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Gummy ‘As A Man’ full MV revealed!

The full version of Gummy’s new MV ‘As A Man’ starring SS501 Kim HyunJoong and actress Jung RyeoWon has been revealed.

After listening to the double title songs off Gummy’s minialbum, which is your favourite?

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29 Responses

  1. I think they look very very good together. Cute couple.. hope they can make a Drama Series someday ^____^

  2. love the MV, love the song!

  3. @ queenbqty i totally agree with you he getting hotter by the day.

    i had to replay the video so that i could pay attention to be song :P i was so engrossed watching HyunJoong being his hot self that i didn’t pay attention the 1st time :P

  4. I love both songs, but I am starting to love ‘As a Man’ even more.

    The MV was sweeeet!

  5. Very nice song. Fantastic MV. KHJ just gets hotter and hotter everyday, OMG, he’s gorgeous and sexy. I guess I’m a Gummy fan now.

  6. His horrible acting days in boys over flower is over. He fcan definitely act now!!!

  7. i like the song but i don’t understand the mv DDDDDDDD:

    i prefer there is no love <3

  8. i love how Hyun Joong acts here…he matured!

  9. awww, loovee iit ( :

  10. that MV + song=AWESOME!!
    sooo nice!!!!really love it!^_____^
    both look so sweeeet together!!

  11. So cute of MV.Both of them are very lovely.

  12. OMG Kim hyun joong sooooo cute and handsome at the same time:) love this mv

  13. heyyy where can i download this song ??? :P

    • you can google for it if you want to..but it would be much better if you grab a copy and buy Gummy’s album in music store near you once the album is released..another option is you can buy it online too! :)

  14. i love both songs from Gummy.
    but i like this mv better than the other one.=)

  15. nice! seriously i thought khj died when he fall beside the pool! now i’m gonna get the album… ^^

  16. That was actually really really cute!! And I’m so glad that it’s a happy ending!! I seriously thought one of them was going to get cancer and die…

  17. YG should make a drama or movie because they make nice plots. yey! nice MV love it.

  18. That’s a very cute video!:))

  19. the song is so great, and the mv is nice!! i love it!

  20. holy shit mv was really cute and thank god there is finally a happy ending in yg mv. love kim

  21. very sweet and cute mv.

  22. thank god he didn’t die. a happy ending to a kpop mv.

  23. lol, the mv’s so cuuute :D I hope the song does well in the charts :D

  24. cute mv!!! i love it! <3

  25. aw how cute.

    i really like this mv! did jung RyoWon gain a little weight? she looks much fuller in her facial appearance and less pale. glad (:

    kim jyunjoong just looks like he aged a lot since boys over flowers imo. too bad he couldnt be featured in part of the song. hes a singer before actor

  26. Omg that was a really nice song + awsome mv, I liked the story. Hmm I really liked both of Gummy’s songs but I think this one won me over with the cute mv. =) Theres going to be a lot of competition this may.

  27. nice one~

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