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Who are the top idol CF stars for South Korea?

Who are the top CF stars for the first half of year 2010?

A large scale of one-to-one interviews were conducted by Brand 38 Consulting Firm (brand38.com) from 1st till 10th April done on 1012 people aged above 17 years old on the question ‘Which star does well as TV advertisement model?’

Coming in #1 is 2PM with 16.01% of the votes from the participants, and at #2 is MC Yoo Jaeeok with 13.34% of the votes, and at #3 is So Nyeo Shi Dae with 11.86% of the votes.

Go under the cut for the rest of the survey results.

‘Which star does well as TV advertisement model?’

  1. 2PM (16.01%)
  2. Yoo JaeSeok (13.34%)
  3. So Nyeo Shi Dae (11.86%)
  4. Kim YunA (9.49%)
  5. Kang DongWon (9.19%)
  6. 2AM
  7. C.N Blue
  8. Brown Eyed Girls
  9. BEAST
  10. SHINee + T-ara

We can see the idol singers taking up many of the top 10 rankings on the survey namely. And also other idol singers voted on the survey:

  • After School at #14
  • Super Junior at #16
  • Dong Bang Shin Ki at #18
  • KARA at #20
  • 2NE1 at #24
  • MBLAQ at #25
  • SS501 at #25
  • Davichi at #30
  • Big Bang at #30
  • 4Minute at #30
  • WonderGirls at #36
  • FT Island at #36
  • ZE:A at #36

We can see the power of the idol groups in the advertising industry in Korea with 22 idols groups occupying the rankings on the chart – of which 11 are girlgroups and 11 are boygroups.

Also there are specific members from the idol groups who are more popular when it comes to CF. And according to Brand 38, they are:

  • 2PM TaecYeon
  • So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon
  • 2AM Jo Kwon
  • CN Blue Jung YongHwa
  • Brown Eyed Girls GaIn
  • BEAST Yoon DooJoon
  • SHINee JongHyun
  • T-ara JiYeon
  • After School UEE
  • Super Junior Lee Teuk
  • Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah JunSu
  • KARA Goo Hara
  • 2NE1 Park Bom
  • MBLAQ Lee Joon
  • SS501 Kim HyunJoong
  • f(x) Victoria
  • 4Minute HyunA
  • WonderGirls YeEun
  • Big Bang TOP
  • FT Island Lee HongKi
  • ZE:A Moon JoonYeong


50 Responses

  1. i think this is a poll or something and not based on statistics of viewership or effectiveness of adverts.

    There’s a lot of comments so i didn’t go through every single one but i bet no one said:


    Ahaha. He is adorkable. Totally would buy his adverts. Thinking of his antics makes me smile. Totally would buy his stuff and he would appeal to ahjumas and youngsters. ^^

  2. where could i see the whole list? ^^
    i guess jang geun suk isn’t an ~idol~ eh? too bad, i would buy anything JGS was in a commercial for, i swear. ;P

  3. people should stop trying to start another fanwar under the guise of ‘giving opinion’ -.-
    because you know, even though yoong may be in more cfs than taeng, taeyeon may be preferred more by s.korean brands – she is the most popular female idol out there after all. same goes for dara-bom, vic-sul, yeeun-sohee.
    @ the ‘where’s dbsk? where’s bb’? ppl … dudes. you realise how long those two groups haven’t promoted in s.korea? although wg are still very popular, they haven’t promoted in s.korea for about a year, and their marketability has suffered a hit. the same has happened to dbsk and bb, as right now dbsk is not really in a great condition to shoot cfs together, and bb … i’m not actually sure what they’re doing, but all i remember recently is those lollipop ads.
    btw, just a thought, did gd’s shine a light antics harm his marketability?

  4. lol true there are some parts of this poll that seem accurate and i agree with them but then there are some that are completelyyy inaccurate o.O seriously not hating or anything but i haven’t even seen some of these groups with cf deals and i would think mblaq would be higher up on that list but happy that ze:a’s sort of up there and their rookies ^^

  5. Shouldn’t they asked advertising company for legit results.

    If you ask regular people, they obviously would vote for their fav idols.

