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BEG JeA shows off her abs

Brown Eyed Girls leader JeA shows off her abs.

Recently photos of JeA taken during her photoshoot have been garnering much attention from fans and netizens. In the photo, she was seen with a short shirt and showing off her abs.

Her agency revealed on 27th April, “The photos that surfaced are JeA’s most recent photos. JeA has been training for those abs with exercise for about 3 months.”

13 Responses

  1. her abs are impressive

  2. omg….3 months of work-out…and she has the abs.
    >.< A pretty tough work-out she made.

    Impressive. I've been working out but my habit of eating non-stop just keep on kicking in. XD

  3. Dayum! Get it, girl!

  4. omg! i’m super jealous… im gonna start working out now!!! seriously.. BEG is like my motivation to work out now… they’re not too skinny, but very sexy.

  5. JeA is <3. I miss BEG! Can't wait for Narsha's solo, or better still, BEG comeback.

  6. ahaha hot (:

  7. my jaw dropped. i want her abs.

  8. I want her abs!!! I’m starting to practice exercises since today to gain those abs ehehe

  9. any more and it’ll look weird on her

  10. I personally think that her abs before looks fine cuz girls with 6 packs doesn’t look good…

  11. i love her abs!!! hehe~
    nice..it’s a great improvement! 🙂

  12. is Jea the leader of BEG? isn’t it Narsha unnie:)

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