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KBS Music Bank 30.04.2010 – Rain wins #1 with ‘Love Song’ for the 3rd consecutive week!

Today on KBS Music Bank, resuming after being canceled for one month after the CheonAhn naval ship sinking, Rain is up #1 on KChart with the song ‘Love Song’. This is his 3rd week winning #1 on the chart.

Also, go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

Comeback Stages

  • Secret “Magic”
  • 2PM “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop + Without U”
  • Rain “Love Song + Hip Song”
  • Lee Hyori “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang + Want me Back”

Today’s Music Bank

  • SNSD “Oh + Run Devil Run”
  • F.Cuz “No One”
  • Chung Lim “Face”
  • U-Kiss “What did you say?”
  • After School “Bang!”
  • ZE:A “All Day Long”
  • K-Will “Present”
  • Paige “Don’t Know Love”
  • Yoo SeungChan “Chemistry”
  • Jerry feat. Jewelry Ha JooYeon “Going to Love”
  • Norazo “Help Me”
  • 2AM “I Did Wrong”
  • Soya (Kim Jong Kook’s niece) N Sun “Smiling Goodbye”
  • JJ “More and More”
  • Gil HakMi “Super Soul”


Rain + Hyori waiting room interview

14 Responses

  1. I just required to say that I discovered your blog via Goolge and I am glad I did. Your blog is full of love, keep it goin, alright

  2. Thanks you very much for your post, and I think “Love” always good for live, and you can visit my blog to read more about “Love” and then you will…love more and more…..

  3. Hi! Just wanna say I like your post
    I think it’s cool..
    Okay, looking forward to another great posting from you.

    a.t. (“,)

  4. wow.. i missed kwill so much.

    lol @ all the ‘come back stages’

  5. yes! rain won! haha. Hyori for next week! hehe and did just SNSD performed Oh? I though they ended it a month ago. well. great job girls! and 2pm jjang!

  6. i watched it on kbsworld channel. I’m so excited. Lotsa comeback stage .. Wee~~

  7. secret was amazing! =] i love their charisma and dancing and singing. so much to love about this performance!!!
    hyosung ❤

  8. ARRRGGGHH! Disappointing with MB. Chung Lim is also “Comeback”, but his song is treated as if it’s not.
    just one word, disappointing -.-

  9. My god Secret were AMAZING! Plus i hear more fans, yey.

    Rain really is in a league of his own, watching him perform is so refreshing because you see him do all these little improvisations and stuff whilst all the other artist just seem so rehearsed. I’m not even a huge Rain fan but man that guy is very charismatic! Loving hip song too.

  10. congrats to rain ^^, hope 2PM will get #1 on KChart and win next week ^______________^

    finally, 1st music show in this week.hahaha..

  12. no t-ara for today T.T

  13. did Rain just handed Hyori the award before his encore perf? What Hyori his PA now?

  14. GOODJOBS<3

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