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f(x) Sulli’s swagger? “I think I’m pretty but…”

f(x) Sulli’s swagger?!

Recently a photo featuring a post written by f(x) Sulli when she was 9 years old has been garnering much interests amongst netizens on various online community sites. The title of the post she wrote was ‘About myself’.

Sulli had written it using her real name Choi JinRi, “Even though I think I’m pretty I don’t understand why others think I’m pretty. There are so many other people who are prettier than me at our church, but why does everyone think that I’m the only cute and pretty one? This is what I don’t like about the people around. Even when I said my name, they say it’s pretty… Really am I that pretty?!”

Netizens who saw the post titled ‘Sulli’s swagger’ commented, “Even if she boasts, because she is Sulli, I think it’s alright”, “I cannot accept it when pretty people say this” etc.

Meanwhile, Sulli is currently preparing with group f(x) for their new album set to be released in May.


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  1. […] criticisms against the f(x) girls, netizens also brought up the case where Sulli had revealed a diary entry she wrote when she was in elementary school. Back then, netizens have thought that Sulli’s diary entry was cute but now with the recent […]

  2. Right now, she’s more outstanding in the sense that she’s an artists.

  3. I bet you didn’t read the article carefully. She wrote it when she’s 9 years old. Why so serious about it?
    I agree with Qrizta, you need to chill.

    • My post is for alee.

      • She was 9? lol i totally missed that. i read it as she put a picture of herself when she was 9 but she wrote that recently not when she wasy 9. well in that case is fine, but if she boasted like that now that she’s grown up I wouldn’t have changed my opinion.

  4. to say this with her own mouth? well not literally but her own thoughts? maybe IF SHE WAS PRETTY i wouldn’t mind it as much but she isn’t drop dead gorgeous or anything.
    Way to make yourself sound stupid and snobby. why does everyone find this cute or adorable? What am I missing out on?
    I didn’t expect this from her as she looks like someone who is very pure and calm not snobby and conceited.

    • In fact people around her said so…
      FYI, she’s living in Korea n standard of beauty is different everywhere.

      Plus why so serious?? She was 9 when she wrote that. Geez…people need to chill.

  5. HAHA, she is PRETTY ugly compare to others kpop girl out there.

  6. i find her really adorable and pretty because there’s just something about her features… her face… it’s looks so pure and innocent haha.

    i’ve watched a kdrama of her before when she was younger and… she looked awkward back then… hahaha!! but idk.

  7. Pretty??? Are you kidding me??? She’s not that pretty, she’s not even cute,!!! I prefer krystal than this girl,!!!

  8. Lol I must be one of the few who don’t find her pretty. I guess I just have a different idea of what pretty is. She’s just average to me but she sounds like a cutie.

  9. what a narcissist being

  10. I think she is not pretty

    • same

    • i think you’re not pretty.

      but then again, she’s pretty according to korean standards. besides, her personality is amazing. she laughs at what other people say but its not obnoxious. and she probably acts the part of the cute dong-seng very naturally. she could be a bitch, but then again i’d be truly surprised if she wasn’t.

      but no i do not disregard your opinion, i just think you three haven’t really given her much thought besides her saying that she thinks shes so pretty. meh, shes a 9 year old at the time, and as a 9 year old constantly receiving positive attention, her ego may have been inflated, but she merely continues to wonder WHY specifically so many people like her…

      and as an outsider its easy to observe her personality.
      sure, variety shows may show her a false, happy-go-lucky side to her, but think of who and how many people are her friends! her personality in addition to beauty must be extraordinary if shes hanging out with the likes of people such as suju’s heechul, a royal bastard with high standards, and shinee’s key, a blunt guy with high standards.

      • People have different standards of beauty. Even if they were to see her personality from vareity shows they may still not think she’s pretty. Everyone does not have to agree

      • EXACTLY. dif ppl have dif beauty standards. she may be hanging with heechul and key or whatever – that has NOTHING to do with her beauty, more like her personality or whatever. and besides, they are from the same company, what do u expect?

        and from where im from, shes not considered pretty. AT ALL. in fx i find victoria and amber (yes, her) more goodlooking and there are tons other prettier kpop girls. and i find lunas personality more warm and interesting than sullis. but to each his/her own.

      • how long did you take to type that

    • bingo

  11. like this was revealed during Chocolate when Key from SHINee showed it.
    oh well i think this is funny xD
    sulli should be a model !
    seriously don’t they make more money?
    go to fashion week my dear 🙂

  12. lol well a 9 yr old talk like thst cutee

  13. so they will be promoting same time as 2ne1?

  14. Lol it’s really cute.

    Does this kinda remind anyone of Mean Girls when Gretchen’s all ‘I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me… but I can’t help it that I’m so popular!’ LULZ.

  15. Ummm….how to describe this?

    Adorably conceited? lol.

  16. Haha she’s so cute >3<

    Wait a second, isn't this the thing that Key was talking about on chocolate? Haha then that means that this is old news Heehee but the message is still so adorable

    I can't wait for f(x)'s comeback in May… But didn't Suju say they were gonna come back in May?…

    SM wouldn't promote 2 of it's groups at the same time…

    Well, whatev. I can't wait for either of their comebacks.

    Super Junior & f(x) Hwaiting!~~

    • Why not? They did with SHINee and SNSD. And it is old, the article says she was nine when she wrote it.

      • I think this person meant this whole article is old, not just her posting. I read this news about her thinking she is pretty when she was 9 like a month ago on another kpop site. the only thing is that there was not photo attached at that time

    • Actually, Shinee and SNSD never planned on promoting at the same time. When Juliette was released, a few weeks later, SNSD began promotions. But the thing about that was that SM never planned for their comebacks to be around the same time. The only reason it happened was cause Onew injured himself so the comeback had to be pushed back.

      And about me saying that the article is old, I meant what dani said. ^^

  17. hahhahaha. looks like she had a narcissist moment when she was little..

    • THIS

    • Yeah! I think she would probably be that little snobby girl that bullies other non-pretty girls on elementary school. LOL

    • “Even though I think I’m pretty I don’t understand why others adore me so much. Aren’t people like singers supposed to be the pretty ones? There are so many other people who are prettier than me at our church, but why does everyone only show affection and adore me so much? That’s one of the things that I don’t like about people. Even when I tell them my name, they say that it is a pretty name…am I really pretty?!”

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