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Lee GiGwang-Min HyoRin’s kiss scene for CF before debut garners interests

BEAST Lee GiGwang is known to have shot a cherryade CF with talent Min HyoRin before his debut, and this has garnered the interests of netizens lately.

The 2 of them had shot the CF with the concept of a lovey couple. And in the CF, there is a scene where the 2 also had a kiss scene watching a match in the stadium. The caption that goes with the scene was ‘Fresh tempting’.

Netizens and fans who saw the CF commented, “AJ=Dancing shoes=cherryade freshness=Lee GiGwang=SaeHo”, “I’m envious of Min HyoRin”, “No matter what, don’t kiss” etc.

S: T-News

15 Responses

  1. What a cute couple.

    No offence, I love your site and all.
    But I wish sometimes you guys can come up w/ a more creative title for your articles. A LOT of them are always “… garners interest.” =\

    • That’s bcoz this blog delivers news not gossip or exaggerated news.
      Just sayin’ coz this is what sets kbites apart from those scandalous kpop news sites.

      • Well yes.. you are right about it not being a gossip news site.
        But you can still be straight forward or come with different headlines without having to make it sound exaggerated.

        Cuz if you think about it,
        if the news isn’t interesting, then it wouldn’t “garner interest” in the first place.

        I just like to point that out cuz the writers here are great with translation and articles. Just the headlines are too repetitive.

    i really love him as AJ while he’s promoting Dancing Shoes..& really not into him as the b2st’s Lee Ki Kwang.dunno why.

  3. envy her!!!!heheheh ^^
    im just curious about aj’s name is it gi kwang or ki kwang????

  4. envy her!!!!heheheh ^^
    im just curious about aj’s name is it gi kwang or ki kwang???which of the two??

  5. they barely even touched lips haha -.-
    kikwang is cute 🙂

  6. I got crazy when I watched the kiss scene in the CF and even went crazier when watching the BTS.. So envy with Min Hyo Rin >,<

  7. hehehehehehe!!! CUTE!!

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