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Super Junior Kim HeeChul to join Family Outing 2 as fixed member

Super Junior Kim HeeChul has been chosen to be the fixed member of SBS Family Outing Season 2.

Kim HeeChul has been invited in the past by SNSD YoonA to make guest appearance on the show, and it seems that his ability to lighten up the atmosphere during the filming with his sense of variety has very influenced the production team’s decision to add him to the team.

A SM Entertainment rep commented, “It is true that he will be appearing on Family Outing 2, it is confirmed that he will be appearing as fixed member on the show.”

Kim Hee Chul will join as the 8th member to the existing Family members Kim WonHee, Ji SangRyul, Yoon SangHyun, Shin BongSun, YoonA, Jo Kwon and TaecYeon on the show.

The first filming session for Kim HeeChul will be on 17th May.

S: TodayKorea

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  1. […] Previously, we reported that Super Junior Kim HeeChul will join Family Outing 2 as fixed appearance on the show. […]

  2. […] Previously, we reported that Super Junior Kim HeeChul will join Family Outing 2 as fixed appearance on the show. […]

  3. heechul >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> jokwon x239384844

  4. […] Source: TodayKorea Article’s credit: K Bites […]

  5. They have Heechul and Jokwon in 1 show?
    Wow, I can’t wait !!


  6. jokwon+ heechul= EPIC WIN!

  7. Omgg!!LOOOLLLL
    Then they’ll have two divas on the show: JoKwon n Heechul…kekekekeke
    This is gonna be interesting to see…

  8. I guess ELF will join the FO2 viewers
    I think the concept is the problem not the cast =/

  9. LOL!! i will watch it now HAHAHAHHA

  10. Heechul<3333333333333333333333
    I will have to watch it now.

  11. Lol it’s doing that bad huh.

  12. Now I want to watch it…..
    HeeChul and JoKwon !!!!!!!!! kekekekekekekkekekekekekeke

  13. Heechul on any variety show is awesome!! Though I don’t know if this will raise ratings, though there definitely will be more laughter. I might tune in just to see heechul

  14. YESSS~!! NOW maybe i’d watch it. heechul is full of awesomeness it’s not even funny. lol. i just contradicted myself.

    this is totally a tactic to pull in ELF and gang for 4jib. well, IMO anyway. hehe^^

    4jib daebak! suju jjang!<3

  15. This will make this show infinitely more awesome. Even I might watch it now!

  16. hahahaha i knew it 😀

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