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Thunder, “My sister Sandara Park calls me by ‘baby’.”

MBLAQ Thunder reveals, “2NE1 member Sandara Park, my sister, calls me by ‘baby’.”

Thunder revealed it during the filming of Arirang TV The M Wave on 29th April. When asked if he received any encouragement from Sandara Park for his first MC attempt, “Noona and myself, we have 6 years in age difference. And yesterday (28th) I sent her a message saying that I’m going to do a show in English and I received a reply from her ‘Wow, baby as the MC’. So I replied ‘Yeah’. Sorry for saying such mushy things.”

MBLAQ member G.O also sent his encouragement to Thunder. G.O is currently the MC for Mnet M!Countdown. Thunder said, “Yesterday I was going through my script and he told me ‘Just do it comfortably at your own pace’.”

And about his first MC attempt, Thunder revealed, “Actually I find both English and Korean difficult. I’m someone who is not good with speaking. I will work hard to keep improving myself.”

f(x) member Krystal is also the MC to the show alongside Thunder.

The show is set to air on 2nd May.


8 Responses

  1. I think Thunder is having a hard time to write and speak korean since he lived in the philippines for a long tymm.. And also his sister Durami.. I got dis info when I watched ” my name is sandara park “.. U can watch it on YouTube..:)

  2. yeah! GREAT!

  3. you can do it Thunder! aja! šŸ™‚

  4. he’s so cute…i was kind a confused at first why he finds korean hard but i remember he grew up in philippines and speak tagalog almost all of his life….hahaha dara unnie is so supportive to his baby :)can’t wait to watch this..but when is this gonna air?can someone pls tell me ty!

  5. i’m so excited my baby cheundong…lol

    Good luck and do ur best.

  6. i honestly thought he looked like kyuhyun in that picture and did a double take xD

    anyway.. i’m excited to see this. thunder and krystal make an interesting pairing i must say.. >.< he knows three languages, so i feel for his inability to speak well, but i'm sure his english will be fine (: he has a wee bit of an accent with it, but its still very clear and i'm sure he'll be great!

    make your noona proud!

  7. Hehe, cute. I wonder how Krystal will do as well~

    I bet Thunder will be more nervous, but I’m sure it will be overall fine!

    … especially if you compare it with how CNBlue member Yong did. ;D

  8. I’m so dumb, i didn’t realize that if the show airs on ArirangTV the MCs must speak in english~
    Wow ! yeah baby has grown !

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