    Ask me, I’ve would definitely say Big Bang. So, who credible is the result?

  6. hahah

    so people do not want to believe a “survey”.

    anyways, are kim tae hee and yoon eun hye on the list? kim tae hee had the whole nation swept in her cf’s before :] not to mention shes a really cute marketing model


    The question was: ‘Which star does well as TV advertisement model?’ It is not asking WHO IS MOST POPULAR GROUP OR IDOL. Basically the question is asking how well do you feel they do when they advertise something? Or in other words – do you enjoy/watch their commericals when you see them??

    I would think the reason Big Bang is not higher is because they have not been too active with a lot; on hiatus.

    The reason I see Kim Yuna being so low is because the girl sells just about everything there is under the sun in Korea. I cannot imagine I would stop EVERY TIME to watch her hock something.

    Basically this survey is asking you who you remember most when you see commercials? Which ones are most memorable in your mind? Which idol comes to mind when I name a certian product? The more CF’s the idol/group has out there the more higher they will rank in the survey.

    Now everyone get their panties out of a wad.

    • Yes!!! I agree with you. Everyone here seems to be making this poll like a fanwar, about which group is more popular and not. And then they say that the poll is ridiculous just because their idol doesn’t get number 1.

      How can people say that a poll is inaccurate just because others choose different answer with them? A poll is inaccurate if the data surveyors calculate the answer wrongly. Jeez, it’s only a poll anw. It doesn’t change the popularity of an idol.

      And again it clearly says that the poll is about ‘Which star DOES WELL as TV advertisement model?’, NOT ‘which star do you want to see as TV ads model?’

  8. Screw all the haters!!! GO 2PM!!! TAEC FTW!!! xD

  9. ppl in my country would say; “APA INI???”

    but i’ll just stick to “what the…….. fuck??”

    BB at #30? didn’t they have lollipop2? what abt that bsx ad? LG Crystal??? this is bull. what dbsk cf? srsly?

    0.o …….very questionable.

  10. This poll is bogus. Kim Hyun Joong should be at the top or very close to it. Another crap poll!

  11. weird.. i thought snsd is more popular and got more cfs than 2pm.. hurm..

    suju #16 & dbsk #18?? o.0 okay they r still in top 20
    but big bang #30??? it doesn’t make sense at all..

    • This is for the first half of 2010… so basically who reaped in most during the first 4 months.

      SNSD is popular, but so are 2PM.

      Certain groups aren’t as active, and it’s could be the accumulation of impact of sales and number of cfs.

      Also, it may also not be the impact of sales. But rather, who is does well in being in commercials or has the “cf star aura” and does well in advertising. Like you can have a popular group and member, but that member may not have the magnet to sell.

      Therefore it makes sense that groups that aren’t actively promoting are lower in ranks.

  12. the survey is really weird
    maybe they should check with sales of the products they are endorsing.
    cant believe 2pm is higher than kim yuna
    i thought she is very influential in korea and even overseas

  13. BIG BANG 30 ??? !!!
    Big bang ❤

  14. WTF? Does this poll make any sense? How is B2ST at number 9 and Big Bang at number 30 when B2ST hasn’t even done a single CF? lmao netizens fail!!

  15. But i always thought taemin or minho will be the lead in the cf when shinee have cf.
    I’m actually surprise it is jonghyun.
    No surprise if jonghyun is more popular in cf out of shinee.
    seems he has the most male fans in shinee and of cos girls(like me) also like him.

  16. lol… that poll is really questionable… nyahahahah
    first my babies which is my DBSK didn’t even made a CF this year…. coz if they did they would have been in top one.. hehe (sorry i am dbsk bias) are they kidding me? or did i miss anything??
    beast? did they made a cf? again maybe i missed it.
    brand 38 said this?? lmao… this is funny…
    hmm…. but then again.. people who answered th survey maybe vited for their favorite idol group and members.. kekeke

    but really.. a funny one

  17. Wondergirls Yeeun?? I think it is sohee or sunye…

  18. I would think when it comes to SNSD, it should be Yoona? Taeyeon(hmm?), I never saw her as a lead in any CF. You can just saw it when SNSD performed, yoona will be focused all the time. lol

    Taecyeon, JoKwon,Uee, Jung YongHwa, TOP = YES(They’re everywhere, good for them^^)
    But the rest I don’t think they’re that popular.
    Just my observation, no offense to any fans. XD

    • How could I forget this?
      SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong = YES too. ^^

      And for f(x), should that be Sulli? SM promotes her so much lately.

