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Seo InKook slammed with doubts of having undergone plastic surgery with reveal of new album concept photos

Singer Seo InKook has attracted some heated discussion amongst netizens since the release of his new album ‘Just Beginning’ concept photos ahead of his comeback.

Especially since his company has revealed that he has lost 15kg in preparation for his comeback, some fans who think that he has looked too different now and there are doubts of plastic surgery for the singer.

It seems that Seo InKook has sharpened and more defined jawline and nose in the concept photos’. Netizens’ comments were, “I’m sure it’s plastic surgery, he looks so different now as compared to then” etc.

But Seo’s agency JellyFish clarified, “We are puzzled with the rumours of plastic surgery. This is simply the results of strict dieting and exercise routine for Seo InKook in the period of 3 months.”

Meeanwhile, the album ‘Just Beginning’ will be revealed through various online music sites on 6th May.


Seo Inkook previously


16 Responses

  1. i think he just lost weight and have put on more make up or whatnot. But i liked his appearance before. He was still cute back then.

  2. Dude he lost weight and waxed his eyebrows.
    Nuff said.

  3. more handsome doent mean plastic surgery.

  4. hello there it can be just photoshop

  5. He may look different, but I bet his voice is still amazing.

  6. When I first saw the comeback photos ‘plastic surgery’ came to my mind but only on his eyes. The only difference I see that losing weight won’t cause is that his eyes are much bigger now like he got his double eyelid surgery but that’s the most common plastic surgery in Korea anyways.

    His jaw from before could have easily changed into what it looks like now from losing weight. The nose looks a bit different, especially when compared to this picture:

    But I can’t judge on just that. either way he is looking alot more handsome now, before he was just cute. I can’t wait for his comeback! ^^

  7. the first thing i noticed when i read this was the name of the agency he’s under…. Jellyfish?!

  8. eh….he looks the same, albeit with better grooming.

  9. the second photo of him in the white he looks loke baek jiyoung (the old lady with taecyeon -my ear candy-)!!!!

  10. looks like weight loss
    and hair and makeup can do wonders!

  11. i doubt he did plastic surgery.

    i’m fairly certain that this is the product of drastic weight loss with a touch of photoshopping alterations–not plastic surgery.

    but dang, he lost weight REALLY quickly. when i first started college, i lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks due to the food and lifestyle change and i ended up fainting (and mind you, i’m around 100 pounds). boy did i learn to make sure to eat right after that.
    i hope he isn’t unhealthy from all this weight loss. i don’t want to see another entertainer getting sick from all this):

  12. ngl, that was my first thought too…and since it’s Korea, it’s highly likely he had some work done. i agree that he looks scarier now… >.<

  13. I really don’t understand what’s with Korean and their “image change” thing is by starving and dieting… he looks scary now…I think he looks fine before…

    • yes i agree lol
      especially in the 2nd picture of him in white.
      and his face looks abnormally .. long <<

  14. Yeah it just seems like he lost drastic weight in a very very short time.

    Actually, if anything, it looks quite unhealthy to me.

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