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f(x) Amber under criticisms again, “She’s really not a guy?”

Girlgroup f(x) member Amber has once again been caught under criticisms of her gender through her recent photoshoot.

Amber was seen doing a couple concept with the other members for the group’s latest K-Swiss photoshoot. And she was seen wearing guy’s outfit throughout the whole photoshoot, playing the role as a guy.

An official said, “Amber wears the guy outfit and plays the role of a guy, taking turns to take photos with the other members.” It was said that not only in terms of the appearance, Amber’s facial expression was also much masculine, creating the perfect couple atmosphere.

There has been much criticisms of such about Amber even before her debut. With her short hairstyle and powerful stage manner, she was confused as a guy member by many fans.



62 Responses

  1. you All shut up!!! you dont know what amber feels,
    its her you are not her parents to say like that,if one of your family is like amber and the other people saying like that, what would you feel of coarse you will feel mad , so just shut your big mouth you bitch you don’t know anything..

  2. Amber vs. Netizens

    10 – 0

    gg noobs.

    Let her live her life. Think before you post. Would you want to read what you’re writing about her on the internet? Go ahead and say, “I don’t care”, but really, we all know you care. She’s a human being. She has feelings. Those feelings can be hurt.

    -100 pts for the bowl cut though. Srs. lul.

    • oh plus those Korean guys can go around prancing around like fairies with glitter in their eyes and flamboyant sleeveless vests and no one bats an eyelash? Two words. Double Standards. Don’t even try saying they don’t wear glitter in their eyelashes. I saw it with my own two eyes. It was glitter. It was in their eyes. They pranced. They wore sleeveless vests. They look like women. Oh yes. I went there.

  3. i think she looks fine the way she is. people should not criticize her in any way. she is beautiful the way she is and i like her style. leave her alone and leave her be! netizens are a bunch of negative jerks who have no life except bombard kpop artists, actresses/actors/celebrities and cause hell for them. why? it’s beyond me.. so much hate even has caused the artists themselves to commit suicide. get a fucking life, and ENJOY entertainment. Life is about fun and ‘living’ it.. not negativity and hate.

  4. Maybe she only looks like a dude cuz she dresses like one. If she were to dress like a girl and do all the glam-glam, she’d look like a girl. Plus, just because she looks like a dude doesn’t automatically mean she’s a lesbian.

  5. i feel like she’s a lesbian, not just boyish or a tomboy..i’m not stereotyping her or anything but it’s just what i can see…

  6. The only thing that bothers me is that SME or whatever it is behind the girls’ backs is that they HAVE ROLES based on looks. Wtf is that. Just wtf — I mean, can you really stop people stereotyping her if the company/team itself mentioned that amber plays the role of being a guy and justifying this by giving her realllyyyyyyy manly clothes? Like really. You know they’re overdoing it and get out on whatever you’re smoking because this is not only about so called netizens badgering on her. It’s the fact that the company is placing her on a weird box that it spoils her charm already. Geezuz.

  7. I read an article about Amber. I think it was after the debut… I read in that article, that Amber said in a show, that she was normal before she was a SM trainee. I mean like a girl, wearing skirts and dresses and long hair!~~
    I wish f(x) stylist would dress her just once as a girl…!!

  8. netizens should leave her alone, she has always been a tomboy, and she feels perfectly comfortable with this style~ even in interviews and shows where other f(x) members jokes that she is a guy, amber finds its funny, and plays along (she told sulli or was it krystal to call her oppa once) and sulli calling her hyung (sulli is her guy dongseng lol)~

    since this is a style that suits her so much, it would b “weird” if SME forced her to b “girly”, it would b weird for herself and fans~

    for that CF, if amber didnt wear “guy” clothes, can u imagine her having to wear what krystal is wearing? i sometimes wear guy clothes~

    abt the hair… O_O err… not liking it atm, but i did grow to like taemin, shindong and yoochun’s bowl cut after a while, so mayb ill start liking amber’s hair when i get more use to it? lol Xp

  9. well SM shd just save her the criticism and make her more girly. ive seen her in photoshopped long hair and she looks like a normal girl. why tomboy!

  10. Totally agree with some of you. WHY are they trying to make her look like that so badly.

    I mean – you can be a tomboy but is that really the way? It’s like so made up. Just be a boyish girl. Don’t have to go overboard.

    and who knoes what’s coming next

  11. As long as Amber has no problem with it, what’s wrong with that? Maybe its her image concept, cute tomboy, its no different from fake, cute and innocent.
    Also, Amber is not ugly as girl or a guy and she does have talent.

