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SISTAR Bora turns out to be the ‘queen-ka’ of MyeongJi University

Debuting girlgroup SISTAR rapper Bora has been known to be the ‘queen-ka’ of MyeongJi University.

Bora has previously garnered much interests as the campus queen and the lookalike to WonderGirls SoHee for KBS ‘Golden Ladder’. Back then when she appeared on the show, she had performed the dances to Rain’s ‘Rainism’ and 4Minute ‘Muzik’.

Ahead of the group’s official debut, Starship Entertainment revealed a recent photo of Bora. It is known that Bora has lost 8 kg from since she was the campus queen.

Meanwhile, the group will have their official debut in May.


More about Bora since many are curious about her after seeing her dance video we posted up earlier

*Queenka is derived from the word ‘Kingka’ which means someone who is like the “king” of good looking people, also very cool, smart;

7 Responses

  1. what a cool name though lol!
    one should be honored to be called “Queen-ka”

  2. She was so much cuter before her weight loss 😦

  3. bora is my favourite after i watched the cf package 😮

  4. i think she will going to be my favorite…i like her dancing and her face..

  5. would she be the first queenka in the industry ?

  6. who cares….

  7. she doesn’t look like sohee to me though…

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