong.

    Well its bad not to support your co-actor but in this, I think LMH had make up his mind and its his decision anyway..and I support that but guys… I don’t think your criticism of GHS is fair. She have done her part…that is to follow the script and to me the writer’s really suck. GHS is a very good actress..and age is not the issue here….

    So that’s my opinion… and GHS / LMH keep fighting. Luv you both…

    • Whenever a director who pick the actor/ actress to play the role there’s a reason. Then, it’s depends the actor/ actress to play their role whether is good or bad but for definitely we are not the one who judge. Just switch the channel if you don’t like. Is not easy for an actor / actress to perform such a big role….nobody is perfect….don’t you guys a little bit over react? give them a break…..

  4. I so agreed that they picked the wrong actress for BOF. GHS is the oldest among the cast but her character annoys me so much.

    Good for Min Ho not accept the job movie. At least if the movie flop. Nobody can blame him.

    • The problem was not that she was older than the hest of the cast, the problem was her acting. Goo Hye Sun’s look resemble Makino/Jandi look on the manga, but unfortunelly Goo Hye Sun wasn’t able to portray the character in a good way.

  5. I think goo hye sun did well in the drama. she wasnt that bad. she’s around her 20s and she played a great high schooler. she’s my role model, she can do a lot of things ^___^

    • I agree. I’m sure if they changed the plot and the actors/ actress as what the others are saying, it wouldn’t have been a phenomenal hit. I love it for what it is. I loved GHS acting there. For others it was overacting but for me it was what made it really funny and entertaining. Goo Hye Sun fighting. The rest can eat their hears out.

  6. LOL! Thank God he rejected it ! nice together in Boys Over Flowers are u kidding me! He totally has no chemistry with Goo HyeSun and Boys Over Flowers sucked bad! Goo HyeSun was the worst leading lady to be chosen for that drama. Lee Min Ho at least has a good kdrama at the moment which he has full chemistry with hes leading lady. see Kdrama Personal Taste.

    K Netizens your Beginning, and Your End.

    • To Jessica Kwon: So true. Goo Hye Sun is very pretty, but she’s really the wrong actress to play the heroine on BOF. They don’t have chemistry together and I never sympathize with her character there. Although I agree with the others that’s a lame excuse, but then again he couldn’t said the script is bad right?

      • they never looked like they had chemistry because the show was more focused on JanDi and JiHoo. THey had a lot of romantic scenes together.

      • yup!very true..they are both perfect combination…i love BOF forever!!!

    • Nah. Looking back, Hye Soon did fine.

      BOF sucked ass because the story had no depth whatsoever. It completely relied on being an eye-candy. Chemistry wasn’t so strong enough to begin with, yes. But the plot was almost a failure, too.

      Nothing wrong with Minho’s decision. If he doesn’t want to be involved, ok then. I’m sure Hye Soon didn’t mind it that much.

      • I completely disagree. I watched BOF not because of the handsome actors but because I loved the story and I think it was very funny and entertaining. That’s why it was a hit because it was great. I don’t understand what you mean and I’m sure the million fans of BOF will agree with me.

    • Agree that Goo Hye Sun totally has no chemistry with Lee Min Ho.I dont watch BOF because of their awkwardness -_-

      • actually the only thing that kep be watching Korean BOF was Kim So Eun and Kim Bum they had good chemistry lol such a cute couple. but im Korean and im afraid the Japanese BOF was way better. The Main Couple had mega chemistry on the Japanese version, while the korean version Goo Hye Sun was totaly overshadowed by Kim So Eun. lol in my opinion

    • I agree with the things you said Jessica Kwon.
      I loooooooove Koo Hye Sun, she’s very talented in many areas including acting, but ‘Boys Over Flowers’ was the worst performance of her career. On ‘Boys Over Flowers’ she overeacted and she had no chemistry with any of the F4. It’s a pity because whoever seen her other dramas would know that she’s a great actress, but on ‘Boys Over Flowers’ she sucked. :/
      Lee Min Ho was awesome as Junpyo but Koo Hye Sun was so bad as Jandi that it ruined the couple. While watching ‘Boys Over Flowers’ I was even wishing that the korean writers changed the plot and made Jun Pyo fall in love with his wife played by Lee Min Jung instead.
      Lee Min Ho and Min Jung had an awesome chemistry and their scenes together were better than Jandi-Junpyo and Jandi-Jihoo scenes.

      • Correction:
        I was even wishing that the korean writers changed the plot and made Jun Pyo fall in love with his FIANCEE played by Lee Min Jung instead.

    • Jessica Kwon is obviously a hater. BOF will not be enormously succesful if not for the chemistry between the main characters. Goo Hye Sun’s acting in BOF was fine. I don’t think it will be as big as it is if you have Kim Bum and Kim So Eun are playing the lead roles. They just do not have the “couple” charisma that Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun has. As mentioned, if the chemistry was not there, then explain the huge popularity of this drama all over Asia, transcending all the different cultures. Jessica Kwon may just be one of those Lee Min Ho crazed fanatics fantasizing how she would meet Lee Min Ho and marry him someday–sorry but it ain’t gon’na happen!

  7. It’s called never working with friends… which is a good idea. It takes a strong friendship – or a very trusting one, to endure working together. It’s a smart move to get some space between them before he can go back to that relationship and be comfortable in taking directions.

    Not to mention if he did it people would gossip about it and that is the straight truth. That is the last thing he needs.

  8. “Even though I was offered to appear in the movie, it will be inconvenient/uncomfortable for me to meet Goo HyeSun as actor-director since we were once partners in a drama.”

    that. is seriously THE STUPIDEST REASON ive ever heard. =.=

    • I know!! WTH does that even mean? Maybe because he was friends with her on the drama, that he can’t receive orders from her, is that it? He could’ve said yes to support her…

      • Just because someone is your friend doesn’t mean you have to say yes in every offer they are offering to you.
        Then, it will be tired for all actors to accept all acting offers just because their “friend” offered them the job.
        You have to think Minho’s p.o.v too. Maybe he will feel awkward acting with HyeSun’s directing. Then, if he feels awkward he can’t give his best. So, whether he wants to accept the offer or not depends on him. Well, good luck to all of them!!!

    • agree .. whats that for an excuse ? … they we where sooo nice together in Boys before flowers .. =/

    • I thinkt that he did the right thing. It’s really never a good idea to switch up the roles from costars to boss-employee. Even if it may sound stupid to you, taking orders from someone who was at one point equal to you is strenuous, and it probably would have changed their friendship. Directors have to be stern with their actors; MinHo did the right thing. Besides, living off of their BOF “chemistry” isn’t too smart.

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