  12. Damn..Amber & Krystal..they both really look like an item..luckily Amber is a GIRL..and wow..she seriously is ‘HOT” as a guy/girl

  13. “Amber wears the guy outfit and plays the role of a guy, taking turns to take photos with the other members.”

    Alright, what was that?
    I so respect the gal for not wanting to appear girly. In fact, I also hate wearing dresses, skirts, and make-up too. But, that doesn’t mean I enjoy posing on pictures as a ‘man’,
    SM is really trying too hard. The girl is a tomboy, yes, but she’s still a ‘girl’. I think she even clarified her sexual orientation. So why make her play the role of a male?
    I feel for her. Seriously.

    • +1.

      We get that she’s not so comfortable wearing girly clothes because hey, that’s normal.

      but wtf…”roles”? role as in playing “the guy” of the bunch? come on, that’s just…that doesn’t sound right. they’re abusing her personality, really.

  14. hate the bowl cut. i think the stylist can do better… looking like a guy or not… lol

    tomboy she is…as in girl who feel more comfortable in not so girly clothing right, who dresses and behaves boyish? im reading some comment…it feels like they’re implying tomboy=gay which is so annoyingly stereotypical.

  15. If she likes they way she looks, people should just shut up about it. Let her be who she wants. It really isn’t such a big deal.

  16. i may not particularly like amber as an artist but people should stop badgering her for the way she dresses.

    she can dress however the way she wants. who says girls can’t wear guy clothes and have short hair? from her demeanour she looks like she’s dressed like that even before her debut.

  17. she once told that it’s her to choose the style.
    i dont know it’s her of SM.
    But wat is the matter?
    she’s ugly or not . it’s people’s right to talk bad about her.

    • it’s not people’s right to talk bad about her. [type to fast]

      • actually, people have a right to badmouth someone ):

        sadly, but thats freedom of speech. but then theres morality. i guess the people talking bad about her lack certain morals. i mean, really. theyre questioning someones sexuality basically, based on their appearance alone. thats really mean. considering that person isnt even 18 yet

  18. leave her alone.

  19. Lmfao I normally don’t say much about fx in general because their pretty blah to me but why the hell does amber look like the Asian Justin beiber in these photos smh please stop the madness there is a difference from being a tomboy to be a man . Sm is playing up her image way to much and it really getting old. To all the people being like she was tomboy predebut sm is just allowing her to express herself WTF are you guys smoking ? You think sm allows their idols to have creative freedom , or better yet an opinon opposing what they say . Sure she may have been a tomboy but this shit is such a gimmick it’s ridiculous i mean seriously strip the tomboy act and your stuck with an medicore rapper who’s not very intresting.

    • agreed.

    • LOL! asian justin bieber

    • bowlcut does not mean justin beiber.
      ambers image is not an act either.

      get your mind out of that sh**hole youre in. from what youre saying, amber is a girl so she should start showing traits of femininity. is this 1940 or something? gender roles are long mystified in our society. they mesh to the point where “women stay at home and cook and men go out and work” are no longer meaningful.

      “To all the people being like she was tomboy predebut sm is just allowing her to express herself WTF are you guys smoking ? You think sm allows their idols to have creative freedom , or better yet an opinon opposing what they say .” um… these two statements dispute each other which doesnt help your argument. so your first statement basically says she was a tomboy pre-debut. your second statement says “sm allows their idols to have opposing opinions”. which would make sense, but if amber was a tomboy before her debut and she is one now, it clearly means she didnt oppose their decision.

      “playing up her image way to much and it really getting old” oh yeah? whens the last time you heard about amber’s boy image in the news? exactly. hardly ever.

      “and your stuck with an medicore rapper who’s not very intresting.” thats a nice opinion and i can respect this statement. she isnt very interesting compared to others, but who is really? it all depends on your liking

      • gtfo here when did i say that since amber a girl she should be bare foot and pregnant you can be a strong woman without being a man.every artist hype up an image. like im sure sulli is cute and adorable off camera but if you don’t think sm made her up her act once she gets on camera to sell an image than your mistaken. This is the same company that made jaejoong appear mysterious and quiet even though he is a dork.

        so your first statement basically says she was a tomboy pre-debut. your second statement says “sm allows their idols to have opposing opinions”. which would make sense, but if amber was a tomboy before her debut and she is one now, it clearly means she didnt oppose their decision.

