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SNSD TaeYeon gets caught by Chinese fans for her little belly

Some fans from China has spotted So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon’s little belly.

A netizen posted up photos of TaeYeon under a post ‘TaeYeon’s aegyo belly’ on an online community site recently. The photos were taken off So Nyeo Shi Dae’s Shanghai concert held on 17th April. The photos were taken by Chinese fans who attended the concert.

Back in December 2009 when the girls had their first concert in China, TaeYeon received some spotlight for her tiny waist shown during their conceprt performance. But time during their concert, her little belly revealed had caught the attention of many fans.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “I thought only fans from our country will get those lens for their cameras to take such shots, it seems that the Chinese fans are also very serious fans”, “Her belly is nothing compared to mine”, “I guess she was concentrating on the song that the belly got shown”, “But still, she is an angel in my eyes” etc.


Meanwhile, here’s one sexy spoiler for those who have not seen it

28 Responses

  1. honestly…most girls are way way fatter than that. like..10-20 pounds fatter.

    • its thanks to her tight pants that her belly is bulging out a little like that. you would have to be gay to reject taeyeon. end of story.

  2. taec paired with yoona again? ..what a surprise..

  3. Okay people, saying she has no belly? then what the hell is that flowing over her pants? We aren’t calling her fat, no one is calling her fat. But just blatantly dismissing the obvious belly is ridiculous. The only thing the picture proves is that she’s gained weight since the Seoul concert which is possibly true or obviously true. Her thighs are even slightly larger. And come on, the pants are too tight? Then wouldn’t they be too tight during the Seoul concert as well but I don’t see her belly flowing out in that concert. The pants are for the stream of concerts, there’s no reason to “shrink” them. Some of you fans are insanely delusional. No one is attacking her. Stop ignoring the truth.

    • lol ngl, you’re right…

    • lol, this. And when you’re short, five pounds can mean the difference between a flat stomach and a little pudge (at least that’s how it is for me). No one’s saying she’s fat — because she’s clearly not — she just doesn’t fit into those pants anymore.

  4. she is still so beautiful

  5. uhmm, i just think she’s wearing too tight pants.

  6. My goodness…the picture of SNSD and 2PM is so hot!!!

  7. honestly I think her pants are too tight.
    I love Taeyeon’s body ^^

  8. well that’s what happens, when you wear tight leather pants. XD


  9. Slight case of muffin top. LOL

  10. β€œHer belly is nothing compared to mine”

    LMAO !

  11. it’s not belly,it’s just that that-skinny-overly tight-leather-pant that squeezeee her stomach area!!i wonder how she get in that pant??!

  12. no she does not have a belly. her pants are too tight. there is a difference. all the snsd girls are stick thin. borderline unhealthily skinny to just straight unhealthy skinny.

    • When people say stuff like this, I wonder if it’s because they have a really warped sense of what unhealthily skinny looks like or if it’s because they haven’t seen much of SNSD.

      Only one girl looks unhealthily skinny, and that’s Jessica. An argument could be made for Sooyoung, but she’s been gangly since she was a kid. The rest of them have thighs, breasts, butts, abs — things you *cannot* have if you’re unhealthily skinny.

  13. Mine is bigger than hers πŸ˜€

  14. I watched their “Oh” perfromance today at KBS Music bank.and her tummy was so cute.!

  15. more like the pants are ‘tooooooo’ tight

  16. OMG…
    Hard 2 be an idol..

  17. cute! taengoo is LOVE.=D

  18. LOL I love chinese netizens than korea netizens.
    They don’t attack her for having a little belly fat.
    K netizens are surely harsh when it comes to this.

    • Actually, the responses that you heard from netizens in the article were the K-netizens’ response…..

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