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[Photo Of The Day] Davichi poses with Boys II Men

A photo posted up on various portal sites lately has been garnering much interests from netizens.

The photo is a shot taken backstage to Boys II Men’s recent concert performance in Korea together with vocal powerhouse female group Davichi. And member Kang MinKyung was seen hugging one of the Boys II Men member in the photo.

Some of netizens’ comments were “Minkyung ah, if you hug someone like that, you are going to get into trouble”, “Hug me too?”, “She looks like a huge fan”, “Envious of Boys II Men” etc.

Other back stage photos taken with singers like SG Wannabe Kim JinHo and 4Men.

Meanwhile during one of their interviews when they were in Korea, Boys II Men said, “Overall, Korean artistes produce good music. If we get the chance to, we want to work with them.” And about which Korean artistes they wished to work with? So Nyeo Shi Dae and T-ara.

They were given the songs from group Brown Eyed Soul to listen to backstage to their concert, and their comments were “Great vocals. We wish to know more about Korean music.”

S: Maeil KyungJae

17 Responses

  1. MIN KYUNG UNNIE> you’re so pretty haha!

  2. http://www.kpoplive.com/2010/04/23/boys-ii-men-wants-to-work-with-snsd-and-t-ara/

    ^This article says why Boyz ll Men wants to work with snsd and t-ara. Cute that they’re fans.

  3. 4men!! they are the best

  4. they should be wanting to collaborate with Brown Eyed Soul, Neul got some powerful vocals. Bobby Kim and Wheesung match their style more imo.

    I miss BOYZ II Men….I miss 80s-90s R&B………. “I’ll make love to you. Like you want me to. And I’ll hold yo tight. Baby all through the night…..” sigh

  5. Boyz II Men!!! OMG My forever favourite group. grw up with their song. I’m jealous of Minkyung for hugging Shawn..

  6. Boyzllmen got me into RnB.
    then RnB led me to ballads and korean ballads. haha
    its strange how things work.
    i really am glad davichi got to meet them. definitely deserve to meet them. both great vocalists. i think they should work with Bobby Kim, Tasha, and Gummy. they seem to match styles. but msot definitely Bobby Kim. =D

  7. did they really respond SNSD and T-ara as the Korean artists they want to work with? O.O I love the girls from both groups but ehhh?!!! i cant imagine them and Boyz II Men maybe a group like the ones mentioned in the article, Tasha, Gummy, Se7en, Wheesung, Park Hyo Shin, etc. idk there are lots of talented and skilled singers in korea
    I’m not saying SNSD and Tara arent talented because they are in their pop music but as singers they dont stand a chance against the ones i’ve mentioned

    • They probably said that bcuz SNSD & Tara are “in” at the moment. With their recent cfs and stuff..

    • they’re just saying that to nice, surely prompted by the reporters asking.

    • lol Se7en? biased much? Se7en’s vocal is just worth as much as Rain’s. Sneakily insert him into the powerhouse groups lol

      • se7en’s not a powerhouse but sometimes his vocals are really smooth and great for pop and some slower songs. like Come back to me and i will do well. i havent really listened to Rain >.< but i just didnt feel like writing every single artist that are above average singers hence the "etc."

      • Se7en’s vocals are better than Rains

      • and u biased much
        rain is not a powehouse voice
        he can barely sing

      • and u biased much
        rain is not a powehouse voice
        he can barely sing

      • So that’s why I said things like that.

        Read!!! Open your eyes and read!!! Rain and Se7en are worthless as singers. They are performers. They cant sing to save their life.

        Dont sneak Se7en (and rain) into groups of Tasha Wheesung PHS … lol

      • if thats the case se7en, rain, and tasha shouldn’t be in that list to me they are all average vocalists. hwayobi, lena park, are actually fit to be in that group

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