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Photo Of The Day: TaeYeon ends ‘ChinChin’ radio show with HyoYeon and DooJoon, and a smile

So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon ends her DJ-ing job on MBC Radio FM4U ‘ChinChin’ with a smile.

TaeYeon had her last ChinChin show at midnight on 25th April, with SNSD member HyoYeon and BEAST Yoon DooJoon as guest appearances. The 2 of them are also 89-ers like TaeYeon.

They also pose together for BEAST and SNSD’s dances in some of the photos revealed. Looking at TaeYeon’s smile in the photos, netizens’ comments were, “It’s so sad today is the last show for TaeYeon”, “You’ve worked hard all this while, TaeYeon”, “I feel more reluctant looking at her bright smile” etc.

S: TVDaily

10 Responses

  1. This is from the 24th
    Her last episode had all of SNSD on it

  2. such a cute picture… I love how Doo Joon and HyoYeon are both beating up TaeYeon! they make a perfect couple ! they should be the next wgm couple ! ^^

  3. awww.love

  4. GOD! DOOJOON oppa. I know you’re cruhin in HyoYeon but don’t show it too much! haha

  5. Wow..Taeyeon look so cute..ahaha..
    Look to see her freindhip with BEAST leader..Doojoon..=)

  6. i think there is actually one more show. tonight(in like 3 hours) is the last show

  7. Hahaha so funny pictures… But so sad because taeyeon will leave from chinchin. T_T

  8. haha, doojoon is one lucky guy ^^

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