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[Updates] Park JaeBum to return to Korea with parents in June, press conference in the works

Former 2PM leader Jaebeom (23) will be officially returning to Korea as a movie actor and singer.

A representative of ‘Hype Nation’ said through a phone call to Money Today Star News on the 28th, “Jaebeom will arrive in Korea with his parents in the beginning of June.” This will be the first time that Jaebeom will be in Korea since he left for America last September, 8 months ago.

The representative said, “Although the precise date has not yet been determined, the film has to start shooting from the second week of June,” and “So at the latest, he will have to arrive in Korea at the beginning of June.”

According to this representative, Jaebeom will be in Korea for 70 days to film the movie. He revealed, “He is planning to stay in Korea for about 70 days.”

The staff of the movie ‘Hype Nation’ is largely from the Hollywood dance movie ‘Step Up,’ and famous American hip hop group B2K will also be making an appearance. Although Son Dambi had originally been cast in the movie, in the aftermath of the financial crisis in America plans for production fell through. This is why Son Dambi ultimately decided to announce a new album and take on other schedules and freely let go of her role in ‘Hype Nation.’

The female lead of ‘Hype Nation’ is currently being cast, and will be concretely decided sometime in April at the latest.


Press conference for Jaebum in the works

It has been revealed that a press conference is in the works for previous 2PM member Jaebum due to his return to Korea for the movie ‘Hype Nation’.

Asia Economics Newspaper spoke with movie affiliates on the 28th, they said, “Presently, we are discussing a press conference regarding Jaebum’s permanent departure from 2PM with his parents.”

In addition, s/he said, “The time and location has yet to be appointed,” and added “Soon, there will be a detailed release on the press conference.”

Also, the affiliate said, “While in Korea, the Jaebum will be under the management of his parents. In order to proceed with the movie filming, Jaebum will arrive in Incheon Intenational Airport in June along with his parents and movie staff.”

CREDITS: 아시아경제 (SOURCE); tvxqbuzz7921@2ONEDAY (TRANS)

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  2. I’m rooting for you oppa!

  3. This guy is totally over-rated..

  4. Jay comeback time xD

  5. i hope they’ll agree on the press conference.
    and good thing that Jay is with his parents when they’ll arrive in South Korea. 🙂
    can’t wait for Hype Nation!
    can’t wait to see JYP’s face! LOL, just kidding… XD

  6. been waiting for the press conf.. wanna hear the story from jay’s side..

  7. Baby couldn’t conquer the world as the leader of 2PM but it’s okay.
    It’s better, he’s conquering the world as Jay Park.

  8. woot woot
    we get to see jaebum
    whether its hype or not
    we are glad to see jaebum
    and now that his parents are in charge of him
    should be interesting
    can anyone here tell me if jaebum is an american or korean citizen
    just curious
    cos if he is a korean citizen
    then he will go to compulsury miliatary service
    but if he is an american citizen
    he doesn’t have too
    a bit off topic
    and has there been a simliar situation with another actor/singer? i.e. from overseas and debuting in korea

    contact me on williambill001@hotmail.com

  9. i cant wait for the freakn movie!!! ❤

  10. you dont have to bash me or anything but i was just wondering, sookyeong why this article still tag under 2pm? they have no affiliation now, none whatsoever. they are two different entities but thank you for the news.

    • I think it’s because the press conference is about his depature from 2PM.

  11. yay! i already can’t wait

  12. More like over-hyped..

    • more like hater

    • shut ur ugly ass up if u got nothing nice to comment about

    • 🙂 Can’t blame me that he’s in the news 24/7. It’s always Jay this Jay that. Please, there are more talented people who aren’t even out there yet but this guy is getting fame left and right.

      • Ok, i admit, there is more talented people out there, but Jay is talented aswell, why is it bad for someone whose always on the news eh?

  13. Hype Nation ❤

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