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Sandara Park casted as female lead to drama ‘My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed fox’ with Lee SeungGi?

With news that the upcoming midweek SBS drama ‘My girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox’ will be set for August airing, many netizens are curious as to who Nine-tailed fox (Goo MiHo), the female lead alongside Lee SeungGi to the drama, will be.

It has already been confirmed that Lee SeungGi will be the male lead to the drama. Previously Lee SeungGi shot to fame as a actor when his drama ‘Brilliant Legacy’ received overwhelming responses from viewers. In addition, this is also another drama by the Hong Sisters to look forward to.

The drama talks about the legendary nine-tailed fox who wakes up in year 2010 after being sealed for over 500 years. It will be a romantic fantasy drama, as stated by the the production team. As for the female lead, there are speculations that 2NE1 Sandara Park will be casted as the nine-tailed fox.

But the production team has commented that, “We have not yet confirmed anything about the casting for the nine-tailed fox character. About Sandara Park being casted, that is just rumours.”

Meanwhile, netizens are already in heat discussions about how Sandara Park would really suit the role on various portal sites.

S: Newsen, TVReport

We’ll just wait for the good news. ^^

Sandara + SeungGi = Goodness

41 Responses

  1. Once again, more rumors. Hong sisters already said that they are considering Shin Se Kyung or LMG or a new actress. I honestly think Dara is unsuitable as a gumiho -bite me or not, it’s because of acting experience. She’s never had a major role -she should at least go for a secondary character before becoming a prominent one.

  2. yehey! please YG consider this!

  3. I liked her short stint in The Return of Iljimae and I know she’s acted in the Philippines but I’d rather see her build up her acting cred in Korea with smaller roles first than just getting a lead role right away. Either way, I’m sure she’d get a lot of criticisms however well she does.

  4. dara is perfect for the role…she can be fierce,hot,cute,etc…she’s a good actress…and bsides she is so pretty…..i wish if not dara it will not be snsd yoona coz all she can do is to be cute and innocent….lol

  5. It would be awesome just in case!!!! Dara hwaiting!!!!

  6. dara? i think Minzy is more suitable.. she’s “prettier” than her.. haha

  7. probably will be shin sekyung.

  8. wow! i hope sandara gets the lead role. i can’t wait for it… 🙂

  9. this will be dara’s first main character role in a korean drama, if ever that she’ll be casted.
    i hope the production team and staff would consider her.
    seunggi and dara look good together. 🙂

  10. Oh Hong sisters… Am I the only one who founds them really annoying? All their dramas start of great and then fall short. I’m pretty sure YAB had one of the most disappointing and unfulfilling endings EVER.

    But, on the upside, SeungGi and Dara would be SO cute together! I hope it all works out, I’d really like to see Dara in a drama.

  11. I really love her to do a drama, drama role or funny one…. is just that i dont think she can accept now becoz of her schedule for 2NE1’s comeback.. But others can do why not her, right? But i dont think she can do it coz of her health, shes now hav a low blood pressure… she needs more rest and everything… i dont know, but anyway good luck for my dear Dara.. Fighting, its your year, its your time, we really happy for you, go go go!

  12. wish it would be SANDARA she’s really good…
    sure will suit her^_____^

  13. usually idols who aren’t good at singing are pretty decent actors. eg. UEE, Shiwon, etc. so who knows, Sandara might be good in this

    besides, it’s a Hong Sisters Drama, i will watch it regardless

    • hey you even forgot to mention YOON EUN HYE…she was on an idol group too and i would say she is a pretty good actress if she’ll have a good script and character..so, irregardless of having a voice..what’s really important in acting is confidence, dedication, determination and hardwork..i am not an avid fan of Sandara but i would say she has potential on acting..it will be nice to see the other side of Sandara too..

  14. […] như thế nào. Source: Newsen, TV Report Taken from: sookyeong@sookyeong.wordpress.com Link: CLICK HERE Vtrans by stonevip@360kpop Take out with full credits please ! I'm V.I.P Proud to be V.I.P […]

  15. Sandara’s good in acting.

    Watch her music videos and return of iljimae.
    tch. you people…

  16. meh she has a big head and stick body ):
    Maybe I should watch The Return of Iljimae to see if she’s any good at acting…? cuz now I’m curious

  17. seunggi!

  18. She can’t act? In my opinion, she can & it would be a dream cast to have her & LSG in a drama… I do think the timing is not good since 2NE1 is preparing for their new album & promotions. I’d rather have a 2NE1 comeback before Dara works on a drama. 😉

    • agree, dara definitely can act and she will do a good job. But honestly, this is not right time for her to do a drama because of the promotion of new album of 2NE1. whatever, i always support u dara unnie! :X:X:X

  19. it be great if she was casted but i don’t think YG will let her
    for me i like if they get Shin Se kyung to be the lead actress she hot right now.

  20. i seriously hope this ain’t true. Dara can’t act and this is fact. Beside I’m hoping for LSG to pair with someone more experience consider he himself still a newcomer. (yes he is still a newcomer even with his FIRST lead role experienced in Shinning Inheritance)

  21. There are new articles out.and after all the rumors, it’s been confirmed that Dara will NOT be in this drama after all.

    • how did you say so?

    • From what I understand from the articles they are not confirming that Dara will not be in the drama. They are just saying that Dara casted in the drama are still rumors but she is still considered for the role.

      • FINAL UPDATE: There has been confirmation that this is not, in fact, true. Sandara Park is not being discussed for the role and that when drama representatives saw this on nate, this was the first time they ever heard of it. Many people who are observing the matter, however stated “The two seem to match each other well” and “It’d be really great if she was casted for the role.”

        We apologize for the inconvenience guys. >>>>:

        Translated by GEE @ ygladies.com

      • really? but i already read an article that Hong Sisters is considering dara as the main female actress??

    • 😦

    • haha..u said.. ur not the one to decide..

  22. omg !!!!! lookin forward this drama for sureeeeeee <333

  23. LSG plus Sandara..excited..YG please let this happen.

  24. kage bushin no jutsu

  25. i would LOVE to see her in this drama, but many updates on this say she’s not considered. YGL has an explaination.. god damn, i love the hong sisters, and with Lee Seung Gi, this is gunna be an amazing drama.. with Sandara, i think it be the cherry on top, but its unlikely to happen T_T

    YG, why so cruel?

    • who is hong sisters?

      • they’re the ones who wrote the screenplay of My Girl (Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae) and You’re Beautiful (Jang Geun Seok, Lee Hongki, Jung Yonghwa). They’re pretty good at writing rom-coms.

  26. casting Dara would be the best thing they’d do for the drama.

  27. OMG!! i really wish that she get’s the role. i think that it really suits her.

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