        Heres the thing im not a girly girl i tend to were baggy clothes but that does not mean i want to be seen as a guy. so yeah she could be a tomboy but that doesn’t mean she is in complete agreement with how they are marketing her as a guy. for heaven sakes they put her in a male hanbok if you don’t think thats pushing her role as girl guy in the group to far then i dont know what is. be for real if amber was in snsd you think the manber act would still be going on? no they would at least change her into a sexy tomboy like a yuri .
        everytime there is a mention of amber there is a stupid statement like hey look guys she still a tomboy thats her role in the group they should take off the rapper title her only role in the group is to be the masculine one .An official said, “Amber wears the guy outfit and plays the role of a guy, taking turns to take photos with the other members.” It was said that not only in terms of the appearance, Amber’s facial expression was also much masculine, creating the perfect couple atmosphere.

        i say she not intresting because to me she has no personality sure she’s a nice girl but i can’t think of one thing that would make me think twice about amber beside her being the tomboy so i guess i understand why sm is drilling it into the ground.

      • Just a thought though.

        I think people aren’t that stupid to think and not accept the fact that amber is not comfortable being a guy because girls like her are dime a dozen in this world. That’s ok. I guess people are a little mystified with the way the company pushes her supposed charm too far. I won’t lie, Amber’s skills are almost overshadowed by her image because the company takes her from boyish to actually being manly at some photos. She’s not girly, ok then. But to actually make her wear manly clothes and literal boyish haircuts somewhat spoils it, because people already know that she’s quite different from girly girls, no need for it to be the main unique quality of hers. The fact that the article mentioned that this was actually her “role” that’s why she “looked” like this…well, it’s basically the company asking for people to stereotype amber.

        I agree with that women empowerment thing though.

      • *being a girly girl

  20. what happened ??
    she was acute and pretty?
    now she is @@ can’t find a word

  21. krystal’s hair should be a sin. who the heck decided that it would look good? and we all agree that bowlcuts don’t work for everyone. it didn’t work on shindong, it sure as hell doesn’t work for amber. unless you’re gd and you have the swag to pull it off, ppl should just generally steer cleer of that one.

    the others look ok though. lovin the redheads these days.

  22. That’s just the way she is. She mentioned before that she’s not one to really dress up like normal girls would. Although I get a feeling sometimes that her stylists are going overboard with the way they style Amber. Actual photos for official shoots/endorsements/comeback are still different from the usual “girly girl dress up” most kpop guy idols are fond of, after all. Idk, some photos of Amber just rub her supposed “boyish” charm too much that it kinda spoils it already. Just because she’s more comfortable dressing up like a guy doesn’t mean the stylists couldn’t add even a single touch of femininity or something.

  23. Uh while everyone’s on the topic of Amber, may I just add that I L.O.V.E Luna and Sulli’s new hair colour?
    Especially Sulli’s 🙂 the deep reddish brown shade is GORGEOUS 😀

  24. whether she’s into girls or guys doesn’t matter.
    she’s ugly. that’s for sure.

  25. Sorry, but the whole damn group is a fluke, to me.
    I remember when I was so excited about this new SM girlgroup. WTH. Whatever, their record label can ride them to fame, I guess.

  26. let her be?

    dont you have your own life to worry about? so she doesnt look incredibly attractive but maybe that isnt the motive. MAYBE the purpose of her image is to show the evolution in society in which we can accept different people for different reasons. guess immaturity is still the biggest trait of fans and netizens

  27. nahhh…Amber is a Girl but a Tomboy…sorry people but admit she is that.
    Of course netizens would really curious of what gender she’s showing. and aside from her no one else in kpop industry have the same case like her! if she’s a Tomboy or a Girl!????

  28. omg grow your hair, i honestly hate the tomboy concept

  29. when a guy dresses as a girl, almost everyone’s like “oh, he’s sooo cute”, “he really looks like a girl”, “he’s prettier than other girl group members” and we’ll all be laughing and what not, but when it’s a girl dressing up as a guy, everyone’s “no, she shouldn’t be doing that” etc., double standard much?

    we all know she’s a girl, just that i guess she’s not that comfortable wearing skirts or shorts or being girly like a girl (that sounds confusing), it’s her concept, as long as no one is forcing her (hopefully) then it’s ok.

    on a side note, if shindong lost a lot of weight he would look like her. lol.. it’s probably the bad bowl cut of hers, it doesn’t look good on a guy, and definitely doesn’t look good on a girl.