    • You honestly don’t think Jiyeon of T-Ara is popular? lol.

      That girl’s fanbase is huge.

      • As I said, just my observation from the news of many sites and YT videos.
        I know T-ara and their bo-peep song but I don’t know who is who in the group. I hope no offense XD

      • Currently, her cap is being auctioned at 2300+ USD. Just fyi.

        She’s also starred in a drama alongside Yoo Seung Ho in God of Study. Honestly, I find it surprising that you don’t know her.

  19. f(x) victoria? i thought it’d be like krystal or sulli since i see them more lol.
    ive seen 2NE1’s dara more than park bom i think.
    and SNSD’s yoona more than taeyeon although i prefer taeyeon lol.
    & DBSK junsu? i cant even rmb seeing him in CFs lol. although I CANT WAIT FOR HIS SINGLEEEE {:

    • OMG you are so right!!!!! this survey is a joke.

    • actually u are wrong about Victoria as far as I know Victoria appeared in more ads comparing to any other member in f(x) also she appeared with many stars shinee, rain, DBSK and super junior

      • that was in the Past.. now sulli is way more popular and has more cfs and shows than victoria.

  20. uee

  21. So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon – I’d say it’s Yoona
    After School UEE – Ugh, yes…….sadly
    2NE1 Park Bom – Really? I think Bommie looks odd on most ads, and Dara is the CF queen out of 2NE1…idk?

    Looks like idol group leaders are more popular (:

  22. The poll is really questionable?Like where’s SNSD YoonA? Yuri and the others? I believe i haven’t watches B2sts CF yet?

  23. media play.. media play..

  24. seems like the voters just named their favorite idols, or any idols they know for that matter LOL

  25. TOP name is listed 2 times
    Looks like Big Bang is out of touch nowadays
    DBSK got cf in year 2010?

    • not really…its just that the poll is stupid. Lol, like yu said, DBSK got CF this year? Big Bang have had Lollipop 2 and Beast had not have any and yet they are higher than Big bang? Lol.

  26. SS501 Kim HyunJoong goooo 🙂

  27. big bang should be heaps higher.

    • BB is not active in korea now sad:(
      They should come back already…

    • this 2010 BigBang will be active in korea XD
      Big bang boys are The Best!! sorry 2pm but..
      Big bang >>>>>>>> 2pm

  28. That’s weird. Not hating or anything but some of these results look a little questionable…I don’t even recall BEAST ever doing a television CF or did I miss something? o_O (I’m not hating on them or anything)

    Some of the obviously more popular groups with proven influence are ranked low too. I guess the groups who’ve been promoting recently ranked much higher than expected, then again this was just from a sample of 1,000 people and may not exactly be an accurate reflection of reality.

  29. I know it would be 2PM.. they’re like everywhere..^^
    &Taec..<3 even tho he's everywhere I never get bored of him..=D
    but for SNSD, i thought it would be Yoona for CF, coz she's like the face of SNSD? hmm, i guess i'm wrong then..=D

    • ‘they’re like everywhere’ ughh
      that’s why I’m tired of 2pm..

      • why? It’s not their fault if they’re everywhere. People want to see them. I know I do too..
        Isn’t it normal if you like something/someone then you want to see it/that person all the times? If you don’t like it then don’t see it. Why hating them just because they’re everywhere? Funny..:/

    • Yes, they are everywhere due to the fact it made them more popular because of Jaebum withdrawal.

    • This survey is totally a Joke..

      ‘WTF? Does this poll make any sense? How is B2ST at number 9 and Big Bang at number 30 when B2ST hasn’t even done a single CF? lmao netizens fail!!’

      ‘ive seen 2NE1′s dara more than park bom i think.’

      ‘my DBSK didn’t even made a CF this year’
      ‘& DBSK junsu? i cant even rmb seeing him in CFs lol.’

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