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After School’s company refutes accusations of choreography plagiarism for ‘Bang!’

After School’s side refutes allegations of plagiarism for the choreography of their new song ‘Bang!’. It is known that their agency has spoken up about the recent happening on Youtube with a choreograph accusing the group of choreography plagiarism.

With that, a Pledis rep spoke up, “Of the whole choreography to the song that lasts for 3 minutes and 18 seconds, the only part that seems similar last for less than 3 seconds, it is unreasonable to say that there has been plagiarism.” The rep emphasized, “The dance to the song was created by both our American and Korean choreographers.”

It was also added that, “Dance is a common lanaguage to all with no nationality barriers. You cannot say that it is plagiarism when there can be similarities in some of the dance steps. We wish that the problem will stop here and there will be no more criticisms of this sort.”


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  1. Hi, me again (I posted a few minutes ago in other post from this issue)

    I think we should think twice before judging and insulting.
    Between February 2010 and March 2010 is NOT A BIG DIFFERENCE OF TIME!!!

    The fact that they posted their choreo first doesn’t necessarily mean they invented the choreography.

    I really don’t think After School / their choreographer(s) prepared the choreo and the MV in least than a month!!!!

    (But well, that is just my opinion).

    And anyway, Pledis fault or this people fault, is of course a digusting and embarrassing issue.
    I wish After School girls weren’t going through this. They really don’t deserve this.

    I will copy-paste what I wrote few minutes ago:

    I don’t know what is going on, in fact just yesterday I knew about this issue…
    I’ve been watching Bang! performances for weeks!
    After School is one of my fav. korean girl groups and their song is great, their concept really different /interesting /creative.
    And they are really very hardworking.
    I’m not an official fan of theirs, but I like them ok?

    I think is very unfair they (and their company) are being accused about something.
    I don’t know who copied who, but I can say that February and March is not a big difference, right?

    I think korean groups don’t make / rehearse their choreographies in just one month. Even the MV has to be recorded way before their release and the comeback, isn’t???

    So I find that weird.
    I think AS began to prepare their dance and comeback way before February or March…
    What if this people copied them instead then????

    If their choreographer copy this people, well, how bad , but what if it is the opposite? HOW WOULD WE KNOW?
    It’s very difficult for any of us to know and to verify who is telling the truth.

    (Please watch that video, OK?
    Video title: Video Reply “Korean girl group’s choreographer stealing our moves? ( NOT blaming “After School”)
    By the user: rfjposdjf56

    I think neither of us have proofs of what really happened, and the fact that people uploaded their video some weeks before the release of Bang! MV, FOR ME THAT ISN’T PROOF ENOUGH.
    (another thing would be ONE YEAR before or something. This was only some weeks before!!!)
    Thank you.)
    -sorry for my bad english, is not my language-

  2. […] was accused of choreography plagiarism by choreographer Camillo Lauricella. And then Pledis came out to refute the accusations saying that it is common to have similar dance […]

  3. Denying it just makes it worst…

  4. Even it’s only 3 seconds, that was a SEQUENCE of moves and it was extremely similar. And I think Camillo*and nika just wanted some credits for his work.

  5. oh please
    try that when there isn’t hard, concrete evidence dancing right in front of our eyes.

  6. […] Source: omonatheydidnt and K Bites […]

  7. I dont understand how people can be so childish and hypocritical. If you stole it, admit it! To say that this is not plagiarism but only similar is either saying that we are stupid or that they are in denial.

    But in the world of kpop, this is typical. Hyori says she didnt take someone else’s concept and even goes so far to explain why she feels it’s not stolen, stars deny till death that they havent had surgery when they have frequent plastic cards with more miles than a frequent flier at Korean Air.

    I wish they would just own up to their mistakes. This world of kpop is really starting to disgust me.

    Hmm…maybe it only looks similar because you can’t pull the moves off?! Practice sweeties…practice! lol

  8. well, they’re using the “dance is a common language wtf-ery” seriously!!! it’s so obvious that the moves were copied. COME ON. just admit it. i feel sorry for AS. just let Kahi choreograph!

  9. lol, stupid company for sure.
    just admit it !!

  10. these damn companies are covering up for their shit. well i guess these bitches did not see this video.

    • Of course this stupid bitch troll is here too 😀

    • the nika part is a bit iffy as plagiarism. its not exactly the most original choreography. holding a pose and vibrating. only the camillip seems legit copy.

    • @Name you must be new to KBites, most people here recognized her as the TROLL of KBites. She has a whole history of bad mouthing and bashing on kpop artists. Just ignore her is best.

      • she’s not bad mouthing.. its the truth anyway.. kpop just LIKES to PLAGIARISM

      • candygirl89 just called AS ‘bitches’?? …that sounds like badmouthing

      • OH. Well, the video Candygirl89 posted was valid–it’s not AS girls’ fault, it’s their company’s hired choreographer’s. No idea why Candygirl89 called AS “b*tches” with the video doesn’t attack AS at all.. o.0;

        Anyhow.. I hope this gets resolved soon.

  11. Their statement has little weight when AS has been caught TWICE with extremely similar moves. The first one, I suppose you can squint and say it’s not biting but the Britney Spears 3 choreograph is hands down plagiarism. The only reason why it wasn’t exact was because UEE didn’t do the complicated semi-tutting in the second half.

    I’m not blaming UEE or AS but they are the examples that are being presented. I have no idea who the choreographers are so I, like many other people, have to use their names.

  12. So stealing on 8 steps sequence is okay, because hey! It’s only 8 steps that’s repeated throughout 3 minutes video!

    How about the 1,2,3 choreography?

    There’s also youtube video of After School dancing to Let Me Think About It with Canadian choreographer, Blake Mcgrath’s choreography.

    How about that Pledis?

  13. ” … it is unreasonable to say that there has been plagiarism.” REALLY?? Wow. This was NOT the response I was hoping they would have handed down. This is sad and makes KPop look stupid.

  14. this is just pain sad. although what they said can be put as valid. its the fact that a no name choreographer put stuff on YT cant compete with a company. no chance.

  15. honestly, i’m appalled as to how Pledis can brush this aside so lightly. it’s right in their faces that the choreography was bitten off. this comes down to ethical and integrity issue and seriously i’m just miffed that Pledis is covering up for that damn choreographer. how does “similarities in some of the dance steps” justify anything? true, coincidences are bound to occur but what are the chances of that happening? incriminating evidences are up against the choreographer and i’m just astounded by Pledis’s decision.

  16. Valid argument. But that one 3-second part was reeeaalllyy familiar~ I doubt this case will end quietly here.

    After School, fighting!

  17. LOL not when it’s that blatant! i mean they were the EXACT same moves! that choreographer should be fired, since he/she is making money by biting off some1 else’s choreography. i still can’t believe this choreographer is getting away with this when the similarities were so obvious!
    i know dance is universal and all, but what are the chances that the exact same dance moves w/ the same dance counts were used twice? ohh and it was not just those “three seconds” pledis was talking about, since the choreographer also stole the beginning of AS dance routine of “bang”.

  18. Did they even examine the other video where UEE’s dance was an obvious knock-off of that same dude’s other dancing video? Like, seriously.

  19. just wow

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