  30. please please turn that girl into a girl -_-;

  31. Give the girl a break. -__-;;

  32. Cih. People are being ridiculous.
    It’s obvious that she got b00bs.

    And being tomboy is not a sin. So just leave her alone!

  33. I’m sorry but the girl is ugly and she doesn’t even have talent so I have no clue why she’s in a group. Usually a person either has looks or talent but she has neither.

    • Uh well f(x) didn’t really get the TIME or SPACE to show their talent.

      I’m sure Amber has talent.

    • You might want to look in a mirror…

      • Oh please. First of all, I’m not even a girl so I not saying this because I’m some jealous girl. I’m a guy and I don’t see any attractive qualities in her at all.

    • Agree. She is not talent, her rapping is terrible, before she debut, they said she rap like a machine but when i heard her song,omg,i dont think it is “Rapping”, also not good at singing or dancing

  34. I’m kind of over the whole “she looks like a guy” thing. They pretty much ran it into the ground. We get it, SM. While I don’t think it’s being forced on her, I do think the stylists are exaggerating her masculinity a bit to the point where it’s just not appealing anymore. She’s only 17, right? She’s bound to change. People should just lay off her and let her find herself.

  35. This is one of the meanest stories ever wow I’m not sure if the person met this lightly or not.Come on if someone questioned your gender you’ll be upset.
    Also I don’t think SM is forcing this tomboy thing on her. I saw various videos of her expressing her genuine lack of comfort of being feminine.
    Anyhow SM was taking a risk with her look I don’t think they will purposely create her image.

  36. i don’t really like the company’s statement, they shouldn’t have said the whole male role thing. why can’t they just say that they wanted to portray a different style with amber that isn’t as feminine but still trendy? their statement makes it seem like she’s trying to look like a guy which i don’t think is the case. if that’s her personal style then that’s that. i think she sets a good example showing kids that you don’t need to look a certain way.

    on a side note, her haircut does not look good with the shape of her face. all the girl’s hairstyles are kind of a big ? for me at the moment.

  37. omg, they should really stop making her as a guy thats why 😦 she’s not a guy, SM!

  38. In all honesty, if I didn’t know she was female, I thought Amber was a guy. Even her voice is quite deep… so I can relate to fan’s reaction. I don’t mind females being masculine, but aren’t they going really far here trying to make her appear as a literal male?

    Still, like I said before somewhere else:

    If they wanted to make her in a guy, they could have made her a hot one.

    I cannot forgive those who made her wear a bowl cut and tacky clothes.

  39. Am sorry but Amber looks ugly as hell in those pics!…the hair..SMH…NO!

    they purposely go out thier way to make her look like a guy which in turn makes her fugly! not trying to be a bitch or anything but it’s true…

    “Amber wears the guy outfit and plays the role of a guy, taking turns to take photos with the other members.” It was said that not only in terms of the appearance, Amber’s facial expression was also much masculine, creating the perfect couple atmosphere… WTF!

    eww… she a GIRL not a GUY! i no she a tomboy and everything but thats taking it 2 a whole new level.

    • agreed

    • She is tomboy and handsome? No
      She is not good looking as a girl and totally not handsome
      Even Raina old pic, Yoo Bin old pic ( she is a tomboy when she is in high school) or Ji Yoon much more handsome than her

      • handsome?!? dude if some1 called handsome even if i looked like a guy i wud be pissed…

        the girls you named are pretty tomboys…amber wud not look nice if she dressed girly..i think she wud look more like a drag if she did but….that doesn’t mean SM shud use her a guy just cos she looks like 1. it’s wrong

  40. she looks like Donghae but of course she’s a girl…. but who knows if she likes girls… even if she does…. what’s the freaking wrong with it? hheehhehehee

    i do like her coz she looks different…
    different in a good way

  41. Netizens should just leave her alone /:

    But then again, Amber was like this since she was a kid..and she doesn’t seem to be so uncomfortable with netizens saying these comments (of course we don’t know her REAL feelings).

    I remember reading a fanaccount and this one fan asked Amber how she felt whenever netizens criticized her about looking like a guy..
    and Amber said that she was cool with it because she gets it all the time and that’s how she looks and she likes it.

    I’m sure she’ll talk about her feelings on a variety show xD

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